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Welcome to the video strategy show and kitchen cabinets hattiesburg. This is your host mark from mosaic media films and austin video production company. In fact, we are the highest rated austin video production company on google and a reason for that is because a fork or pillars number one. We have we focus on high-quality premium videos and kitchen cabinets hattiesburg for your business. We believe that your life work deserves an amazing video number 2 and kitchen cabinets hattiesburg. We focus on creating exceptional value and having great pricing for the caliber of work and number three and kitchen cabinets hattiesburg. We highlight helping you with the marketing side of things, so you can be successful with your marketing on your business number, for we focus on creating a good experience. So gone are the days of that. You have to make sacrifices and that’s ultimately, what I want to chat with you about today. Typically, when you have an experience working with a company, there’s always some level of sacrifice to walmart. The good thing is that you get excellent pricing. You know that every time youwhen are you going to get a really good value and 9 out of 10 times it’s going to be a better price comparatively to anywhere else even for online standards. Walmart is just known as the low price leader and, ultimately that’s what you get. However, if you ever tried to get help with something in walmart, you know the experience is life 9 out of 10 times it’s an absolutely horrendous awful experience, because no one knows what they’re doing their turnover is really high and they really can’t help you and they seem to kind of somewhat be clueless, and that’s just for my personal experience. However, there’s always exceptions to the rule, but I’d say 9 out of 10 times when I go into walmart. For the most part, you don’t really get a good high level of service, but you kind of are willing to take what you can get so it’s kind of like if I can save a buck, I’m willing not to get help with something and I’m just going to have to figure it out on my own. So if you have questions about kitchen cabinets hattiesburg and say hey I’m, looking at this baseball glove and I’m wondering what’s the difference between this club in this clubor, you know what I’m looking at a shirt, but I can’t find this in my right size. Can you help me it’s kind of like they don’t want to deal with you? They don’t want to talk to you. They don’t know the difference. They’re just there to get a paycheck and stock the shelves and not necessarily help you, but you kind of are like well. You know what I’m getting it for inexpensive. So, oh! Well, so be it. You know, and most of the stores are relatively sloppy. However, I have seen some that they’re, mostly pretty sloppy, so you just kind of have to deal with that because you’re getting the good pricing on kitchen cabinets hattiesburg, so it’s that sacrifice of if you get something for a good price, usually going to get really horrible service and that’s just kind of sort of the way that it is. You know so you’re going to get crappy service. If you want something, that’s going to be cheap, you know, if you want something cheap, then you’re not going to get great service.

Another example is on the flip side of that you got a company like nordstrom, who is absolutely unequivocally known for their over-the-top level of service. You gotfamily highly professional individuals that go out of their way to help you above and beyond that are catering to you like. You are royalty, and that’s just nordstrom. There’s case study at the case say how incredible nordstrom is in relation to the level of service that they provide for their customers in going to the oven, be on trying to help them find something for them. That’s going to help them be, you know happy with their outfit and their clothing or their jewelry or whatever it may be. However, if you shopped at nordstrom, you know that they’re, incredibly expensive, they’re, very, very expensive and part of that price is that you’re paying number one for designer brand. So there you go you’re going to pay more for a brand. That’s a higher-end brand with a number 2 you’re going to be paying more because of that level of service. So if there’s always a trade-off, typically, whenever you’re purchasing something. So if you want something cheap, but most the time, you’re not going to great great great service, if you wantsomething, that is not cheap, you want something:that’s expensive and high-quality! Then you’re going to get a high level of service, but you’re going to pay a premium price. So that’s pretty much what it comes down to sew. The clothing at nordstrom is going to be a higher-quality because it’s from a designer bread, most of the time it’s going to be higher quality, is going to be more expensive, you’re going to get a higher level of service, but you’re going to pay a premium price. Sometimes three to you know 10 times more the cost. You could get a t-shirt at walmart for $10, but then you know it may not last very long but you’re going to get a low level of service. But you’re going to save a lot. You could spend $70 on a really nice shirt that can last you a long time to nordstrom’s. However, if you were to shop at walmart, you can get a brand new shirt every single year for 7 years and spend the equivalent amount at nordstrom, but you’re going to get a cheaper quality product. So that’s what happened? Are falafelsis number one to provide you a good price, then a good value for the quality of work that you’re getting and that you get a good fun experience and and we’re trying we met.

We focus on marrying the two of those where there’s not a trade-off, so that’s typically what happened. So if you get a high-quality product at an exceptional price and you get a good experience, that’s alternately what it comes down to now, if you’re, just comparatively in the video world. This is kind of what happens. If you want to save a buck, you know and you’re, just like I want someone to do this I’m not going to do it myself. I, don’t want to do it on my iphone, because typically it really tarnishes your brand and it’s everything that you’ve worked for. Is your business and you’re like well I’m just going to do it myself, because my iphone takes video will, if you want to do that, best of luck to you it’ll turn out okay, but you have to have the right lighting of the other at composition. You have to make sure they’re audio sounds good and then you have to spend the time editing it in an effective way. That’s going to look professional, but if you don’t care about professionalism, and you just want toup there and you’re just like I’m just going to be super authentic, I’m, just going to film this and I’m a doctor and I’m just going to tell people. This is what I know and if that’s your brand then go for it best of luck to you. Maybe that will work. However, there’s a good chance that I couldn’t necessarily backfire on you, but there’s a good chance that it also could maybe possibly in a sort of way work for you to it. A lot of people do is when they don’t do. Video they’re, like you know what I’m going to do, I’m just going to save a buck and I’m just going to have somebody. Do it so you’re, like you know what my nephew is taking a video course in high school and we just bought him a camera. Maybe he can film it and maybe he’ll know what to do and then what happens? Is you got to shaky video? You got a video that does not the right composition. It doesn’t have very good lighting. It’s not really designed well as not edited. Well, it’s done with someone. Who’s had very little experience in doing it. It’s kind of like, if you’re a dentist and you’re like I’m, just going to hire someone who’s still in college, going through dental school. You know. Are you going to get someone with as much experience? That knows you? Would you trust him with your teeth? Maybeif, that’s what you want to do. You know there’s people that are always learning and you can get things done cheaper and maybe that’s the route you want to go to if you’re a startup company or you just don’t-want to spend the money-and you know you want to just you know:be frugal, about your business and that’s perfectly fine and that’s up to you, but we try to design it where it’s very affordable for a local company. We can still have experience individual working on it. That’s going to be able to do a great job for you and you’re going to get an excellent end of product for them and for you. So ultimately it’s your decision, but it’s, but what happens a lot of times if you hire someone lets, you know what I’m going to save a couple hundred bucks and I’m just going to get someone on craigslist and I’m sure someone will just answer this ad. So basically you get some on craigslist and they want to do it and they said I just bought a $500 camera and I’m going to do a video for $500 and what happens is they don’t really know? How to use the camera? They don’t know how to edit. They don’t know if they certainly don’t know how to do motion graphicsanimation, to make your video look good and at this point, I’ve only bought the camera and they haven’t bought any lighting or any audio equipment. So it happens if you probably going to get a crappy product as the end result and then, ultimately, what’s going to happen, is you’re going to be frustrated cuz. You, like i, just spent $500 on this video, and this video really stinks as well give dude. You found the guy he’s a random dude on craigslist and that’s typically, what’s going to happen so then, ultimately, you’re, like oh man, this really stinks and then you end up spending more money in the long run or i.

We streamline the process because we’re professionals and we know what we’re doing and we’ve been able to do it to refine it to where we can get a video for you on 92nd, high high quality, well polished video for only 997 which is 73% less than most other companies that are out there on the market and I’m talking to low price company out there on the market. Now, if you go and compare that price to an agency, typically, they won’t touch a project for a business474 less than 7 at $10,000. That’s the least expensive you’re going to find an agency. If you go to a video production house, they’re going to charge typically around 5 to $7,000 and if you go to basically a company that uses freelance videographer they’re going to charge about two to $4,000 that go ahead. Do your research double check, my numbers, but I’m telling you that’s the figures that are out there. I’ve done the work for you and, ultimately that’s what it’s going to be. So we married thing of we can create a high-quality video for you at a low cost. That’s all to mately, going to be more effective for you and ultimately provide the highest level of value, and that’s really what we focus on.

So it’s kind of marrying the thought of going to a nordstrom beginning to walmart price kitchen cabinets hattiesburg and that’s all to mately was going to be most ideal for you in the way that’s going to be effectivegood morning, everyone, it is greg here with wilds cabinets and flooring. Podcast we’re happy that you decided to join us. Once again, we come to you to discuss everything related to kitchens and kitchen cabinets hattiesburg and we r a cabinet store, a flooring store. We’ve been open and operating in poplarville mississippi, since 2005, offering flooring been offering cabinets, incustom, furniture and cabinets since 1993. So we’ve been in business for a long time or plan on sticking around for many more years. We wanted to talk a little bit today about what we do, what we offer and that there we understand that often times people are building a home for constructing, doing a remodel on their home, and you need services from someone who can provide you with the kitchen cabinets hattiesburg or their cabinets, vanity, cabinets and cabinets for laundry rooms or other rooms of your house that you may be working on stars construction or when it comes to shopping for kitchen cabinets for any type of residence that you may be working on. So you wanted to come with you today and just talk a little bit about why wilds cabinets and flooring is the best choice for you when it comes to needing superb kitchen cabinets hattiesburg. Superb, we built cabinets at reasonable prices, weather in the market for custom, cabinets high-end cabinets, or if your budget only allows for something like a prefab cabinet, that too, maybe would be using an apartments or something that you need a little bit more economical of an option. We can offer that as well. We all for a line of heritage prefab cabinets that you can purchase from us that we will do all of the same services. You still get top quality service. You get the best service that you can expect from the cabinet shop, prompt delivery and installation, and you can get that whether you go with a budget item or if you go with an item, that’s more costly or something that’s more custom in ornate. So when purchasing cabinets, do you want to look for someone? That’s going to be able to offer you the best quality service and the quality of construction that you would expect when you going to spend the type of money that you going to have to spend in order to purchase some kitchen cabinets for your home? So one of the first things you should do is contact some shops and we always recommend that you price around and get competing bids on things and talk to the salesman and talk to the owners, if possible, of the cabinet shop that you’re wanting to buy from, and also it’s good to check up. References will give you references of people that we’ve done work for you can read. Our reviews are google reviews and see that we generally keep a 5-star rating on google and that’s because our customers are typically very satisfied with our service and our follow-up and the fact that we will take care of things if a situation would arise that you need us to come out and look at any issues or problems will try to be quick about addressing those issues and taking care of his problems and not letting those things linger on for a very long time. But the first step you want to do when searching for kitchen cabinets and kitchen cabinets hattiesburg. As you want to find someone. That’s going to be able to offer you 3d, rendering 3d rendering is the ability to take a drawing of your cabinet layout and put that on the computer program and sketch out what your new kitchen cabinets hattiesburg could look like her. But you may have in mind for your dream kitchen and is what we can do with 3d rendering on  kitchen cabinets hattiesburg software and we can plug those numbers in offer, your prince or off, or whatever measurements we come by to take visiting your home. We can put those on this software and sketch out a the kitchen of your dreams and what we’re able to do with that is pull up a 3d rendering and it’s 3d rendering allows you to have an image that we can print off. For you, an email to you or you can come in the shop and look at it on our computer monitors. It gives you a very accurate image and feel of what your kitchen layout would be, and this serves to help eliminate any issues, because, typically it’s hard to imagine what your kitchen may look like, or how your space may look when it’s complete. But what do in the kitchen cabinets hattiesburg on 3d, rendering you’re able to get a good idea of what type of product you’ll have and what type of final finish her final look and layout of your kitchen would be so. This could be quite helpful in preventing any dissatisfaction with the finished product. That’s one of the first things you want to look for or another thing that you want to consider when you’re shopping for kitchen cabinets. Another thing you’ll want to consider is how and looking ask about how your kitchen cabinets will be constructed, smile ever like in your kitchen cabinets hattiesburg. You want to be sure that your cabinets are going to be in all wood construction, especially down here in south mississippi and hattiesburg. He want to avoid particle board or pressboard that is often used in some applications. Some people try to save money. Some shops will try to save money and skip and they will use wood cabinets. Maybe they’ll use some popular for their face frames and boxes, but then, when it gets down to the doors they will use mdf or what’s commonly known as particle board or pressboard mdf doors for the finish doors, and this may look good in this lie.

But with the humidity and moisture that were often subjected to in south mississippi, it’s not necessarily the best option because that particle board and pressboard dustin to swell and move where is it comes in contact with moisture, which is often times the case and a kitchen or you have a sink, and you have spills and typically those areas that have the particle board. Doors will really start to show where are ugly out pretty rapidly, and by that point person that’s usually built, those cabinets is gone, are not available to come back for your warranty has expired, and so you going to have a hard time getting those fixed and molly may look good for a couple years. A lot of times, people don’t stay in their houses as long as they used to so typical. You may go to try to sell that house beside. You have to move somewhere else and you’re going to find that i, don’t know what do we do? We have to spruce these cabinets up now and then you’re going back having a rework cabinets that you’re still paying for and your mortgage and that just doesn’t seem right. So you want to buy from manufacturers, they can are for you, products that are going to last many years. That’s going to hold up well for you, so wild cabinets. We use all wood all the time, you’re, never going to find any particle board, i, never going to find any press board or mdf in any of our products. Unless you happen to just specifically request that for some application that you may need him dfn we’re not going to offer that as an option. Unless it’s just really specify list two considerations:you need to take when shopping for custom, kitchen, cabinets and hattiesburg as you want to be. You want to find out if maybe the company will offer 3d rendering and free estimates for you. It’s also good to find out of the construction quality and make sure that they’re using all wood products could even an inexpensive cabinet should be able to be constructed with an all wood products that we don’t recommend, go on the route of mdf or hdf or particle board when it comes to kitchen cabinets, and we can discuss that more in the future episode. We want to make sure we take this time and make sure you understand how you can get in touch with us. You can find us at 601-795-0305, or you can also go to our website as wilds cabinets and flooring. Com, be sure to google searches under kitchen cabinets hattiesburg. Hattiesburg is a good way to pull up our website and fill out a contact, form and contact us and will get with you as soon as possible and make sure we can get you a free estimate for your new kitchen

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