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Good afternoon readers of the new and improved Prefab Cabinets Hattiesburg! We are so glad that you could join us today on this lovely overcast and humid afternoon. Maybe the temperatures we continue to drop some and we can have an early Fall in the south of ole Mississippi. And then maybe hell will freeze over too. This has been a dreary day so far with the puppy sick and the weather bland and damp, but Wild’s Cabinets and Flooring will not let this get them down! Instead we are going to enthuse about Fall and how we can’t wait for its arrival.

Fall Decor 2019

One of the things we absolutely love to do when we are sweating to death at the beginning of August is dream of upcoming Fall season. Crisp weather, crunchy walks through the woods, candy apples, and pumpkins galore–these are the dreams! What can we do in the meantime while we wait for this summer heat to drift on and out? We can sit down and make plans on how to decorate our homes for Fall. If you intend on decorating your home for the fall season and have yet to make a plan then I highly suggest you get one together.

Multicolored Pumpkins

A big trend that I am predicting for this fall is multicolored pumpkins. Not just your average pumpkins are going to line the porches and walkways of front yards this season. Something I have been seeing is the white and pale blue combo. Until recently I had no idea that blue pumpkins existed. But here they are and they look fabulous. Pale blue and turquoise are the big colors for this fall and along with warm fall colors these two cool toned colors act fantastically as accent colors.

Candy Apple Red

Candy apple red has been a big deal in past seasons and it is my prediction that this season it will make an comeback again. Reds are known to be more visually “exciting” and are typically found in kitchens more so than other rooms in the house. In my opinion you want to be more careful with how much reds you have in your home because of the rapid shift in the in and out seasons. One minute red is in and the next it’s out. So keep that in mind when painting a room red in your home.


Plaid has always been a favorite among a certain group of people such as those stuck in the nineties like myself. However, plaid has a place in everyone’s hearts when it comes to the fall season. This fall expect to see more and more plaid in areas such as home decor and even furnishings. Black plaid is a more chic option for those who want to incorporate the elegant side of fall this season in their homes. Plaid faux pumpkins are a big trend this season as well and a personal favorite of mine. Go check out places such as Hobby Lobby and Kohls for the plaid look this year.


Rustic looks have been in for several years now and does not seem to be disappearing any time soon. This season they are going towards a most elegant rustic look. Personally, an example of rustic elegance would be the design we are going to have in my own master bathroom. We are laying tile with delicate wood grains in the shower and above the tub blue washed painted wood across the walls. This is what I would consider rustic elegant. Go check out examples of this on Pinterest.

Tip of the Week

Today’s tip of the week is brought to you by Wild’s Cabinets and Flooring. Always wear old shoes and watch where you are stepping when you are chasing your dog around the yard. You will inevitably step in dooky and then you will find yourself in a totally different kind of a predicament. Do not be like me and learn from your mistakes. Take my word for it and save yourself a lot of trouble. Watch where you step in your yard when you are chasing your doggy. She will fair better than you.

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