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Good afternoon readers of the new and improved Prefab Cabinets Picayune! Are you all ready for another riveting and exciting article brought to you by Wild’s Cabinets and Flooring? We are too! Make sure in all of this excitement that you prepare for that storm that is possibly headed this way. Hurricanes should never be taken lightly especially during this time of the year. I just realized that we have already done Prefab Cabinets Picayune in the last time we started the season. Oh, well. We are just that darn excited about it that we will repeat ourselves.

Wall Colors Fall 19

In the middle of summer we can’t help but dream of the days ahead. Days that will be filled with crisp air and caramel apples and pumpkins, skeletons and witches and jack-o-lanterns–how can we contain our excitement for the times approaching us? I personally can because the stress is only going to intensify as it gets closer. However, home owners love to redecorate for new seasons, especially fall. So what are the new hit fall colors this year? More than likely they will just be variations of the same colors that are in existence that people make it seem like they are brand new colors that have never existed before.


I had to talk about this color first because in all of my thirty something years of existence I have never seen pink as a fall color. I am both thrilled and concerned about this. One, pink is one of my favorite colors especially pale pink which coincidentally is the color that is popular for this year. I am equally concerned because not everyone knows how ti incorporate this color into fall. I suggest doing research for ideas before putting the color in your home for fall.

Baby Blue

Here is another color that is personal favorite of mine. Baby blue is going to look amazing with all the deep oranges and rich fall leaf colors. It gives a hint of freshness to the dark tones of fall contrasting and creating a striking look. Try adding a soft baby blue pumpkin as a table center piece to bring out that splash of color without being too gaudy. Or try a light blue throw over your couch. Baby blue with the wheat neutrals and rich oranges is a great way to keep the chicness going in your home while maintaining the holiday feeling.


Wheat has been a collaborating color for fall in past years and it is coming back around again only this time as the main character. Wheat as the foundational neutral in a style sets off for an easy canvas for the rest of your home. Personally I think wheat along with the deep fall colors and a pastel will make for a beautiful and light fall style for this year. Go try it out! Check out At Home or another home decor place in town for all your decorating needs.


What better color to use in your home in the fall than those that resemble and make you think of food? Especially food you are not supposed to eat. Chocolate is going to be a big color this year for the fall. Mix it with the traditional colors of fall or try to add in some of the pastels for a pleasant twist. No matter what you can’t really go wrong with chocolate…unless your space is a bathroom. I highly advise against doing your bathroom up in chocolate. People might get disturbed, or worse, confused. Just saying, might want to rethink that scheme.

Add Them Up

What is so great about these trending colors for this coming fall is that if you wanted to you could incorporate them all into one huge fall scheme. Fall colors all seem to work together unless you add jewel tones. You will have to decide whether you are going to use pastels or jewels because then the scheme will begin to clash and that is the last thing you are going to want to ruin your space. Take some time to think about the style you want for your home this fall and then have fun designing!

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Prefab Cabinets Picayune

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