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Good afternoon readers of the new and improved Prefab Cabinets Hattiesburg. Wild’s Cabinets and Flooring is happy to bring you the second to last issue of the season. Apparently we have a tropical storm brewing in the tropics as we speak. Better keep a rusty eye on that monster. Naturally, just as yours truly paid the deposit for our cruise honeymoon is when the waters start cooking up their catastrophic storms. I can’t say I will handle it well if the western Caribbean gets slammed this year. We don’t pull money out of our rectums to hurl to the hurricane gods.

Black & Grey Theme

Before I saw the pictures when I thought about a black and grey themed space I got the chills, but not in a good way. Immediately my mind went straight to the cliche that black and grey are depressing and would make a dark and brooding place. Oh, how I was wrong. Go check out the new app on your iphones and take a gander at the black and grey themed spaces. You will instantly be sucked into a vortex of soothing beauty. Just looking at the pictures makes me want to crawl inside them and take a nap.

Let Me Count The Ways!

There are many different options to work around the black and grey theme. None of them are what I would painfully difficult, but as with anything worth doing right you will have to use your brain. First off you will need to decide which of the two will be your dominant color. What I mean by dominant color is which color you will use for your foundation color, such as wall color. Once you have established that you can move on the the bigger pieces such as furniture and flooring.

Dark Wall Warning

Be aware that when using dark wall colors that the space will have a tendency to appear much smaller than it really is. In this particular theme since all the colors are dark the space will definitely appear smaller in size. But if you are okay with that by all means go ahead. I do not recommend this style for a small space. However, if you have a medium to large space then go ahead and have at it. Make sure that when choose the blacks and greys that are distinctly different so as not to melt together into one gigantic blob.


You can go two different ways when it comes to this style. There is the same dark theme with greys and blacks. And then there is the opposite side of the spectrum. By adding pastels in increments to your dark them you create a magical space as well as still maintaining that peaceful feel to it. You can also take this opportunity to decide to make your space into the nebula space theme that people have been going into. Go check out you local At Home store or Amazon and see what they have in the home decor departments for this space.


Depending on the wall and floor color furniture could be a little tricky. This is where using your brain comes into play. You want to get furniture in the same color family, but different shades and tones. That way you are maintaining the color scheme but at the same time adding some depth and variation to the theme as well. You can take different shades of black and grey and with enough thought and effort make the space look as if it has more color than not. If done correctly this can be a beautiful space.

Tip of the Week!

Today’s tip of the week is in the middle of a southern summer when the bugs are flying always keep broom handy. You never know when an odd flying red and black bug is going to come soaring into the room and vanish and then suddenly reappear to vanish again. The feeling of something watching you with your back turned is not a nice feeling. In fact it is down right disconcerting. Make sure to keep a broom next to you or else you might get got by the red and black bug.

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Prefab Cabinets Hattiesburg

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