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Good afternoon readers of the new and improved Prefab Cabinets Picayune! We are glad you have come to join us today on September the 4th. Fall is on it’s way and my has the weather been…frightful. Hurricanes are developing in the Atlantic like mold on the slice of cheese you were saving for your pre-lunch snack. Will this bring cooler weather to south Mississippi? Doubtful, but it doesn’t hurt to hope that all of this destructive weather has a purpose besides catastrophic means. At least is isn’t raining today. Besides the fact that I am about to die of a heart attack from all this anxiety from driving to Hattiesburg, the last thing my body can handle right now is rain.

Holiday Decor ’19

Every holiday season has a new round of decor just waiting to jump into the arms of women everywhere. And some men. In today’s article we are going to be talking about this year’s holiday trends. From Halloween to Christmas Wild’s Cabinets and Flooring makes sure to keep up with all the latest fads and trends in the home design world. While we make sure to keep up with these things it is for the benefit of our customers that we share this knowledge.

Black Christmas Trees

Back in the day was a world full of strict tradition. Anyone who deviated from tradition was a hooligan and trouble maker. Way back in the 1700s you would probably have been considered evil for being the slightest bit different. These days some things are still not entirely accepted, but in this day and age people try to be more accepting of each other. For instance, a trend that has been slowly leaking into the holidays is black Christmas trees. For a lot of people there is nothing wrong with changing things up a bit, but a lot of others this can be unacceptable.

Since the meaning of Christmas is wrapped around the birth of Christ anything that hints of “evil” is an abomination. Even though Christmas trees are thought to be pagan originated anyway, a black Christmas tree really doesn’t seem all that bad. The argument can’t be that a black Christmas tree is evil because 1.) a Christmas tree had no place in the story of Christ to begin with. And 2.) a color cannot be evil. So we are left to assume that people are simply scared of deviating from tradition.

Multi Colored Pumpkins

Apparently the thing this year in the holidays is decor turning to colors that are out of the ordinary. Besides black Christmas trees we are getting into purple and pink pumpkins. Gone are the days when pumpkins only came in the traditional orange. Now we have pumpkins of all different colors to display in your homes. They come in different fabrics too. Long gone are the days when you actually had to get real pumpkins. They are all over the place these days. Everywhere you go you will find these pumpkins.


So maybe not for everyone, but squirrels are making quite a big come back when it comes to Thanksgiving and Fall decor. Back in the day people would have all these little woodland creatures hanging around their house for the holidays and that soon ended with the approach of modern decor. However, squirrels are back and in the homes of everyone I buy a holiday gift for this year. Like pumpkins they come in different styles and designs, even some made for children. There are squirrel pillows, figurines, cups–you name it. If you can imagine it then it can be a squirrel.

Tip of the Week

The tip of the week is brought to you by Wild’s Cabinets and Flooring. We got yo back. Today’s tip of the week is sometimes you just need to go with the flow and stop trying to come up with all kinds of bail out plans. They will backfire and you will feel like a moron and even possibly get caught in your own web of trickery. So yeah, just do what you have to do and get over it. Save your tears for the pillow and the suck it up and move on. And take names of the people you’ve done favors for.

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