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Good afternoon readers of the new and improved Prefab Cabinets Hattiesburg! We are glad you decided to come see us today and this lovely kind of fall morning. The temps are gradually getting lower and we now have a hope of cooler temps coming soon. Maybe October will be our cooler month and our supervisor Jonathan can get his senior portraits done in a nice autumnal breeze in a few weeks. According to traditional fall weather in south Mississippi he will probably still be sweating in a few weeks to be honest, but he can suck it up and tough it out.


How many times we think to ourselves that if we had just the right amount of motivation we could get so much done? I do this all the time and so does my almost hubby. There were so many days that I sat in my room on the edge of my bed thinking about all the things I need to get done for that day but have the motivation of a stick. That is what this article is going to be about today: how can we get motivated to finish our home remodeling projects?

Let’s Count The Ways

I wish I had a long list of ways to suggest to our readers of how we can motivate ourselves to get stuff done. However, I only have mildly tested theories and guesses that could help out a few people. Home remodeling projects are iffy when it comes to motivation. Not all forms of motivation work with every person. Each person is unique and needs their own kind of motivation to get them started on something and to carry it to completion. A lot of times we find ourselves in the middle of a project and the motivation has disappeared. What can we do to help start and finish projects with the same motivation throughout the entire process?

Pressing On

The reality of the situation is that you are not going to stay motivated the entire time no matter what, but the key is pressing on despite how you feel. If we all did things only when we felt like doing them there would be a lot of problems in the world. I’m pretty sure that would be how the world would end. When you start a project like we have in our house with the kitchen and bathroom we need to keep moving forward despite how we feel and get it done because by then we will be able to look back one day and sit a relax with a finished project. It will be over and we will never have to worry about it again.

Not everyone has the pressing on mentality when it comes to remodeling, for instance my almost hubby. He is a procrastinator in the highest level. If it can be done tomorrow then let’s do it tomorrow. Unfortunately today is yesterday’s tomorrow and now we are both screwed. So think about that when you procrastinate.

Accountability & Help

When you have accountability and help then for some reason it makes life easier to finish our incomplete projects. I am going to use my almost hubby as an example again. Alone, he will not get much done and for a number of reasons. His projects usually require more than one person working on them. Things just get done faster when it is more than one person working on them. And then he gets motivated by the extra help because not only does he have that accountability there but he has the extra help and he can see the potential of getting things done and over with. So getting accountability and help will definitely keep you more motivated throughout the process. Some people get motivated by a bit of friendly competition as well.

Tip of the Week

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