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Good morning, south mississippi, it’s another beautiful day in south mississippi, coming to you right here from poplarville, mississippi, home of wild cabinets and flooring, I say it’s a beautiful day, because it is another day that we’re alive and able to come to you and bring you information regarding kitchen cabinets hattiesburg and flooring. However, it is a rainy day in south mississippi. We are seeing lots of rain down here, parts of picayune and poplarvillegetting inundated with rain, but we need it cuz. It’s been. It’s been dry over here for some time, so we welcome the rain. We’re happy to see it happy that you have decided to listen in. As we come to you today and talk about all things:kitchen cabinets hattiesburg. We are wilds cabinets and flooring. We are a kitchen cabinet, custom, kitchen cabinet provider.

We build all of our custom cabinets right here in our shop or cabinet shop in poplarville mississippi, and you can come see our work and visit us at our showroom on highway 26 or at 819. Highway 26 poplarville were just off of i-59. So if you’re coming from hattiesburg to take 59 down to exit 29, take a left, it will be just short ways down there on the left. You’ll see the sign that says wilds, cabinets and flooring. It’s hard to miss or easy to find I would love for you to come visit us and check out our showroom and what we have to offer. Like I said we do offer custom cabinets, we offer factory cabinets and we also happily bring you flooring options. We sell flooring of all types, we sell vinyl flooring and hardwood flooring, ceramic tile carpet and, of course we keep plenty of options of the new floating floor. The new waterproof floating floor. That’s really hit the market strong, there’s a lot of it out there on the market.

You have to be careful when buying it that you’re not getting an inferior product, because the market has been flooded with some inferior, waterproof flooring. But if you buy from a reputable dealer, someone has been in the business and knows the business and they’re buying products from a reputable distributor. You’ll be a lot safer with your purchase, and we want to be that person for you if we want to be that dealer, for you would be happy and excited if you choose us to do your work or just check with us just check up on us, don’t believe everything we say but follow up on us check our website check are you can go check, google reviews you can go on there and see what other people are saying and you’ll find that people are saying that we are honest to deal with. We will provide you with honest service at an affordable price. We will not take advantage of you. We have our names to live up to. We have decided that we want to run our business with character and we’re not going to take advantage matter of fact. We will do what it takes to make sure you’re completely satisfied with your purchase. We wanted to come to you today and talk to you a little bit about contractors, new home contractors, remodeling contractors, and why a contractor would need a reputable kitchen cabinets hattiesburg supplier.

What benefits do a reputable cabinet supplier hold for the cab for the contractor for the residential contractor for the home remodeler? Why it’s important that you have someone reputable to buy from oftentimes cabinets contractor will be forced to buy cabinets from home centers or from builders who made build on in their garages her in the back of their home some way with a small shop, or you have to buy prefabricated cabinets from that dealer like kraftmaid or someone, but we want you to consider while it’s cabinets and flooring, if you’re a contractor, if your contractor in the kitchen cabinets hattiesburg area, we want to reach out to contractors in the pearl river county area in hattiesburg area, wiggins picayune, these areas for contractors work and build homes. We want to talk to you about why he would benefit from using our services. First benefit is that we are always going to be there for you. We do not get a client and then just celebrate that we have your business and then brush it off, and then you get the second you become second chair second fiddle. We always prioritize each of our customers, and especially our contractors that bring us repeat business, we’re grateful for that. We’re going to show our gratitude to you for trusting us with your business for your kitchen cabinets, hattiesburg, I’m, going to show our thankfulness for your business by putting you and giving you priority, because we understand that for contractors, time is money every week.

That goes by that you don’t have something done on your job, for that you’re being held up by some sub some sub some aspect of your construction, that’s slowing things down, it has a domino effect and it flows all the way through out lately 2 months of delays, even on simple projects. So we understand this and we all understand that time is money cuz every week that you’re not done you’re, potentially losing money. It’s costing you either interest payments or messing you up with your contract with your homeowner who had expectations of a job completed by certain time. So we want you to know that with wilds cabinets and flooring, we’re going to do everything we can to make sure we get you done on time, we’re going to if we schedule you in, and you have a schedule you trying to stick to. You were going to be sure that we get your work done on time. Sometimes. That has meant that we got to work weekends. Sometimes that means that we have to work late into the evening.

If we get off our own schedule, we try to stick to our calendar. We try to be sure that we deliver your cabinets or install them when we say we’re going to be that way, you can go ahead and get your countertops coming in your trim. Work done things of that nature, so one of the things that we really want to make sure that we do for your kitchen, cabinets hattiesburg is with contractors and new construction. We often come in with the boxes will come in woke up late, the boxes first and come in with those that way. You can get that in as quick as possible the cabinet boxes, and then you can order your countertops. You can go ahead and get your granite measured in templated. For then go ahead, make your orders for your granite countertops. You don’t have to wait until the job is 100% complete, so you’re not waiting while we spray and finish all your cabinet doors in that way, you’re the contractor is able to go ahead and have the counter tops on the way and then after we deliver those boxes, then we go back to the shop and that’s when we began doing the finish, work on the drawers and the doors and the components and things that will be needed in order to finish your project. But in the meantime, your countertops are coming in they’re being fabricated. They come in with the tops and then shortly behind that we come on in and trim everything out and do the finish, work and hang the doors and drawers boxes any kind of pull out. Things like that will go ahead and provide those and finish your job up after that. So that makes for a seamless, more seamless, install gives us an opportunity to really get those things knocked out for you on time and then of course, the second thing we probably will have to talk about on the next episode, but budget is really important.

Now time is good for your budget time is probably the number one factor for your kitchen cabinets hattiesburg when it comes to contractors, two-time equates to your budget and relates to your budget but budget. Another whole aspect, so today we just wanted to ask us the time next broadcast will talk about more of the budget when it comes to doing new construction with custom cabinets or even prefab. Cabinets time can really be a benefit with prefab cabinets, because we can order those cabinets already built, there’s less time involved, forgetting your kitchen cabinets hattiesburg delivered to you in a timely fashion, so we want to make sure you’re able to contact us if you need kitchen cabinets hattiesburg. If you need flooring, if you need countertops, we want you to contact the good people that wilds cabinets and flooring that will do exceptional job. For you we’re going to build your cabinets in a way that we take pride in our work and we also get installed them in a way that we feel will make you satisfied and we know ultimately you’ll be satisfied with the work that you get from wilds cabinets and flooring. So look it up on the web visit our website, google searches, kitchen kitchen, cabinets hattiesburg. We should come up in the google search on that or call today

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