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Good afternoon readers of the new and improved Prefab Cabinets Hattiesburg! We are glad you have come to join us this afternoon for another issue of Prefab Cabinets Hattiesburg. Today is going to be an interesting topic and hopefully it will keep my attention away from the horrible nightmarish things happening in my life. Despite the hideous hot weather the skies seem to be clear and happy. They scream “I’m going to roast you alive.” Do not forget your sunscreen today and if you do not have to go outside for any reason then don’t because you will fry and die.

Odd Inspiration

Designers are strange to begin with but when you sit down and ask them about where their inspiration came from…you are in for a whole other ride. Prepare to not see any connection at all from the source of the inspiration to the result. What sparked this article was a designer creating a theme based off of a fur jacket. But not all themes and their inspirations make sense. Like a wall texture inspired by a paper plate. It will look incredible, but how the designer’s mind worked with that? I find that even more perplexing.

Personal Inspirations

Colors, seasons, locations–I find these things inspirational. For instance the color and texture of fall leaves can inspire creative activities all in itself. But if you are not a fall enthusiast as myself then maybe that doesn’t spark your imagination. Perhaps the beach or a seashell? Maybe the wild colors at the local fair will light up ideas in your mind. Or maybe just looking up at the clouds will work too. It all depends on what brings out the inspiration in your mind. Just be aware that not all inspiration works out. Sometimes it sucks.

When You Don’t Feel It

Sometimes just don’t feel the inspiration. You are stressed, tired, depressed and nothing is coming out of you. How do you get the inspiration? I think this is how designers get inspiration from a coffee mug and then create an entire design out of it. Or maybe this is when they are feeling super inspired and can find inspiration out of anything. Or maybe they are about to lose their minds because their fiance didn’t text them that morning and the night before things didn’t go so well so at work they are freaking out and can’t focus.

Fruit & Barn Animals

For whatever reason people are inspired by fruit and barn animals when it comes to design. It blows my mind, but there it is. A bowl of fruit apparently can inspire a grape colored themed house. Lemon themed kitchens are a thing these days and I personally think they are adorable. Fruit themed, see? As far as barn animals go people love decorating their houses in farm animals. For a while the trend was decorating in roosters and chickens. I don’t personally care for this, but a lot of people love the barn animal theme. So want inspiration? Go take a walk around a barn.

Weather Inspiration

Now, I can’t totally rag on people who get inspired by the weather because personally I used to write about weather being a main character in the description. Home owners like to have weather themed bedrooms for their children such as clouds and sunshine. There is the water theme as well such as beaches and tsunamis that adults are decorating in. Pictures of tsunamis have been a trend lately. Not real tsunamis but painted pictures of tsunamis. Real tsunamis might be kind of morbid to hang up in your house.

Tip of the Week

The tip of the week is brought to you by Wild’s Cabinets and Flooring. We got yo back. Today’s tip of the week is do not respond to your fiance the way you want to when he doesn’t tell you good morning. He will flip out even more and then you will have the added crap to the already mountainous pile of crap you created. Respond in love if you can muster it at this time. It’s going to be hard to find it deep in your heart because you are going to want to slap the crap out of him but remember he is having a bad day and needs the kind of treatment you’ve been trying to get him to show you for two years.

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