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Good afternoon readers of the new and improved Prefab Cabinets Picayune! We are so glad you could join us today on this fine hottest day of the year…apparently. Yours truly is wearing pants and almost long sleeves. It is what the stressed and depressed do. Today we are going to continue are article on talking about home design trends from all over the world. This might come as a blow to some of you who think the world revolves around the United States, but guess what? Other countries have minds of their own too as well as home trends. Let’s take a look!


What kind of article would this be if we left out the Canadians? Apparently the Canadians are sick of being surrounded by the wilderness for along and need a bit of a human touch in their homes. They are wanting their spaces to look incredibly humanized, signs that a human has been there, “touched by humans hands” was the way they put it. In the picture you see a glamorous kitchen with a giant marbled island in the center. Dark wood and marble is covering the kitchen, plus elaborately designed cabinets and such. Way to go Canada!


After skipping a few more by Canada…and more wicker in Colombia, we are taking a trip to Croatia. I don’t know what Luxe is but it’s what Croatia is doing. Luxe lounging is the big thing over there and let me tell you, the couches are nothing short of extravagant. In this picture a white marble living room is beset with a velvet turquoise couch with smooth glamorous edges. Behind the couch on the flawlessly smooth wall are twin circular bronze mirrors. I guess the goal in Croatia is to be as luxe as possible. Whatever that means.


For somewhere that is going all green the picture for Denmark has a total of one fake looking plant in the corner between a wood framed fire place and a light russet leather armchair with a faint Aztec pattern embellishing the front and sides. I get what Denmark is doing, but if they are going to “gorgeous greens” like they say then where are the freakin greens? I can imagine some more foliage lining up along the mantel (during the months when the fire place isn’t used. I can’t bring myself to light a fire that close to house plants.) Maybe even some fake foliage somewhere besides the lone tree in a pot look. But to each their own.


Like falling into a crystal ice land, England is going for the subtle shades this season as far as home design trends go. Like soft snow melting on a blue ice cycles, the faded blues and creams in this England bedroom is enough for the Ice Queen Elsa herself. Without all the angst and self-pity. In the US summer heat this England trend is enough to cool anyone down. Too bad for England that everything other there seems kind of dreary though. Maybe they should have thought to add a bit of color to the muted tones. Just a bit.


The first thing that came to mind when looking at France’s interior design of the season is “typical. So typical.” Laying is the big shabang over in in France right now. And by layering the mean some serious pattern on pattern action. If the queen of England ate all of the castle drapery and then threw it up it would be this interior design trend. But does it look bad? Not at all. In fact it looks great! But for my tastes it’s a little much, too froo-froo.


Ah…good, sweet Ireland. You have appealed to my tastes in such a lovely and grand way. Jewel tones–and done so nicely–are what’s going on in Ireland. A rich and elegant plum washes the walls of this parlor space. With white being the accent color (if you can call it an accent color) all the other decor and furnishings go with the same white accent theme to set off the plum. An L-shaped light brown leather couch encompasses a subtle white-washed fire place. Along the side of the fireplace is a small velvet deep purple love seat with intricate footings and detailing. As if this space is not friendly enough to yours truly, a white ceramic buck head is hanging on the wall.

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