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Welcome everyone to Kitchen Cabinets Hattiesburg and another podcast episode of the wilds cabinets and flooring. Podcast we’re coming to you from poplarville mississippi. We are a custom cabinets shop and flooring store, as well as countertops that kitchen cabinets hattiesburg serves the fervor county and south mississippi area, kitchen cabinets hattiesburg including custom kitchen cabinets hattiesburg, kitchen cabinets hattiesburg and kitchen cabinets for picayune wiggins, purvis, pearl, river, slidell, covington, mandeville and parts of the gulf coast. We service all those areas with custom cabinets for your kitchen and bathroom we’ve been staying pretty busy. Lately, we’ve been doing several jobs for contractors. We have some local kitchen cabinets hattiesburg contractors that were doing work for that are building new houses. Housing is doing pretty well right now and forever, county and and farts of lamar and forrest county hattiesburg area. The realtors tell me that real estate is selling houses are moving actually how the real estate agents around our area or saying they actually don’t have enough inventory of homes on the market to be able to sell to people, they have more buyers and they have houses to sell. So that’s usually a good thing and then you’ll start seeing more builders throwing up home. So that’s always a positive thing for our business when you have a needs like that, because when people build houses or going to need, kitchen cabinets hattiesburg are going to need, kitchen, cabinets, custom, cabinets hattiesburg for their bathrooms, and kitchens and laundry rooms have been given out quite a few bit of estimates. Lately, I’ve quoted quite a few jobs and I have to get to follow up with some of those and see. If that’s some work that will be doing in the future. We’re wrapping up a few cabinet jobs, custom jobs right here in the picayune area, crossover wrapping up a job and goshay mississippi, that’s a little further than we’ve traveled in the past, but it’s we’re willing to go where the jobs are will come to you. All you have to do is contact kitchen cabinets hattiesburg and we don’t mind traveling. Most of our work is done in our shop in kitchen cabinets hattiesburg, so they don’t. We just have to come down there and take a measure and then, of course, the installation will take us away from the shop and we’re very well equipped to be able to come out and handle that installation and matter where you’re located and give you a complete job. That you’ll be satisfied with once it’s all said and done, and we want you to be completely satisfied through the whole process from beginning to end. We want your experience with buying kitchen cabinets to be a pleasurable one, shouldn’t be one that you have to be scared that you’re going to get messed over by a crooked contractor.

It shouldn’t have to be worried that the end product is not going to be what you got dissipated to be. So we try to work with you to make sure that all those things don’t happen. We want you to come in and check out our showroom and see the quality of kitchen cabinets hattiesburg that you’re going to be purchasing cabinets. You can pick your own colors and we’ll make sure we have those color samples approved by you. Once we make a sample door sample. Color will present that to you, so you can come in and be sure that you’re satisfied with a color that you’re going to get at the door style and any other details. We sit down with a 3-d drawing. We make a 3d rendering on our computer program that we have got a nice piece of software that we have purchased in order to be able to offer quality, 3d renderings to our customers and is what that 3d rendering allows you to do is to be able to visualize what your kitchen cabinets hattiesburg are going to. Look like you’re able to actually see 2 scale. What’s your kitchen cabinets hattiesburg is going to lay out is going to be like when you just looking at a little sketch or a hand-drawn sketch or just stay up blueprint, it’s kind of hard to actually be able to envision exactly what it is you’re going to be getting. That can often lead to trouble down the line because you wind up not satisfied because you with your expectations, have not been met. But when you come down and meet with wilds cabinets and flooring, we sit down. We have a little table area setup for we just sat down at the computer and look at and we can actually pull up your drawings in the sketch of your house that we’ve done. If we come out and measure for you, we can pull that out and we can pull it on the screen. And then you able to look at your cabinets and see you want to make any changes, you might decide you don’t like that. Your dishwasher is where it’s located her. You may decide that you want a drawer unit, drawer, cabinets somewhere else in the kitchen where we hadn’t laid it out already. You may decide that you like taller cabinets. Maybe you want to do some staggered height for your custom, cabinets and hattiesburg. All these things are important to be able to see and visualize so that you can make sure that you’re getting what you want in the end that you’re, ultimately getting the products that you want. The kitchen cabinets that you’ve always dreamt of are not a small expense by any means. It’s not something that you want to be purchasing. Every couple years you want to buy your dream kitchen cabinets to you, wanted to be able to last you for years to come, who happy to guide you through that stuff. That process we’re happy to hold your hand, so to speak as it were, and lead you down the road to purchasing your kitchen cabinets to make it as easy as possible. We have enough years and doing custom cabinets and installing them that we kind of know what problem areas.

What areas are going to have not work out like you think they will. We kind of have seen a lot of different things in kitchen cabinets seen a lot of issues or seeing a lot of we’ve actually install cabinets in the past and that people have one starting layout. You realize once it’s in there that they, this isn’t going to work. This is a strange layout of this. Doesn’t give you enough room to be able to maneuver to get in there and get into your cabinet source too tight to this corner. So then, when you open, the dishwasher hits the knob on the on the thing. Those are all factors that we’ve seen and mistakes that we made in the past over how many many years of doing custom cabinets. So we can anticipate those errors and we can help to lead you and guide. You steer you away from those. There is because of our experience kitchen cabinets and having dealt with them ourselves, so don’t go in blindly. We don’t want you to go in and just blindly design your cabinets. We want to make sure that that you are getting exactly what you need and are years of experience combined years of experience, doing kitchen cabinets and custom ts can definitely help you to make that happen. 210 porten that you understand how you can get in touch with us. We really want to be able to help you, but we can, if you don’t contact us so imma, give you some information on how you can contact wild cabinets and flooring.

One thing were:we have a showroom. We have a physical building with our cab, our shop or we have people working there. Cutting your kitchen cabinets out. All of our construction is done on site at our store at our shop wilds cabinets, which is located just off the interstate i-59 poplarville  rubber, exit 29 on highway 26, and we’re very easy to find we’re not out of the way just hop off i-59 kitchen cabinets and now it only 26 and there we are boom and see all red metal buildings with our sinuses wilds on it’s hard to miss, but you can come in and visit. Our showroom will be happy to meet with you. We love when customers want to come into the store in kitchen cabinets hattiesburg and meet with us. You’re always welcome to come in and see what we’re doing . You’re welcome that they’ll. Just the way you can get in touch with you just to call our phone just call the phone and 601-795-0305 and sometimes but sometimes we don’t hear the phone. We might have us all running. So if we don’t get an answer, just leave a voice message in kitchen cabinets hattiesburg and will be very prompt to call you back just as soon as we get that message.

The other way is to go on our website. Our website is www. Wild cabinets.Com for your cabinets, go to wiles cabinets.Com and fill out a form there to get your free, s10 house estimate and will contact you just as soon as we get that information and get there as quick as possible. To get you an estimate and other way you can find their website is to do a google search. You can go to google and type in custom kitchen cabinets and our names should our our website will come up and then you can click that website and follow it to our contact. Us form fill that out and will get to you just as quick as possible. It’s been great talking to you today in kitchen cabinets hattiesburg, we’re out of time. I look forward to discussing a little bit more next time about cabinets, all about kitchen cabinets and maybe a little bit about flooring. Talk to you later, thanks.

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