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Good afternoon readers of the new and improved Prefab Cabinets Picayune. We are so glad you decided to come spend this time with us today. It has been a surprisingly dry day in south Ms. Unfortunately the sun is out to much and too hot. I feel like I’ve written a million words today for Prefab Cabinets Picayune. Today we are going to go in another direction, one I don’t think I have ventured in since we open the Prefab Cabinets Picayune series. Of course it is all going to be what I think and feel without anyone else chiming in.

Apples or Olives

So today we are going to talk about the forbidden fruit. I bet you didn’t know that the forbidden fruit in the garden of Eden was actually an olive and not an apple, but for today’s article we are going to talk about apples. Apples, the fruit, color, and sugar can all add to such a delectable home design. If done correctly, having apples incorporated in your home theme can add some sweetness to your space. I suggest going to Pinterest and look up apple decor and design and see what pops up.

Candy Apple

Most of the time people litter their kitchens with apples. Apples, apples, and apples are everywhere! The walls are painted candy apple red, the dish towels, decor–all is red. This is not how you need to design a space around apples. My suggestion is to have a white kitchen with bright window light, white porcelain sink, the works. And then include a few but striking apple decorations, even a few candy apple red towels. This will make the space stand out with the apples but still maintain its freshness and it will be easy to switch out decorations when the time comes.

Blood Red

One of my favorite colors is blood red. That rich deep almost velvet color in a home makes for such an inviting space while keeping a strong style. Having a space painted in neutrals, a beige or grey couch with a blood red throw laying across the top–my mouth is almost watering. I can imagine a light stained barn styles coffee table in the middle of this space with blood red candles in varying heights flickering in the dim light. Add a cup of steaming coffee next to them and you are set up for a fall nap. Now I’m wishing I had a decent living room to decorate like this.


Be careful when using red for your home, especially if you are prone to aggressive behavior. Red has been shown to increase excitement and aggression in certain individuals as well as increasing appetite. So if you have anger management problems or are trying to lose weight red might not be a great idea for your home. Bright warm colors such as red, orange, green, and yellow tend to have negative effects on those who suffer from anxiety. So red won’t be a common theme in my home especially around the time of the wedding. Planning a wedding make you want to kill people as it is.

Shades of Red

Something people are doing these days is decorating in different shades of the same color. For people who can use red in their homes try a theme using different shades of reds. Lighter shades may lean towards pink, so be aware of this when choosing the light reds. You could always do a light wall and floor with the darker furniture and decorations. The furniture and decor will work as a contrast with the light colors.

Tip of the Week

The tip of the week is brought to you by Wild’s Cabinets and Flooring. We got yo back. Today’s tip of the week is do not depend on your fiance to take care of the things they say they are going to take care of. You will find yourself in a tight bind just weeks before your wedding and there will be nothing you can do about it except cry and contemplate the ways you can run away. In fact, you will also realize that you get sick more often now that he has caused so much stress in your life.

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Prefab Cabinets Picayune

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