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Hey good morning once again we’re here today for the wilds cabinets and flooring podcast for happy that you would decide to join us as we talk about everything related to kitchen cabinets hattiesburg and flooring. Sometimes we talk about kitchen cabinets, then kitchen cabinets hattiesburg. Other times we like to discuss things that may be going on changes that may be happening in the flooring. Business week, where of flooring, store and custom cabinet shop located in poplarville, mississippi and right off of i-59 exit 29, really easy to access us to get to our locationplease, delete it. If you’d stop in one day and check out our showroom or make an appointment with his come sit down and have a free consultation for purchasing or getting an estimate and price on custom cabinets or flooring for your home or business, and we do work for pearl river, community college. We do work for some, the local hospitals. We also do work for several local businesses and also do work for contractors and home builders all throughout pearl river county, the gulf coast hattiesburg area, and into mandeville covington slidell louisianawake up wherever you need us to go within reason. We’re happy to come out and do work for any customers that are a good fit for our business model, which is custom cabinets that reasonable prices and floor covering at wholesale prices. We try to fit custom cabinets for anyone’s budget. We can build totally custom, hickory cabinets, maple cabinets with you painted and glazed finishes, and also we can do prefab for factory built cabinets for those that may be more budget-conscious or have a tighter budget to work with. But everything that we provide either custom built or carry from other vendors is going to be 100%. Wood cabinets are not going to use any particle board or mdf in any of the cabinets that we provide. So just because you’re on a budget or your budget is tight, doesn’t mean you should have to skimp or go with inferior products. We want you to be able to get things that are going to hold off and last for you and feel like that. You got a good investment for years to come. We’re not asking you to skimp on everything, just because your budget, maybe tight. You still deserve to have a good service and be treated with respect and dignity that you deserve when making a large purchase, such as kitchen cabinets or floor covering and floor covering right now.

One of the popular item seems to be still the one hundred percent waterproof flooring that seems to have taken most of the sales people are buying less and less carpet right now and spending more of their dollars on products that they feel is going to give them a better value over the long-term and one of those products is the waterproof floating vinyl floors that have hit the market within the last few years. They become immensely popular. They hold up well that generally easy to install for the do-it-yourselfer or for the proficient installer they do hold up. Well, they have a very good. Most of them have a very good rating when it comes to traffic and good warranties and, of course, they’re 100%. Waterproof spills and humidity, moisture pet urine things of that nature. They’re not going to affect these products so great for rentals, the great for some commercial applications and they’re definitely good in your standard homes and in areas were kitchens and bathrooms. Where you typically wouldn’t use a real hardwood or laminate floor. You can use these waterproof floating vinyl floors, they’re going to hold up for you for many years to come. They have entry-level products all the way through higher-end products, depending on the look and durability that you desire, sometimes for mobile homes or rentals people will want to spend a little bit less off the bad.

So we do have products that started very decent price ranges to help. Get you into one of these products, so I got to do is give us a call at wilds cabinets and flooring 601-795-0305 and would love to talk to you and give you a free estimate, free price on some of these waterproof full farm products. We have a lot to choose from when you have a big big selection and we also keep some in stock. We are stocking dealer for some waterproof flooring. Products so be sure to check us out if you’re in the market for any type of floor covering. We do carry things everything from waterproof flooring, also vinyl flooring, other types of sheet, vinyl and repair carpet, we’re also dealer for ceramic tile and brick pavers and hardwood floors and laminate floors. Just about any type of floor covering you can imagine. We can get that for you. If we don’t have it, we can find it, but you will be pleased to be able to buy from a dealer. That’s going to treat you well and give you the service that that you desire when you’re, making these type of purchases and remember that kitchen cabinets is our big part of our business. We do offer 100% all wood custom cabinets built to your specifications, go to any color or color scheme that you can imagine for your kitchen cabinets hattiesburg. We build these two to fit in your space without the excessive use of fillers and trim. Will try to make these cabinets more, like a built-in cabinet, with us going to give you a nice finished, look with trim everything out with high-quality, ornate or simple trim. Whatever you decide to go with the look, we can do raised panel doors, we could do flat panel doors, shaker style traditional. Do you name it whatever look you’re trying to achieve or able to do that for you, because we do offer custom cabinets at affordable prices.

If you are on a tight budget for happy to offer the heritage cabinets heritage cabinets, izzo’s, allwood brand of prefabricated cabinets that we order and they come in to us either pre pre. This package store assembled and we can install those for you quickly and reasonably since they are built their built overseas and shipped in, but they aren’t all wood cabinets with good finishes to do. They have baked on finish going to hold up well for you, most of them include soft-close accessories like soft, close drawer, glides soft-close doors. So just things that you may want to consider. If you’re on a budget, you may want to consider for your kitchen cabinets hattiesburg the option of going with a fully custom, cabinet or a prefabricated cabinet, the choice is yours:just come by and check us out. We can try to steer you in the right direction. I don’t happen to price either option for you scrappy to take the time to work with you to find the solution to meet your needs to fit what you may need and what your needs are when it comes to your new home construction or remodel for your kitchen cabinets hattiesburg, we do work in the, petal area, petal, mississippi, wiggins mississippi. Well, so do you work in hattiesburg, poplarville mississippi? What do custom cabinets in kitchen cabinets for picking, gulfport-biloxi gosha or doing work in goshay right now? Well, so, do you work in parts of louisiana if you’re not sure, feel free to call us when happy to answer your questions? If you think you’re, an area that we may not service will be happy to, let you know all you have to do is contact us and we don’t mind answering that question for you. Any questions that you may have is related to kitchen cabinets or custom. Cabinets hattiesburg, kitchen cabinets hattiesburg, be sure to check us out when you’re building a new home or remodeling and remodeling an existing home, or maybe you deal with rental properties or you could be a builder, maybe you’re. A contractor and you’re looking for a shop to handle your work and take care of your customers needs would be happy to work with them and not for the services at to make your life easier to make things less stressful on you as the builder to be able to take that off your plate. So we are a full-service dealer for custom, cabinets and kitchen cabinets, and always we can do the wholesale flooring to four you had. A very reasonable rates don’t have to do is give us a call 601-795-0305 or google searches and do a google search for kitchen cabinets hattiesburg and are we should come up and you’ll see that we do have 5 star reviews on google or go to our website at wilds cabinets and flooring. Com

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