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Good afternoon readers of the new and improved and slightly depressed Prefab Cabinets Hattiesburg. We are glad you came to join us today on this fine increasingly warming September day. We are a day away from the first day of fall and it is still too hot to wear boots of any kind outside. Sure you could probably wear a short pair in the house with the air conditioner hiked up, but let’s get real. No one really wants to wear boots inside at home when no one can see how fabulous they look. Boots were meant to be seen. Except redneck cowboy boots. I don’t want to see those unless they are on a certain somebody.

Finishing Tips

This article is not about actual finishes on wood and stuff like that. It is also not about finishing building tips of object and building and junk. We are literally going to discuss the ways we can get tasks finished better and quicker. Not everyone is a finisher. Some people are starters. For instance, I am a starter. It is easy for me to start a million projects but I can’t count the amount of projects I have finished on one hand.

Our goal is to be both starters and finishers. If we learn how to start our home remodeling projects and also learn to finish them think about how beneficial this will be in our lives? The amount of stress in our lives will definitely go down because we won’t be procrastinating and have a dozen tasks hanging over our heads at once. The goal is to get the tasks done and that is a pivotal revelation in every home remodeling experience, not to mention life in general. You will be able to breathe better, believe me. Inconsistency can cause a lot of stress and anxiety in a person’s life and you do not want that when you are remodeling.

Make A List

Lists are a great way to stay and feel organized. Naturally our brains want to take over and do all the remembering work itself, which it is perfectly capable of doing that on it’s own, but doing so will totally stress you out. Life isn’t going to make remembering things easy. By making a list you can rest your mind because everything you need to remember is now on a list and all you have to do is look at it. This will help you stay on course with home remodeling.


Not everyone can rely on shear grit and effort to stay on task. Sometimes we need a little help to get things done. This is where accountability comes in to play. Find someone you can trust and is good at staying on task themselves and have them as your accountability partner. They will make sure you get done with your goals and stay on the course. They are also great at encouraging as well. Just make sure that they are a trustworthy person or else you are just adding more stress in the home remodeling experience.

Time Frames

One of the last tips for finishing a home remodeling project is to set a realistic time frame for yourself. Sit down and take every detail into consideration and then make a game plan according to how long you want the project to take. Realistically not all projects are going to be done quickly. You need to measure a unique time frame for every home remodeling project, taking into consideration all the things that could come up. Make sure to leave space for some unexpected events to occur. Anyone who has done home remodeling knows that the project hardly ever goes according to plan.

Tip of the Week

The tip of the week is brought to you by Wild’s Cabinets and Flooring. We got yo back! Today’s tip of the week is to get a self help book on procrastination. The majority of human beings procrastinate. We love putting things off, but then want to whine and complain when we find ourselves crumbling under a mountain of responsibilities that if we would have handled to begin with wouldn’t crushing us. Seek some advice about how not to procrastinate. This is especially helpful when home remodeling. You do not want to put off home projects. Trust me. They will come back to bite you on the rear.

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