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Good afternoon readers of the new and improved Prefab Cabinets Hattiesburg! We are so glad that you have come to spend this time with us today. Make sure to tell your friends (if you have any) about Wild’s Cabinets and Flooring and encourage them to follow us on Facebook and what not. Today we are going to be talking about home remodeling from the perspective of yours truly. If you think home remodeling is easy? Think again my friend. Even if you hire someone to do it for you all hell will break loose at some point in the process.

Remodeling Stresses

I don’t know who would believe that remodeling a home is anything but traversing through the fires of hell. Yeah, it is exciting at first, but once reality kicks in you realize that maybe you bit off way more than your could chew especially when you go by the finest and nicest tile there is for your master bathroom. And let’s not forget the faucets and spouts for your showers and tubs. Those cost a freakin arm and a leg. Once the big shot manufactures realize that people need something they jack up the prices to earn a few millions more. But I digress.

If you haven’t already noticed, there are a lot of stresses that come along with remodeling a house or even just a room. Right now we are remodeling the entire house, but taking it one room at a time. A master bathroom in my humble opinion is a pretty important project to work on. Not everyone is okay with running down the hall to a bathroom in the middle of the night. At least I’m not. I’m also not okay with using the bathroom that close to someone sleeping. It’s weird.

What To Expect

Expect everything to go wrong so you won’t be disappointed at all throughout the entire experience. Things are going to go wrong. You might as well wrap your brain around that little nugget of truth because it isn’t going anywhere any time soon. Remodeling a house, especially an ancient one, is going to pop up with all kinds of nasty surprises. Like a rotting sub floor that you had never added into your budget. Expect to blow a whole lot more money than you added up too. Home remodeling will never cost less than what you anticipated. Trust me. I know…

Relationships Will Be Tested

If you already have a rocky relationship with anyone before delving into home remodeling, you should probably expect to lose that person by the time it is all said and done. In the middle of home remodeling you will discover that you hate everyone. You will not want anyone else around unless they are contributing to the home remodeling project. If they want to come over if better be to help hang sheet rock and put down flooring. No one comes over during home remodeling without doing their part.

At least that is what you are going to think for a while. Your friends will hate you and you will hate them. You are an orphan because once you realized your parents just wanted to run their mouths about what they thought you should be doing but they had no plan in every actually contributing, you cut them out. Or they left because you told them exactly how your felt without censuring. Life suddenly becomes empty of human life. You are a friend of dogs and cats until the pee and crap all over your living room sub floor that might stay that way for two more years.

Tip of the Week

The tips of the week is brought to you by Wild’s Cabinets and Flooring. We got yo backs. Today’s tip of the week is do not listen to homemade rap songs written by one of your Facebook friends that you friended only so you could hear all of his jacked up rap songs to make you laugh at work. You are supposed to be working. Not making fun of other people. You are wasting time that you could be using for productivity and not for self-indulgent activities such as making fun of people. Even if they deserve it.

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Prefab Cabinets Hattiesburg

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