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Good morning, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to another edition of the wilds cabinets and flooring podcast or so excited that you decided to join us today. Were we are going to talk about our business, to talk about cabinets, kitchen, cabinets, hattiesburg, I’m, going to mention things and discuss things that are related to the construction industry and the businesses that you may be involved in and the possibility that you may be looking for a custom kitchen cabinets hattiesburg for your for your home or business. We are wild cabinets and flooring or located in poplarville, mississippi or just off the interstate now by 59 and on highway 26 east, just outside of poplarville we’re close in proximity to pickingand, also to hattiesburg mississippi, so we’re able to service those areas quite easily.

We have a specialized and all things kitchen cabinets. We build custom cabinets and also provide countertops and flooring for her homeowners find contractors, anyone who may be building a home remodeling home. We also work with contractors and individual set, maybe doing home flips and things of that nature. So if you’re in the market for custom, cabinets or even factory cabinets, if you’re on a budget, will be happy for you to check with us, we can be reached at our showroom in poplarville or you can call us at 601-795-0305 and would be happy to set up an appointment to meet with you to discuss, moving forward on the project, for you wouldn’t do businesses 1993 here in the poplarville area.

We have been talking lately for kitchen cabinets. Hattiesburg we’ve been discussing on the podcast are on time on budgets. Guarantee we take a lot of pride in our on time and on budget guarantee is something that we worked hard to to assemble the scheduling and the systems that we need in order to be able to provide I timely service. For you when it comes to kitchen cabinets hattiesburg, a lot of kitchen cabinets can take a lot of time to construct a lot of pieces and parts that go into completing a job and soul. Oftentimes schedules can get out of whack when it comes to these things, but we want you to to understand that we do have the ability to provide this service for you and to provide your cabinets for you, that guaranteed on time and within the budget that we set within the budget that you selected and that you have allotted for your project well so handle all types of floor covering, including carpet and hardwood, and also the waterproof flooring, has become quite popular and now I’m strictly for residential home sand and some commercial applications.

So if you’re working on a flip for a remodel or even a rental or waterproof, flooring is going to be a good option for your home, especially if you have pets or if your tenants keep pets or if you allow pets in your rentals, probably want to consider using these new click, waterproof flooring and their situations. Another benefit of those is that they are do it yourself, friendly cuz. The installation is fairly easy for the do-it-yourselfer. If you have some experience so that I can also save you money on rental, so that your return on investment can be larger, you’re not putting out as much the money, then you would have to on a standard type floor. That’s not going to hold up as well.

You may be wondering how you may ask the questions:how can I save money by calling and using wild cabinets and flooring for my cabinets or flooring me there’s a couple ways we feel like that you can actually benefit and save money from calling on us to do your project number one is that we do offer reasonable prices on custom cabinets, and we know for sure that we always have the low price on flooring. We sell our floor covering at wholesale prices, because we don’t have the overhead that some bigger stores and shops have we’re able to sell our flooring at a lower margin which equals more savings for you. But one of the things that you don’t have to worry about. It you’re not going to skimp on or miss out on service, just because you pay less for your flooring. You’re getting the same quality flooring that you’ll be getting from another company, but you’re, actually just paying less of a margin for it, so you’re getting the same product and you’re getting the best service. You can possibly imagine but you’re just paying your getting it at a reduced rate.

We also feel like with our custom cabinets. We can save you money by offering it to you and guarantee, and that is going to be on time, and time is money when it comes to construction, and we understand that we understand that when you’re building a new home, the way the drawers are laid out and interest are being paid, that time is money, you need to get these projects done in a reasonable amount of time, so that doesn’t cost you a lot of money and interest payments for your kitchen cabinets hattiesburg. So we take a great priority and making sure that would get projects out on time. We do this by keeping a rigorous schedule and my also pushing things in order of priority and when necessary, we are sure to work, weekends or evenings to make sure that we get the jobs out in the ample time. So we believe that the on time on budget guarantee will save you money from a simple standpoint that time does equal money. This time savings.

The second thinking behind that is that the core stay on budget guarantee is going to save you money, because it’s very often that projects go over budget when you’re dealing in the construction business, it’s very easy to go over budget, and it’s very often then contractor will bid a job and they won’t stick to the initial budget. But they’ll come back with unforeseen charges or added charges tacked on top of the bill at the end, and we guarantee that that’s not going to happen when you deal with wilds cabinets and flooring all because we rigorously stand behind the on time on budget guarantee that we offer. So you can rest assured that your job is going to be completed on the budget that set forth in the beginning of your project, so whether you’re in the market for custom, cabinets or prefabricated kitchen cabinets hattiesburg, we want you to be sure to call wild cabinets and flooring were located in poplarville, mississippi, highway, 26, east yourself, i-59 exit, 29 be sure to call 601-795-0305 or you can always find us on her website at wild cabinets.Com. You can locate us by doing a google search. If you’d go to your google search and do kitchen cabinets hattiesburg, we will come up. You’ll find our google page that way, google my business page. When we work hard to try to keep 5 star reviews, we try to keep a good thai customer rating so that you’re able to know for sure that you’re dealing with a reputable cabinet business sophiris need kitchen cabinets or vanities her kitchen cabinets hattiesburg for your laundry room. We want you to be sure to reach out to while cabinets and flooring. We are the expert when it comes to kitchen cabinets and factory cabinets in for the kitchen cabinets, hattiesburg well for top quality service, the best service and installation that you’ll find anywhere, and we guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with your product, well so guaranteed to have the best prices around when it comes to custom cabinets for your home or business, be sure to tune in to the next podcast for we’re going to talk about the different types of cabinets cabinets that we offer the different types of products that we sell here at wild cabinets for tunein. We look forward to talking to you next time

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