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Good afternoon readers of the new and improved and shortly to end Prefab Cabinets Hattiesburg! Today has been a wonderfully anxious day in Poplarville, Ms. The temps are dropping gradually and I have to drive to Hattiesburg this weekend because I can’t get anyone to take me up there. Is that a little pathetic for my age? I am sure it is. But you know who cares about your opinion? Not me. Maybe if my almost hubby would get his priorities in line he’d come get me instead of blowing me off to make it to church. Yeah, that sounds horrible. But what is it that this generation says all the time? Don’t judge me. That’s y’all favorite phrase.

Welcoming Bathroom

Okay, so I am going to write this article despite what I am about to say. We are going to be talking about how to make your bathroom welcoming. I personally do and do not understand this topic. Honestly when I have the squirts any bathroom is instantly welcoming. So are we talking about when your bladder and bowels aren’t exactly feeling it and you need to make your bathroom more welcoming? “Oh, hey that’s a nice rug and towel in there with some lovely decor. I think I need to take a poop in here now since it’s so welcoming.” It’s just kind of blowing my mind.

Create An Inviting Bathroom

All seriousness now there are many ways to make your bathroom more welcoming to yourself and guests. We are going to talk about inviting and calming themes that the majority of people like. This is not to say all people find these types of bathrooms welcoming or anything. Most of the time the more subtle and neutral the bathrooms are the more people feel at ease. Too frilly or gaudy people will have a hard time concentrating and getting the job done.

Soft Neutrals

A bathroom done up in soft neutrals such as beige, navy, grey is a guarantee color scheme to keep your guests and yourself at ease when using the bathroom. Subtle and pretty decor will only enhance your guests’ bathroom experience. If you want to add some girliness light pinks and such will work with the soft neutrals. Be aware of retina damaging colors. Bright colors will only make your bathroom experience more stressful. Keep this mind when you are looking at the gaudy orange curtain.

Bathroom Decor

For some reason people love decorating their bathrooms in literal bathroom decor. Pictures of bathrooms, toilets, sinks–it’s for real. Guests even get a kick out of this–I get a kick out of this. But it is okay to deviate from the bathroom decor and to decorate in something a little more off the beaten path. For instance non-specific decorative items such as those balls that people are putting in jars and bowls and stuff looks good in bathrooms. You can always get a pretty basket to put on the back of the toilet and fill it with toilet paper.


You can’t go wrong with candles in a bathroom as far as decorative purposes are concerned. Candles can add a touch of warmth and comfort to a bathroom space. A suggestion is to not get a weird smelling candle if it is your guest bathroom. Guests are going to avoid that bathroom if the candle that you lit smells like a rotten butthole. Find a nice apple cinnamon candle and that should add that extra pizzazz to the bathroom and also cover up any gaseous residue. You always want to be on the look out for stuff like that.

Tip of the Week

The tip of the week is brought to you by Wild’s Cabinets and Flooring. We got yo back. Today’s tip of the week is to learn to live and survive alone. You don’t have to worry about everyone’s stupid crap and their emotional issues giving you more problems than you can handle. Make sure you have a great job to give yourself a comfortable living so you don’t have to mooch off of anybody and look pathetic. Bottom line is make sure you are never dependent on people physically or emotionally.

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