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Good afternoon readers of the new and improved Prefab Cabinets Hattiesburg! We are glad you could join us on this fine boiling hot summer afternoon. I guess it might be time to switch out the introduction since I think everyone knows that this is the new and improved Prefab Cabinets Hattiesburg. We just finished up a mini series on worldwide trends and we discovered a little blip in our knowledge of trends. Terrazzo. We will be a talking about Terrazzo today, what it is and how we can incorporate it into our interior design this season.


Not many people know what Terrazzo is even though they have seen it for years. I would not call it super common or anything, but on occasion, such as this time, it comes into style and home designers go crazy with it and the incorporate it into their client’s homes. Personally I have mostly seen it on television or in movies. Terrazzo is in my opinion a luxury styles to have in a home and elaborate. You have to really like the idea of a lot going on in a style, which is exactly what Terrazzo is. It is a style with a lot going on.

What Is It?

First off Terrazzo is that wall or floor that is hard and cold with all kinds of colorful or non-colorful specks in it. It really is striking, but what is it exactly? Is it tile? Is it laminate? According to the search engine results I found…Terrazzo is a “composite material poured in place or precast used for floor or wall treatment.” So I guess that was what they thought was a good explanation. In other words, you mix a bunch of stuff up together and make it look pretty and sturdy.

What Is It Made Of?

Terrazzo is made of a bunch of things apparently. In the results I found Terrazzo is made of a conglomeration of marble, quartz, granite, glass, and other suitable “chips” sprinkled or unsprinkled (whatever floats your boat I guess) and poured together. So basically Terrazzo is made of all kinds of expensive surface material all chopped up and thrown in together in strategic ways to make beautiful patterns in walls and floors. I suggest you all looking up what Terrazzo is and all the different types of patterns it comes in. It makes a super accent wall in a space.

How To Incorporate It

This is a bit tricky since Terrazzo is not going to be the most budget friendly of the options out there. I have not officially done research on all of this, but just the sound of how Terrazzo is made makes me really suspect this stuff costs an arm, leg, and some digits. But if you do have the means, there a few ways you can incorporate Terrazzo into your home. Determining where you want it to go is the first step, walls or floors… The decision is all up to you.


In my personal opinion if you are going to do a Terrazzo wall then I would do an accent wall and not an entire room or house. Terrazzo is specifically for accents when it comes to walls. Because of the fact that Terrazzo is so striking you need to be careful how much of it you put in your house. It can easily become clownish. Unless you have an accent room you are doing in your home, let’s keep Terrazzo down to a minimum. An accent room would look beautiful fully laid out in Terrazzo. Be aware of the placement as well.


Flooring is a little different when it comes to Terrazzo. You can do an entire floor in Terrazzo without it looking cluttered or clownish. Doing an entire floor in a room in Terrazzo would be great, but still keep it to a minimum because no one wants a house full of this kind of flooring. Be aware too that doing an entire floor in Terrazzo will be pricey. You will need a hefty budget in order to complete a Terrazzo floor. Like the walls I would suggest that you pick one room like a bathroom to put down Terrazzo flooring.

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