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So you would not get very far in home life if you did not have a functioning sink. I mean, I am sure you would make it especially if you have a hose outside or something. But aren’t sinks great? You can walk a few feet and there you are washing you hands of whatever filth resides on them. Or if you are anything like me you are highly allergic to animal hair but you need to pet them so you have to have a sink around to constantly wash your hands. I think we should be grateful for sinks.

Kinds of Sinks

There are a few kinds of sinks out there and as usual there are those that are more popular among the nation. We have ceramic sinks which are the most common in homes. And then we have aluminum sinks which I heard about but know nothing about. And there are stainless steel sinks which are deceptively popular. I will explain this in further detail later, but for now these are the kinds of sinks out there. They can all be made in different sizes with or without a partition. Those without a partition are called farmhouse sinks. I think.

Ceramic Sinks

Ceramic sinks like I have already mentioned are the most common sinks you will see in homes. Whether they are in the traditional partition style or farmhouse style most people are going to choose a ceramic sink. They are supposedly lower in price depending on brand and style. They are not difficult to clean or kept up, however if you chip one you are basically screwed. But other than that a ceramic sink is a great way to go for a kitchen sink or bathroom sink. They can function as both which is not the same for the other kinds of sinks.

Aluminum Sinks

I don’t know if I have ever even been exposed to an aluminum sink but I have heard the work tossed around from the time I was a small child. Which obviously means they have been around for a while. Personally I would not go with an aluminum sink because the only times I hear about them are when people are replacing them in old houses. They are never talking fondly of them and their tones are bitter. I suggest you do you own research on aluminum sinks and make you own deductions.

Stainless Steel Sinks

These are the most deceptively popular sinks. People are always talking about them and talking about getting one. They are all over magazines and home remodeling shows, but never have I really seen one in the average human being’s house. The idea is there, but everyone always seems to go for the traditional ceramic. I don’t think there is much different when comparing the two, however if I understand correctly stainless steel is scratched easier and is a little more difficult to keep up with. So when I say deceptively popular this is what I mean.

Partition Verses Open

The debate these days is not just between the ceramic and stainless steel sinks. The big question with couples remodeling a kitchen is usually “Do we get an open sink or a partition?” Is there really more space with an open sink or is that just an illusion? Are we just under the impression that we have less space with a partition or are we really struggling to find the space for our dishes? The decision is left up to the people. Personally I am undecided, but I do like the looks of a ceramic farmhouse kitchen sink. Farmhouse is just another way to say open sink by the way.

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