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Oh, what a delight it is to be here today for you on the wilds cabinets and flooring, podcast kitchen cabinets picayune addition. We discuss things all related to kitchen cabinets I want to talk to you today a little bit about what we do and what we offer when in the realm of prefabricated cabinets. Many of you know that we are a custom kitchen cabinets picayune shop we build and provide custom cabinets for contractors and builders, and also most of our work does come from individual homeowners that that look to us to provide them with the kitchens that they imagine her I’ve dropped off and we work hard to try to provide these services to the customers that are in the hattiesburg area for kitchen cabinets hattiesburg. Well, so look and work hard to provide these products for customers that are situated all throughout south mississippi in the poplarville area. Also in the picayune mississippi, we have a selection of customers that we do work for there. We work for builders in the hattiesburg area as long as wiggins gulf coast.

Are you really go anywhere within a 5265, mi radius, I’d say doing work for clients that are happy to have us on their jobs, because they know that wild cabinets is going to provide the best possible service and experience when it comes to kitchen cabinets in regards to custom cabinets, which we’ve been doing for many years, but we also have added the option for customers who may be a little bit more budget-conscious, who maybe don’t have quite as much money in their budget to work with when it comes to designing their dream kitchen, we decided to offer them for you and I’ll turn it if to custom cabinets, that being prefabricated cabinets and kitchen cabinets picayune, and we offer these prefabricated cabinets for a few different reasons. One of the benefits and reasons that we’ve decided to offer prefabricated cabinets is a very important reason, based on the fact that time is very important time schedules are often very important when it comes to construction and building, and time can actually equal money in a sense, because you have interest payments going out your things of that nature that that are occurring.

That cost can-and you can incur costs that maybe you didn’t necessarily anticipate when the job begins, to get stretched out a little too long. So we really would have decided that prefabricated cabinets because they come into us already assembled and finished and has a complete product. That is a great option when it comes to someone that’s on time constraint when it comes to you having the water be in a rush to get your product, we can order these cabinets and have them to our shop within about 2 weeks, and they come in complete to us ready to be installed on your job, and you can also choose to do your own installation to save some money or, if you also time is of the essence, for you can very much have us install these cabinets for you and we can send out professional installers, really courteous and clean installers. That are you come out and do a fantastic job for you and provide this installation for you at a reasonable charge. So reason number one for kitchen cabinets picayune to consider prefab factory cabinets his time, because we can’t get these products in. For you at such a speedy pace, we consider them to be a great option for your home or remodel when it comes to needing cabinets for your kitchen. Second option or reason to consider prefabricated cabinets for your home or business or remodel project is the fact that they are competitively priced because they’re, built and shipped in and their mass-produced are able to offer these products at a cheaper rate than what custom cabinets might cost. You will be limited and some and some areas will be limited and the fact that you will have limited colors that you can choose from typical.

You have anywhere from 6 to 8 colors or options that you can choose from, but they generally try to keep those and I and things that are in style or popular at the moment. So you should be able to find custom cat are prefabricated, cabinets are going to fit your need and the look that you’re trying to achieve. But the price is definitely a main driving factor into why one may would choose to go a prefabricated cabinets don’t be fooled into believing that, because you’re, having a sacrifice on price that you’re necessarily having to sacrifice on quality, because the prefabricated cabinets that we carry at wild cabinets and flooring is going to be a all wood products, it’s no particle board at all and these products are going to be all wood hundred percent. Real wood with factory finish is on them, which really can be durable, hold up. Well dovetail drawer boxes are also an option or actually a standard option. On many of these cabinets and of course you always have available to you to soft-close hardware, so you don’t necessarily hae or the touch-and-feve to skimp when it comes to your hardwarel of the cabinets that you decide just because you decide to go prefab. So, that’s another option, so so, just to recap, we do offer prefabricated or factory cabinets here at wilds cabinets to you for reasonable prices and to the driving or main reasons that we offer. These is number one as time allows us to fill your order and get your cabinets to you at a reasonable time, and number two is price is competitive, so for those that may be on a tighter budget, the pricing is something that you can consider a very viable option when it comes to your kitchen cabinets, so don’t discount prefab. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a shout out, call us at our number 601-795-0305 or just visit our website at www.,wilds cabinets.Com. You can go there and check out some of our password and also learn a little bit more about us and be sure. Also if you can’t find a website just to google search, just look up our google business page you can search, is under kitchen cabinets. Hattiesburg can google searches are looking up. Give us a call that way. We can help you to begin the process of designing and building your dream kitchen

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