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Well, hello, everyone welcome to the wilds cabinets and flooring podcast for happy that you join us today to discuss things about kitchen cabinets, hattiesburg and custom cabinet for your home for your business, for your residential remodels for your commercial applications. We want to be the go-to cabinet shop and flooring store for you when you need to make these purchase. Large purchasesmy name is greg, I’m the co-owner of wilds cabinets and flooring. We are located in poplarville mississippi, that is in south mississippi, or very easy to find we’re just off. I-59 and highway 26 take exit, 29 off of i-59 and you’ll, come on down towards wiggins mississippi or just about a half a mile on the left can’t miss our red metal buildings with our sign that says, wilds, cabinets and flooring. Where is full-service cabinet builder installer, we build custom cabinets picture needs. We also carry a line of prefabricated kitchen cabinets hattiesburg, factory built cabinets that are built. They are built overseas and it shipped into distributors in the us and shipped to us for assembly and installation.

They aren’t all wood cabinet. We only deal with products that are going to be all wood and have sauce off clothes features and the quality products. We only put our name behind quality products. That way you can feel and rest assured that you’re getting the best value when it comes to making your purchase through us and we do stand behind our products, we we do service any damages or if you have hinges that gets sprung or hinges that starts become loose. We stand behind our installation in our products. You simply give us a call and we’ll head out as quickly as we can to come by and address those issues for you. How can you get in touch with us? Is you can call us on our phone number at the shop? We do have a showroom located in poplarville for all of you, kitchen cabinets, hattiesburg customers, you call our number, which is 60179 5, go 305 and talk to one of our highly motivated happy to hear from you sales people who will take your information and get back to you very promptly with a price or estimate or whatever it is that you’re needing second way. You can get in touch with us at wild cabinets his to go to our facebook page and check out our some of our work on. There could also hit our car. Call now button to get in touch with us. That way. Another way is just to simply go to our website, which is www., wilds, cabinets.Com and check out our website fill out a form, or also you can go to just your google search bar and search kitchen cabinets, hattiesburg type, that into google search and our business listing will come up, and you can click on that and follow that to our website and follow that to our contact form, which will get us the information we need to get in touch with you.

We do a spectacular job on kitchen cabinets hattiersburg. We stand behind our work. We believe that we are the number one kitchen cabinets hattiesburg builder in the gulf coast area. We do service hattiesburg and purvis we’d like to do custom kitchen cabinets for hattiesburg in purvis in petal. We also sell to wiggins area and parts all along the gulf coast and even into areas of louisiana, that we have some contractors that we work for over there. So three of these areas don’t hesitate to contact us will be happy to give you an estimate to do your work, and all you have to do is fill out a form and get some prints to us or some type of drawing or sketch to us and we’ll be sure to follow up with a estimate for you. So you can get an idea of what our prices would be. You can also check out our google reviews on our business listing and see that we are legitimate company and we do have good ratings and reviews. We have think right now we have about 35 5 star reviews, that’s growing with each customer. That would build a kitchen set of kitchen cabinets, for we try to make them happy enough to wear they’ll, be eager to give us a 5-star review so that other customers can know and understand that we are the real deal or not going to take your money and run we’re going to provide exactly what we say we’re going to provide plus more.

We want to value with our service. We want you to do while you with our finishes on our products. We want you to feel like you’ve, gotten more than what you bargained for when you buy from wilds cabinets and flooring. Part of that is that we do do flooring. Part of our name says we do do flooring, we do sell carpet, we do sell cheap, vinyl and vinyl plank, and we also install yourself ceramic ceramic tile and weed also have installers that we can connect you with that will do these installations for you. That will provide a wonderful experience, a tremendous installation for your home or for your office. It’s all you need to do is just let us know what you may be looking for a visit, our showroom. We have products on display, we have cabinet doors and colors, and things that you can look at on display, or else I have all types of flooring, samples in the showroom that you can come and look at to tell make your selection is overwhelming to pick some of these products at a lot of products on the market that the the products changing very rapidly. What used to sell good five years ago is no longer considered. A good value are no longer considered something that you would want to put in your home today, because it technology has rapidly change to wear their products, are gaining and durability and also decreasing in price.

But you can we can guide you in those directions. We can kitchen cabinets hattiesburg, we can direct you if you contact us and once we know your needs to know what type of area you’re wanting to put the floor covering in once we get a handle on these these things and start to understand what you may be in the market, for we can better guide and direct you when it comes to trying to make these purchases going to come, see the kitchen cabinets hattiesburg at the same thing, once we can kind of see your plans or come out and look at your home and that’s one of the reasons we offer free estimates. We don’t charge anything to come out into your home. How are your business for kitchen cabinets hattiesburg? We don’t charge anything to do that. We just ride out meet with you when we come and we can look at the area. You can explain to us what you may be interested in and then helps give us a good idea of what you may be in the market for and then we can also make recommendations based on what we see or what you tell us. Can you can you can benefit from our years of experience? Building custom kitchen cabinets hattiesburg can benefit from that experience that we have to help avoid some of the pitfalls or mistakes that sometimes people make ghetto boy. Those by calling us dealing with us and letting us walk you through some of those areas so that you can end up with the kitchen of your dreams. You can always rest assure that we’re going to be polite and friendly. Anyone who works in our shop is going to be polite friendly to you. Anyone that comes to your home to work or your are your project to work there going to be friendly and courteous and do a superb job handling your kitchen cabinet installation and we’re happy that you listen to us today and hope that you will join us next time. We will discuss some of the ins and outs of handling your own cabinet installation

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