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Historical Homes

People make a big to do about historical homes. As far as I know not even too many people live in historical homes as much as they are turned into museums and crap like that. But the outside look of historical homes is unlike anything else you will ever see. The detailing and woodwork is usually no short of incredible. How can we replicate the historical home look in a new home? Today we are going to talk about how we can achieve this historical look with our new homes.

Types of Historical Homes

There are different types of historical homes throughout the country. Many of them have similar styles, but there are some differences. Do your research and pick out a style that you like the best and then make a plan or hire someone to replicate the look. There are the historical homes that are like the ones from the Salem Witch Trials or early century Massachusetts. Sleepy Hollow, New York is a great place to find inspiration for historical style homes. Mississippi Gulf Coast and Hattiesburg both have historical styles homes that are more elaborate in their designs and styles.

Salem, Massachusetts

Some of the historical homes in Salem Massachusetts were once considered as mansions. With the perfectly manicured lawns and white picket fences, these historical homes can be easily replicated into one of today’s new homes. White siding is the traditional style of the outside of the house. Maybe brown or a shade darker would be seen on the outside of these historical homes. If you are looking for a plainer more simple historical designed homes then the Salem style homes will be your best best.

Sleepy Hollow, New York

The historical homes you will find in Sleepy Hollow, New York are going to be more elaborate. The styles you will see are more Victorian than the plainer homes you will see in Salem. Typically two story homes with separate rooms throughout the house, this still is more modern than others you would find yet the more difficult to replicate. The Victorian style home is more pricey then the other types of homes you could replicate and it would require a bigger piece of land. It could work on a smaller piece but you wont’ have much of a yard. Just saying.

Coastal Homes

Historical coastal homes here in Mississippi have a much different look compared to those from the north. Being near water some of these historical homes were built off the ground to accommodate flooding. Opposed to the ones in the northern states, the historical homes on the coast are styled more elaborately. Typically these are seen with large columns and are two story structures. The colors vary from white to every pastel. These houses are more tall than they are wide from lack of space and are usually stacked close besides each other.

Tip of the Week

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