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Good afternoon readers of the new and improved Prefab Cabinets Picayune! We are glad that you have decided to join us today on this fine, sweltering hot summer day. In the middle of July we can hardly wait for the season to change. We are ready for cool, crisp mornings and the smell of apple cider and fireplace smoke wafting from the chimneys. The sounds of leaves crunching underneath our boots and the wind whistling through the naked trees. Yaas…this is the time of the year where we all want to be. Beach season is nearly over, school is getting ready to start again, and the days are going to grow shorter. Fall will shortly be upon us in another month or so. God help us.

Modern Country

I never thought there was such a thing and if my imagination would have ever thought it up it would not have been what my eyes draped over when perusing the news app on my phone. Dare I say it, modern country was almost appealing. This particular style and house sample used came from a home in Russia. I was unaware that our country was still…never mind. Upon further inspection, the country modern is really not the name I would have used for this particular style. There is mention that the interior is eco friendly. This is really what the style centers around: modern and eco friendly. The country portion was lost to me. Maybe this is what the Russians call country…? We will leave it at that.


The home used to depict this particular design is in Russia, like we said. A large, spacious living room is used as the first of the pictures. You hardly notice the simple squared off neutral furniture pieces aligned perfectly in the room. A gigantic rectangular chandelier with gold vines with crystal buds dangle from the gold box. My first thoughts were that this thing looks like a humongous crystal bush. It lights up the entire space and takes all the attention away from the tile wood mimicked walls and white tiled floor. As beautiful as this living room is, there is essentially nothing country about it. Modern? Yes, absolutely. Eco friendly? Sure, without a doubt. But country? Maybe Russian country. In these here United States, this is not what we call country in the least bit. Maybe if there were a bit more wood somewhere…

Dining Room

Metallic leafed walls and the same beige tile floor sets off a clean canvas for the sleek dark wooded dining table set with squared smooth upholstered dining chairs. A long rounded beige lamp hangs from the ceiling over the middle of the table. The space is calming and sophisticated as well as striking with the metallic leaves on the walls. But there is no country theme here. Again, I see the modernity and eco friendly themes coming together. But as far as country themes are concerned, there is not one here in this space.


Another notable room in this supposedly modern country theme with a touch of eco friendliness is the kitchen. Like the living room and dining area the kitchen is clean lined with wood tiled cabinets that are essentially seamless. The wall effect is striking in the kitchen and make the space appear a lot larger than what it really is. I don’t know if a kitchen is the best place to screw with size illusions especially when you have your whole family over for Thanksgiving. Just saying. The lighting consisted of the same drop beige lights hanging in the center of the ceiling.

I Think I See It Now

Finally after scrolling through picture after picture I came across the pool room. Yes, this place not only has a pool, but a spa and relaxation area. Here I spotted some country slipping its way into this Russian home. The walls and floors were all light stained wood resembling a cleaned off country porch. Although everything else in the spaces were consistently modern the wood walls and flooring added the country feel that I had expected throughout the other rooms. For the first time cruising around this home I finally felt the country in the theme.

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Prefab Cabinets Picayune

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