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Good afternoon readers of the new and improved articles in the Prefab Cabinets Picayune series! The rain may have finally come to an end. I do not want to speak too soon because my luck it will start up again as soon as I walk outside to get in my vehicle. Why? Because that is my life. Apparently in the home remodeling news there is something going on with Chine and Home Depot. Personally, I can’t see why China has anything to do with out American home remodeling store anyway since Home Depot is in American and not China. I don’t know. It’s just weird to me. But what do I know?

Product of the Week!

If you have not been reading the articles today then you need to read this right now about our new section that centers around one product people are going crazy over. If you are an Aladdin fan than this will make your little heart pop with glee. A genie lamp incense burner! Yes, you read that correctly. This product is sure to add some delicious scents as well as Arabian flare to your space in your home. It comes in gold and silver with delicate engravings covering the entire surface. Your guests will sure to be envious of this product.


So not many people think of orange as their stand out color in their homes. At least I don’t… Picking a single color to be the accent in a space is always a great way to add some shock and flare to an otherwise plain space. But orange? Can that even work? Well in today’s article we are going to talk about ways to add orange to your space and make it work like a charm. Just never in my house.

Sighs of Relief

Upon further inspection there actually are several ways to “incorporate” orange into your home style. I’m not going to lie. I was insanely skeptical at first when I read the headline about orange being worked into homes and actually looking good. Apparently it is only in small increments that orange can and will work out just fine in a design. We can talk about a few of these possibilities in case someone for whatever odd reason wants to put orange in their house. I for one am I not going to do so but that doesn’t mean someone else can’t. Let’s check this out.


Of course curtains aka. drapes are one of the first ways to slip orange into your home design. I’d be careful with the shades of orange, pun intended, you choose for your drapes. However, all the pessimism aside, orange toned drapes could actually look pretty dang good if paired up with the right design in a space. I certainly do not advise adding orange drapes in a room with a slew of other colors. That just isn’t going to work at all. But with neutrals, oh yeah. It could be fly.

Soft Neutrals

Speaking of neutrals, soft neutrals are the way to go if you want to add orange in any form or fashion to your home. Design and stylists are careful to visually express how to incorporate orange and that seems to always be with soft neutrals. Make a note that this is not harsh neutrals which apparently must be a thing since there are soft neutrals. Soft neutrals include beige, light grey, white…you get the picture. If you remember that orange is essentially a bold accent color then you can find it easier to wrap your mind around the fact that it needs to be paired up with neutrals.


Orange stripes or black and white stripes with orange accents is a thing. Does it look borderline tacky to me? Yes, but to me. It kind of has that safari on acid kind of look. So if you are into that kind of thing for your home knock yourself out and go for it. The sample we found were a couple of armchairs upholstered in zebra stripes. On the table somewhere was an orange accent something or other and it actually looked amazing if the safari on acid is your thing.

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Prefab Cabinets Picayune

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