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Welcome welcome it’s that time of day again, where we sit down and discuss all things kitchen cabinets hattiesburg for all of you, folks in hattiesburg mississippi, we are your kitchen cabinets, hattiesburg dealer. We are the go to shop for custom cabinets. We are also the place you want to contact her shop for factory cabinets. If you’re needing a deal on cabinets, we will beat the competitors prices on factory cabinets. We will beat their prices, we guarantee it bring us an estimate from a competitive dealer on factory cabinets and we will have their price beat hands down. All you have to do is check. This out will be happy to give you that price will be happy to take the time to give you the price. We will also deliver your cabinets to your home or office, and then, if you can, if you’re installing them yourself great, will offer support and information for you to be able to do that if you’re not and you need installation services, we can also provide that for so today we were talking all about installation who are you talking to who’s who’s talking today, it’s me greg, enjoying this wonderful friday and talking about things that I love to talk about, such as kitchen cabinets and today we’re going to discuss kids, kitchen cabinet installation.

Should you install your own cabinets, or should you have a professional installer install your own cabinets, the once again, like I said my name is craig:i am with wilds cabinets and flooring, we’re located in poplarville mississippi. We can be reached at our phone number 601-795-0305 or also on the web and www.Wild.Com, and we do have a facebook page. You can reach us from there, so it shouldn’t be hard to get in touch with us either reaches by phone website. Email I will be happy to hear from you anyway, that you decide to reach out in contact. Us will be excited to be able to talk to you and get some more information about your project and guide you along the way you purchase some cabinets. You’re talking to your cabinet dealer, maybe you’re buying a set of prefabricated factory cabinets, maybe you’re having some custom cabinets built, and the question often arises in today’s age of the do-it-yourselfer of home and garden television and pinterest, and resources like this-that very good for guiding the customer on a do-it-yourself customer youtube is a great resource. The question maybe, should I save some money and install my cabinets myself well, I think I have some answers for you on that and I’ll think my answer would be. Yes, you should have saw your cabinets yourself and then also my other answer would be. No. You shouldn’t install your cabinets yourself, so we’ll go break that down a little bit to yes or no answer.

My personal opinion is that if you’re buying, custom,  kitchen cabinets hattiesburg and you’re having these cabinets, custom manufactured by builder and sometimes the installation can be a little trickier because the custom cabinet builder sometimes they’ll do things are tweaked things with the expectation that they’re going to be installing them and they know how to work their cabinets. They know how to work if there’s issues with not being level or plum or the walls are out if ways that they are used to adjusting or working with their custom cabinets to be able to install them an easier way than you might be able to. So it’s why I’m not saying that you should never install your own custom cabinets hattiesburg but oftentimes to customize. The cabinet shop has their installation built in the price too. So you may want to talk to your builder about that and make sure they’re not already including installation and then so when they back the installation out. If you decide to do it yourself, sometimes you’re, not saving, but maybe four to six hundred dollars and, in my opinion, that’s well worth paying the shop to do. Cuz cabinet install can take a good day to two days depending on the size of the job, and your experience level sometimes could take a little bit longer and while it may seem pretty cut-and-dry to just hang a cabinet on the wall, it’s often not quite that simple.

When you’re, when you start running into issues or trouble areas with your often going to do, most houses aren’t completely square. Most walls are completely plum, usually sometimes you have to deal with a stud that sticks. You know who makes the wall hump out, or it could be a little slumber valley in the in the wall, and these are things that can make insulation a lot more complicated. You could have your slab could be high or low, and some points and bitchie still want to keep your kitchen cabinets hattiesburg level across. So the countertops are going to sit right. Then you also have the deal of dealing with crown molding and trim. Are you crying to the ceiling that can make its own set of unique problems with all these problems can be overcome? All depends on your level of proficiency and dealing with custom kitchen cabinets hattiesburg in kitchen cabinets hattiesburg. Also, if you’re going to go with the factory cabinet, I think the factory cabinet is a little more suited to the do-it-yourself installer and get off and find resources online, such as youtube to be able to pull up information when it comes to handling in installations for factory cabinets and oftentimes. These boxes are a little thin and you will use screws to put the face frames together. You might want to invest in the face frame, clamps-probably going to spend a little bit of money to do that. You definitely want to have the right tools. You’re going to want to have a miter saw for doing your crown molding, you don’t want to have to be those drills and the right type of cabinet mounting screws for installing the cabinets you want to stay away from sheetrock screws or drywall screws and I’ll have enough shear strength, and they can tend to snap by holding the weight of a loaded down cabinet.

So you want to use to cap a screw. That’s either like a deck screw or paramore. More importantly, maybe just pick something:that’s a cabinet mount is made for cabinets its design for holding the weight of those cabinets on the wall. This is this will prevent you from having issues in the future related to failure of screws. They also make the screws that you can screw the face time together. That’s what’s going to hold your kitchen cabinets hattiesburg to each other and kind of feel some gas into things like that. What recommend? Starting with your top cabinets, you have a laser level handy that always helps. If not, you have a nice long level that you can mark your walls, typical kitchen cabinet uppers or said it 54 inches from the floor. That’s kind of the standard start there and then work all your uppers in and set your bases on. Then you come back and do your trim you in a sec crown molding and any of your under cabinet molding, scribe molding against the wall. Where you may have gaps, you want to trim those things in last and then hang all your doors back on.

This is a real brief overview of what I kitchen cabinets hattiesburg installed. Look like I said like I mentioned before you can find these resources for this on the web. I would just search kitchen cabinet installations on youtube and you’ll, find some good information. I just watched, maybe several different videos, so we can just do it first, one you find read some of the comments below the video. Sometimes we’ll get some information from those. You know to see whether or not what you’re reading is. It really is really reputable cuz. You want to go with someone, that’s reputable and then watch the video see what kind of works involve, what kind of tools investment you’re going to have in it and make a decision from there. If you don’t know whether or not you’re going to do, handle your own installation or not. If we can be of any assistance for always happy to help, you call our phone number at 601-795-0305, also just search horse on the website at www, ., wild, cabinets.Com, turn kitchen cabinets, hattiesburg, google search. You can put that into google search bar and we should come up and you should be able to find our website that way and it always leave us a review if you’ve done business with this before in the past, and you were satisfied, feel free to get on our google my business listing and leave us a 5-star review. We appreciate any feedback that we can get for my customers. We hope that you will have a great day. We look forward to working with you in the future

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