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Holiday Remodeling

The last thing you want to be doing is remodeling your house around the holidays. Unfortunately it happens, and for people like myself it is not what I particularly want going on for my holidays. However, life is what it is at the moment even if my procrastinating husband could have gotten things finished. This article to encourage other people in our situation who are going to have unfinished houses for the holidays. We are going to talk about how to make the best of this time with what you got and how to maintain a proper attitude throughout the whole time.

Unfinished Kitchens

You can’t have an unfinished kitchen for the holidays. One of the most important spaces in a home for the holidays is a kitchen. What do people like to do for the holidays? Eat. It’s what humans look forward to the most with the winter holidays approaching. With a kitchen in disarray how can you provide a functional space for your guests? Right now our kitchen does not have floor, cabinets, counter tops, or anything that qualifies as a functional space for guests around the holidays. How do you make this work?

Make sure to look at the situation realistically. You need to ask yourself a few honest questions about if you could really get the kitchen done when it needs to be done. Or if the finished, functional product is nowhere near possible then you need to admit to yourself that it is just not going to be done when you need it to be. As much as it sucks being realistic about the situation is the first step to actually getting to the place you want to be with your kitchen. No good can come out of inviting a bunch of guests over when you don’t have a kitchen.

Master Bathroom

At least one bathroom needs to be functional. For the holidays a lot of trips are going to be made to the bathroom, especially after all the good eating is done in your finished and functional kitchen. All that digested food has to get out somewhere. Having an unfinished master bathroom is going to cause you some grief though especially if the guest bathroom is right off the kitchen like ours is. Women are not going to use the bathroom in an exposed area like that so a master bathroom will be better for them to use.

Our master bathroom is nowhere near done. We have everything we need for the bathroom, but getting it done has proven to be a hassle for the procrastinating husband. A half tiled double shower is the only thing closest to getting finished. However, if you have the means to get a master bathroom finished before the holidays I suggest you get it done because women are going to flock to this bathroom. Speaking from experience with holiday food clogging your system you are going to want a private place to unload your burdens.

Living Rooms

People gather together for the holidays. That’s why women buy all of those signs that say “Gather” in big rustic letters and plaster them all over the house. But how can they gather if there isn’t a finished living room to gather at? Sure, people gather in the kitchen, but no one wants to lounge in the kitchen after they have gorged themselves on holiday food. As surprising as this may sound we also do not have a functioning living room. So anyone who would like to come visit us for the holidays will not be privy to a living room or a chair to sit on.

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Prefab Cabinets Picayune

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