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Wrong Interiors

There are so many reason why I am calling this particular style a “wrong interior.” As I was perusing the news app again from writing inspiration I came across this visual atrocity. Red, pink, and blue interiors. Uh, no thanks. Let’s do the population a favor and burn this house before the clowns invade and Pennywise is the President of the United States. Red, pink and blue simply do not work together. Pink and blue can work with a balancing neutral, but blue and red may never quite work unless you are all about that patriotic look for your home. Other than that, no. It will not work.

Why It Doesn’t Work

Having to pick just one reason why this theme is not going to work is actually a difficult thing to try to do. First off let’s break this down. I am a firm believer that a theme needs a neural to balance it out. Are there themes that are built entirely around neutrals alone? Yes, because they are call neutrals and they do not typically clash with anything. Typically being the key word here.  Red, blue, and pink are not neutrals. In order for this theme to work at all one of the colors needs to be a neutral. Unfortunately there is more to it than that and we are going to talk about that in just a minute, but let’s get some more stuff out the way with the neutral business. If you do not have a balancing neutral especially with strong colors such as these then you are opening yourself up to a retinal disaster.

Too Warm

Red, pink, and blue are going to inevitably clash. Why? Because red and pink are warm colors and the blue chosen in this particular theme has too many cool tones in it work. If you are going warm then everything needs to carefully be warm. And the same goes for cool colors. This rule can be broken, but carefully. In this instance, it won’t work. the red and pink are full on Valentines Day warm. Using red and pink are basically like using two versions of the same color which is going to create an over load of visual stimulation. A bright blue like the one used in the example of this article is only adding the brightness. Simply said there is just too much color for this theme to work unless as I had mentioned earlier, a family of clowns live there. I can think of a number of reasons why we would want to prevent a house full of clowns from population our town.

How To Fix It

If you already have this theme going strong in your home, don’t worry. There is an easy fix. Do not worry about touching your decor if you don’t have to. Paint is your best friend in this situation. You are going to have to neutralize one of the colors, two if you are sensitive to warm and bright colors like myself. I would suggest going to Charlie’s Custom Colors in Picayune for this situation and going with as basic as a neutral as your can. Depending on which color(s) you are switching out you are going to need a professional to help you find a neutral that is either warmer or cooler in tones. Yes, even neutrals can be warm or cool. If you went gung ho with the theme and even the floor is horrendous I would definitely suggest switching out two of the colors instead of just one.

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