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Good afternoon readers of prefab cabinets Hattiesburg! We are so glad to have you here with us today. Make sure to come by to Wild’s Cabinets and Flooring on this fine boiling hot day. We have everything you need in prefab cabinets and flooring. Remember to stay hydrated and cool in this dangerous weather. Nobody wants to be having heat strokes here. Maybe if you see a friendly neighbor outside in this heat you should invite them into your house for a nice cold glass of water, maybe even some lemonade…unless your home is not guest friendly.

Guest Friendly Homes

Not everyone knows how to create a guest friendly home and not everyone wants one. However, for those of us who do want to make our homes as guest friendly as possible, this article is for you. We will touch on a few points during this article, but in reality it is just going to be my opinion just like all the other articles. So keep you snotty comments to yourself if you do not agree with the things I say. Other than that we would love to hear all of your agreeable comments about this article.


It is pretty difficult to create a guest friendly home if you do not have the space the provide one. Your home needs to be able to fit more than two people in it for it to be guest friendly. And you need to make sure to account for all shapes and sizes of guests. Not everyone fits through the same size door unless it is a mammoth width door. Room size is crucial as well. A guest is not going to want to stand the entire visit. In fact that is just plain rude to make someone stand when they are your guest.


Believe it or not people’s comfort levels shift depending on the layout of your house. If you have a crazy layout–your laundry room feet away from your bedroom–people may get a little uncomfortable, maybe even weird-ed out. If you are one of these people who own a strangely laid out home maybe rearranging rooms will help ease guests into your home. A typical layout home will make guests feel safe and less insecure about the environment of the house. You want guests to feel more at home and less like they are in a maze.


People are going to notice when you have tacky decorations in your house. Even though most opinions about decor are completely subjective there are however some that are objective. You do not want to decorate your home in worldwide gaudy decor. It will make your guests incredibly uncomfortable and they will want to leave. In fact they may not even want to come in. Of course your home is essentially all about making a space that you love to be in, but if you ever have the desire to have people over then you need take this into consideration.


For some reason people love going to a house with books. Book shelves, book cases, books sitting on a table–guests love walking into a house and seeing books as part of the decor. That is why they sell fake books for decor. If you are not a reader but want guests to feel that bookish atmosphere when they come into your home then purchasing a few fake books with hollow insides would be your best bet. Go check out thrift stores for old book volumes that have that antique charm about them. You can find them for super cheap if you know how to shop smart.

Tip of the Week

The tip of the week is brought to you by Wild’s Cabinets and Flooring. We got your back. Today’s tip of the week is for dog people. It may not be the best idea to let your five month old puppy lay all over you during your lunch hour and then returning to work. You will either go to work smelling like dog or give in to your self consciousness and spray yourself all over with your perfume. Either way you will have to smell yourself for the rest of the day until you get a shower. Do not do this.

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