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Good afternoon readers of the new and improved and obviously miserable Prefab Cabinets Picayune! We are back again with series of articles for our readers of Prefab Cabinets Picayune. We hope you enjoy them and your time with us. Apparently there are a couple of flies that are interested as well. Who knew they could read? There are a lot of questions I’d like answers to these days like why is my fiance sucky? Why did he even propose? Why was I stupid enough to go out with him in the first place? So many questions to be answered.

Wash Out

There is a new trend in weddings for 2020 and upon further inspection I decided it was probably a good chance that these would be trends for next year’s interior designs as well. Washed out colors are the theme for weddings next year and so likely for interior design. Faded colors, mixed washed out shades of burnt orange and red. This is going to be the big thing. So get ready and start planning for next year’s remodeling and redecorating gig. If your husband is anything like the inconsiderate jerk mine is then getting him to remodel your home will be miserable.

Be aware of whiny husbands who upon mentioning home remodeling or anything that requires movement will start off into a series of self-pitying crap. Make sure to prepare yourself for this because after a few cries he will slip in comments that imply that his miserable life is your fault and that you are a burden. Ignore this and go to your room and quietly message another man to make you feel a little better. Then after you feel better and can sleep delete the messages and rest at ease knowing you have a pathetic selfish tit for a husband.

What Is Wash Out?

Wash out color can vary. It depends on the type of wash out look you want for your home. There is the traditional 90s washed out faded look that is basically any color desaturated and then there is full toned colors that combined in a theme creates a whimsical faded but rich toned look. The washed out look can easily look too faded if you are no careful. So keep in mind when designing a room around this theme. It will require some research and planning to get it done correctly.


The most common and popular colors for this upcoming theme are golds, burnt orange, deep faded reds, and the like. You will not see too many cool colors unless it is placed in with the main warm colors. If you choose too many cooler colors for this theme then you run the risk of creating a majorly faded look and unless you want that do not do it. Your jerk husband will want to steer you in the wrong direction because it will probably be the easy way out, but fight him on this. You don’t want a crappy looking house.

Other Themes

There are other themes that will go great with the wash out colors. Since the nature look is still in and big right now it will mingle great with the wash out theme. Pine cone decor and pine branches would look lovely against the golds and burnt oranges in this theme. It wouldn’t require much for you to switch out decor for this theme either unless your wall color is hideous then I would suggest painting over that filth first and then buy the decor that goes with it. Target is a great place to look.

Tip of the Week

The tip of the week is brought to you by Wild’s Cabinets and Flooring. We got yo back. Today’s tip of the week is always put tacos before people because tacos can’t tell you one thing and do another. Tacos are never going to leave you hanging. In fact they will make you feel whole and loved especially around the middle. It’s like they give you huge hugs that disappear in the toilet in the morning. When you’re feeling alone and blue go get some tacos and feel better. Tacos never let you down.

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Prefab Cabinets Picayune

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