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One of the features he who must not be named and I decided we want in our house is a fireplace. I personally think fireplaces are a great feature whether you use it or not. It adds a sense of coziness. There are all kinds of options for fireplaces in homes.They come in different sizes and such. Anyone can have a fireplace even if you are allergic to smoke. But even then all you have to do is not put a fire in there and just use it for looks only. A lot of people do that these days and the decorations are amazing. We will talk about this later on in our article.


There are unlimited variations for the style of fireplace one can build in their home. For instance, just like everything else there is a modern, traditional, or elegant style. And that is just a few to choose from. Fireplaces can be tailored to fit your home and unique style. Personally I like traditional fireplaces that make me want to cuddle up in front of it with a throw and some pillows and some cheese and olives. Being so close to lunch time I’m really wanting that cheese and olives right now. Just saying.

This Season

The trend lately for fireplaces has been grey brick. Grey has been the hot color for a while and even we are choosing to paint our cabinets grey. A beautiful and classy look would be grey brick with an elegant mantle piece. I’d put a green vine (fake of course) along with mantle with a few pretty decorations that offsets the grey brick. But not everyone likes the trends and will always deviate from the crowd. And that’s okay too. Just as long as you love your fireplace.

Modern Fireplaces

Not everyone likes fireplaces but needs one. One way to help with fireplaces when you don’t like the idea of one is to make it more modern. A modern looking fireplace is a great way to help you adjust with the idea of having a fireplace in your home. People are expecting a bricked fireplace, traditional. Modern and minimalist designs for fireplaces is a great way to not draw attention to a fireplace if you are not wanting one. A common look is a metal and tile. This helps disguise the fireplace look.

Fireplace Decor

One of the fun things about fireplaces is all the decoration options you will have. Some people like keeping their television over the mantel while others prefer a beautiful mirror. Traditionally people like to use a picture or art to hang above a fireplace. These days people think outside the box and the options for fireplace decorations is endless really. Personally I would be putting fake pumpkin decor along the mantel right now, but I’m obsessed with pumpkins. Like mentioned above fake swags and vines would look nice over a mantel piece as well as pictures of family or cats.

Tip of the Week

The tip of the week is brought to you by Wild’s Cabinets and Flooring. We got yo back. Today’s tip of the week is always make sure you have back up underwear. Not everyone has accidents, but you never know when the stomach bug is going to hit you and things are going to get ugly really fast. Taking a risk in this situation is not advised because nothing is worse than crapping your pants and having to carry around that awful stench with you everywhere. And don’t just assumed it’s your underwear that gets soiled. You entire outfit might need to be changed out. Always keep an extra outfit with you.

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