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You’Re welcome again podcast listeners, I’m so excited that you’ll join us today here on the wild cabinets and flooring, podcast of cabinets, Hattiesburg or excited to talk about cabinets. We need to talk about flooring in kitchen cabinets, vanity, cabinets cabinets for your business cabinets for your office, cabinets for your home, your bathroom cabinets for your closets, any kind of cabinets that you can imagine we’re here to discuss. We love to talk about cabinets. We provide the best cabinets would provide the cabinets that as fast as you can imagine, we build quality cabinet. We do cabinets for all types of clients all over South, Mississippi and Louisiana. Hattiesburg Cabinets Where do custom cabinets, we build them to fit your required specifications to fit in your area for your cabinets, Hattiesburg, we do them any color. You want any design you want any. Would you want where the cabinet people we are cabinet folks right here in Poplarville, Mississippi, wild cabinets and flooring is are named cabinets and flooring is our game. We love to provide south Mississippi with quality Cabinets for reasonable prices. We provide cabinets for homeowners and contractors alike. So if you own, Hattiesburg Cabinets a home or building a home, Arora home builder, be sure to look this up. I am your host Craig wild, I’m, the owner and operator of wild cabinets and flooring. Along with our come on with my father, Thomas wild. We operate a cabinet shop right here in the beautiful Poplarville Mississippi and would be love it. If you would bring us your prints or call us and we’ll come out and look at your home and design some nice cabinets for you today. We’Re going to talk about kitchen cabinets and we’re going to talk about specifically finish is on cabinets, the types of finishes that you can get choosing the right finish for your cabinet. Choosing. Your new cabinet is important step in creating your kitchenI, make your perfect kitchen and there’s a lot of choices you can make when considering cabinets and including deciding what type of finish do you want on your cabinets? There’S many finish: options and positives and negatives for each type of finish, so you have to choose to finish: that’s going to work the best for your kitchen and work, the best for your taste for or for the homeowner that you’re helping design cabinets for so one Of the first types of cabinet finishes were going to talk about, is going to be painted, finishes, there’s a stain finishes and painted finishes, and a painted cabinet is going to provide you with a wide variety of colors that you can just for your kitchen design. You can pick just a the enormous amount of colors you can pick from possibilities are almost endless generally painting painted cabinets are going to be painted on Maple, although some shops like to use MDF or pressboard, which wild cabinets and flooring and cabinets Hattiesburg, we do not Use MDF, unless it’s something that you specifically request for some reason: we stay away from using MDF products.

We like to use solid wood, so we do a painted cabinets generally going to be on Maple cabinets. Maple Maplewood is smooth and uniform landed steps of paint. Well, so it gives you a nice clean, looking paint job. Sometimes homeowners want to choose, painted cabinets, bright, colors for accent, cabinets and then use wood and wood stain for the rest of the cabinets. Another option would be to use painting cabinets and then is a dish. Solid color or distress color people use glaze on top of the painted cabinets to make more of a distressed, Hattiesburg Cabinets look or will actually can beat the cabinets with nails. Chains are hammers things like that people want to do that sometime to give it more of a distressed. Look for your kitchen cabinets, Hattiesburg Cabinets but but paint painted, finishes or good for a bright and clean finish. Her for matching other brother cabinet she may have in your home. Painted cabinets can be good for that it gives a nice bright. Look, please do a lot of white cabinet right now, lot of Shaker cabinets and Vanna White finish a lot of times in the bathroom vanities folks want to use a bright white cabinet in there for a clean, clean look for their bathroom vanities for their cabinets. In there, but also pain is a good option. Some of the natural grain can show through of the woods when you have a painted cabinet. It is sometimes it looks really solid, Hattiesburg Cabinets but other times it’s going to actually show a little bit of the wood grain and people like that is pretty sure that you have a real wood cabinet and not a piece of plastic or veneer cabinets for your kitchen cabinets In Hattiesburg, so what are the negative sides to go with painted cabinets? What are some of the downsides to go with painted cabinets, so we’ve already discussed that there they look clean and bright, and it’s also use the clean to paint cabinets.

Do you have a nice hard finish that can be easy to clean, easy to wipe off at home? If you do go it a light, color, though it can show some some staining to some degree at times, so you want to be careful about. Sometimes white cabinets can show where a little bit more, because why they look good in this early overtime, they do tend to show a little bit of staining and things like that. Sir, some of the negative aspects of painted finishes – or you know the painted finishes – are built up and they are strong, but they are more likely to have chips. You can get more of chipping problems with painted cabinets and they’re more likely to show dance or Nick’s. Then, what a natural finish or just a stain and clear coats going to so painted cabinets sometimes can show Nicks and dents a little bit more than what I stain cabinets going to show for your kitchen cabinets in your kitchen, cabinets Hattiesburg. So the bank could rub off in some areas of high use your the bottoms of doors or areas where water sits on like app just below the sink. They do tend to show a little bit of wear on painted cabinets. Take me to be sure that you can touch those up for cover any chips or scratches would touch up paint and when we do, your kitchen cabinets were going to leave. You some touch up paint for that purpose or if you do have problems with your doors. Going to the st. Hattiesburg Cabinets getting some premature where from water on them, Hattiesburg Cabinets you want to make sure you keep that water wiped off of those top doors. Keep a little towel handy near sink, keep those wipe down, but if they do tend to be a little peel or chips or something on there will always stand behind our work wildcat in the sand. Flooring stands behind our finishes and our product, and we will take those doors back to our shop and we’ll put a horse and a man put a nice new coat of paint on the ages. For you to make sure they look really good. The only other negative aspect to Painted cabinets would be that the truth, variations in the weather, more than other finishes, wood does tend to expand and it contracts with the changes in the weather and humidity and the sometimes you see cracks it to join small cracks at The joints you can make those little bit more visible with a painted cabinet, then so, with the stain cabin just cuz, the color variation and I’ll look a little bit lighter there.

Now we do feel all those joints and if you know, if that area does become cracked or need some kind of touch up will be happy to provide you with the way to touch up your painted kitchen, cabinets Harrisburg and your painted kitchen cabinets are your painted Vanity cabinets are painted laundry room, cabinets dumb as far as Custom Cabinets, and we can help you do any of those things for your Custom Cabinets in Hattiesburg or in Poplarville, which every year you’re in we can do those painted cabinets for you, so that some of The benefits of painted finishes on cabinets when choosing kitchen cabinets going to be sure that you can take the steps needed to create the perfect kitchen for your home and make sure that we can help you make the right choices and for your home. When you decide on what type of finished – and so that’s the pros and cons of painted finishes for for custom kitchen cabinet, and so we won’t help, you make sure you choose to finish – that’s best for you next time we’ll be talking about stained. Cabinets want to talk about the benefits of choosing a stain kitchen cabinet for your Custom Cabinets for your home, so we talked about it, many yet different aspects of kitchen cabinets and why wild kitchen cabinets is the best kitchen cabinet dealer for you best custom Cabinet Shop. In the Hattiesburg area for your cabinets, Hattiesburg Cabinets so we want to be sure that you’re able to get in touch with us if you’re needing Custom Cabinets for your home, we want you to be able to find the best custom Cabinet Shop. There is available to you. We want you to find the number one Cabinet Shop, the ones that can do the best work for you for your home. We want to make sure that you can find those painted cabinets and get those painted cabinets any color that you want to for your home. So we want to make sure you can find us and locate Wilds cabinets and flooring in Poplarville. Mississippi you can go to our website. Is wild cabinets.com go to go to the website? Wild cabinets.com fill out a form and will get go to contact you very quickly to ensure that we can get in touch with you to start get the services that you need, and you can also go to your Google search and you can Google search cabinets Hattiesburg. Just go to your search bar and type in cabinets Hattiesburg. Can our website should come up and fill out a form and get your free 3D rendering and free estimate all from Wilds cabinets and flooring of cabinets, Hattiesburg