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Kitchen Space That Fits Your Family

Getting older I have been thinking about things such as practical home design for the future. I’ve got to take into consideration a growing family when remodeling a home. We are remodeling to sell, but during that time at least a kid or two will be born and we will have to make accommodations for these little boogers. Kitchen space is usually where people end up complaining the most besides bathroom space. Bathrooms can cramp real easy, but during those family holidays just watch as the kitchen you thought was spacious enough suddenly shrinks beyond all recognition.

Counter Space

In our current home there really is little to no counter space. It would be great to host one of the family holidays, but as I envision the crowd of people cramping into that tiny space shoving their casserole dishes on the few feet of counter top we have…I cringe and then cry a little. When remodeling and even buying a home make sure to take into consideration the kitchen space you will need to fit your life and its upcoming events. A little planning will take you a long way if you let it.

Be Smart With Your Space

One way to create space in your kitchen is to be smart about it. Do not fall into the temptation to over clutter your counter tops with unnecessary decor. Putting away kitchen appliances in designated cabinet spaces will help keep the counter tops clear and everything organized. Do not have an overabundance of kitchen appliances that you do not need. So many of us have utensils and appliances that we never use that take up value space. Be smart and get rid of the stuff you never use.

Kid Friendly Space

Families with small children often times struggle with finding the right amount of space for the little ones. Accommodations have to be made to fit their little needs and that requires room for highchairs and such. When remodeling a home make sure to take your future into consideration. Home remodeling takes a lot of time, energy, and money so thinking ahead when making building plans would be a smart move for your future. Convenience is a great thing to think about when remodeling a kitchen for a family. Often times you have to multitask and be able to reach all things from one spot.

Extra Storage

Extra storage is a priority in any home in my opinion. Whether it is just one person living in a home or a family storage is vital to a comfortable and clean living space. As for kitchens, panties are becoming popular. Back in my day we all had cabinet space. Dozens and dozens of cabinets that were supposed to store food plus pots, pans, silverware, and the like. Today we have brought back the olden idea of pantries where we can store anything we want, but usually food and can goods is the preferred item.

Tip of the Week

The tip of the week is brought to you by Wild’s Cabinets and Flooring. We have your back. Today’s tip of the week is speaking up when you want something. If you do not speak up then you will definitely not get what you want. For instance, if you want to leave somewhere but do not speak up then you will be stuck in a place for longer than you want. But if you speak up the chances of leaving are higher and in possibly in your favor. Speak up and make sure the person you are speaking to understands the seriousness of the situation.

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Prefab Cabinets Picayune

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