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Good afternoon readers of Prefab Cabinets Hattiesburg! We are overjoyed that you could join us today on the downhill of our journey together. The weather is pleasantly cool today with a hint of golden rod in the air killing everyone slowly including yours truly. No, we are not okay with golden rod. Maybe it was planted here to kill us all one by one or maybe we are all just a bunch of pansies whose bodies can’t handle the tiny atoms of golden rod stuffed up our nasal cavities. Not to mention the drowsiness caused by the hordes of medications we infuse into our bodies.

Winter Decor

I am going to be the first one to say that I’m kind of cold. And what is the first thing you think of when cold weather is approaching? Besides blankets and a hair dryer to keep you warm. Yes! Winter decor. And women everywhere shouted amen! Now is the time to be preparing our homes (if you have the luxury of owning a finished one) for the winter. What better way to prepare our homes for the cooler weather than to make it extra cozy. Coziness is the best way to make a home winter weather friendly.

Sick Season

Another thing to take into consideration is sick season is upon us. Yes, tis the season to be snotty and runny and phlemy. Make sure your house is extra cozy for these times because the last thing a sickly person needs is for someone to be leaving windows open letting in all the cold air to make someone sicker. Just saying. Fall allergies are a horrible thing so make sure to wash all of your linens regularly to get rid of all the golden rod that has landed and nested on your fabrics.


White is a contributing color for winter decor. Not everyone thinks of Christmas and wants to decorate their homes in red and green. Some people prefer the snow white effect of Christmas decor. To get your house winter ready try opting for the white decor to create that cozy winter wonderland effect. We are going to talk about types of decor you can buy to create the winter wonderland in your home. Right now let’s just get it straight that creating a winter wonderland in your home does not include that fake snow crap that just makes a mess.

Rustic Winter

What a lot of people are doing this year is going back to the rustic winter decor theme. This theme involves lots of fresh wood colors and whites and beige. It is a natural yet cozy look that will leave you home feeling like a cozy winter wonderland. Not all themes are good for winter and Christmas. This theme you can rock for both your winter season as well as the holiday season without people making accusations about you being stodgy and unholy. Go check out places such as Pinterest to find ideas for this particular theme.


Apparently pine is a big thing these days and especially with home decor. You can’t have a winter wonderland without having some pine laying around somewhere. One way you can do this is go outside and cut down some pine limbs and lay them around the house. You think I’m joking but this is what my mother used to do for Christmas Eve every year. Or if you are like me and would rather buy fake pine decor then I suggest going somewhere like Hobby Lobby and look around for some pine decor. You might want to wait until they are having one of their sales.

Tip of the Week

The tip of the week is brought to you by Wild’s Cabinets and Flooring. We got yo back. Today’s tip of the week is make sure you have sufficient sinus meds for the winter season. You never know when you are going to wake up with your sinuses jacked up and if you do not have medication or just a enough for a day you are going to want to kick yourself in the butt because you didn’t stock up on medication when you could have beforehand.

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