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Good morning, everyone I’m so delighted that you find time in your busy schedule to take a moment out to join us today. As we talk about things that are related to custom kitchen cabinets picayune, and also things related to floor covering cuz. We are your cabinet and floor covering dealer. We are wilds cabinets and flooring. We provide south mississippi and louisiana with the best possible service and selection. When it comes to custom, cabinets and floor coveringregards to custom cabinets, we are a full-service custom, cabinet dealer. We provide everything you could need when it comes to kitchen cabinets picayune, also, if you’re needing cabinets for your laundry room or able to provide that for you. If you need cabinets for your any other room of your house or also able to provide those for you, utility rooms, pantry rooms or gaining in popularity were people will want to. You may want to have a pantry place to keep your food storage and foodstuffs were able to customize a space for you that you can store your food and pantry items in a way that he finds suitable and decorative and really create for yourself a long-lasting I’m here, a long-lasting option for you when it comes to doing your cabinets for your home floor coverings, also a big part of what we offer here at wild cabinets and flooring, kitchen cabinets in picayune we sell a lot of this rigid core, rigid core vinyl plank, is a waterproof flooring that can be floated over many types of subfloors. Many types of you can be installed below grade above grade basements bathrooms.

What areas he can be sure that these products are going to hold up well for you in these areas, we are beginning to stock some more of these products and have them available to you for very reasonable prices, very competitive prices. So don’t look anywhere else if you’re in the market for flooring in the market for waterproof flooring be sure to check out wilds cabinets and flooring how to provide you with these products at a very reasonable rate, to be sure to give us a call or check on our website when you’re in the market. For these types of flooring we also sell carpet. Carpet is a product that is has fallen out of favorability in recent years, but it is beginning to make someone come back if people realize you missed the softness and the quiet soft feel that carpet can alone can give. Nothing beats the feel of under foot of a nice soft carpet that have been installed over a good quality pad for comfort and durability in your home, and we have the installers that can make this happen. For you kitchen cabinets picayune.

We have installers that’ll, be more than happy to come into your home and orderly fashion, and we clean and courteous and do your installation for you for very reasonable prices. Don’t wait! 2 weeks for home, depot or lowe’s to even send someone out to measure. Give us a call here at wiles and we’ll come out pretty quickly will schedule it with you within a few days to come out and measure your space to come out and check out the your area and tea help to provide you with exactly what you need for your home or office when it comes to carpeting and the nurse types of flooring for you or delighted to say that we have very reputable installers installers that will come in I treat your home as if it were their own I treat your home with the dignity and respect that you deserve when you paid someone money to come and do work for you, don’t settle for being treated for anything less than with the utmost respect that you deserve when it comes to doing business source. Someone else like you have done business with some of these home centers that are very disrespectful of your time. Cars dollars are the most courteous, installer that you’re going to find they’re going to do your job for you in a very professional manner, in a very timely fashion. We believe that time ism is valuable. We believe that time is, as that is as valuable as money, and so we want to treat your treat you with respect and dignity, and we want you to understand that we value your time, wilds cabinets and flooring values to time and your schedule. So when you call us we’re going to make sure to be prompt and courteous when it comes to providing you with your floor covering solutions as we walk around our showroom here, there’s multiple products that we specialize in.

We keep a very full selection of ceramic tile by companies like dow, tile and american olean and 4 mm hill, country flooring, alpha, concrete brick a floor will keep armada products well said:carrie, full selection of hardwood flooring from brands like heritage hardwood, which is a hand-crafted hardwood produced in tennessee right here in these united states we carry flooring from hill country. Also, we keep a full selection of vinyl planks with your very popular products. At the moment we keep tarkett flooring from vinyl plank type products from tarkett for protech, earthworks, novacore, ivc sheet, vinyl and vinyl planks, as well as a full selection of countertop options. For your home or your kitchen, but also carry commercial grade goods and carpets, vinyl vct flooring, we keep those types of products readily available to be able to offer you for here home or office space so be sure. To give us a call at 601-795-0305 be sure to go on our website at wilds, cabinets.Com, www.Cavenders.Com hens. Also, you can do a google search to find us kitchen cabinets picayune. You can do a search for custom cabinets, picayune or kitchen cabinets hattiesburg and your google google search, and you will find that we can provide you with all of the products and services that you need for your home or business

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