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Hey good afternoon, this is Greg wild Wilds cabinets and flooring. Walls, cabinets and flooring is a custom Cabinet Shop and flooring showroom located in Poplarville, Mississippi just south of Hattiesburg on I-59 they were just west of Wiggins on I on Highway 26 right at the intersection of 59 and 26 very easy to find not very far out Of the way, if you’re driving from Hattiesburg it’s a straight shot right down the interstate just take Exit 29or just off the interstate. So if you’re, looking for cabinets and you’re in the Hattiesburg and your bleeding cabinets, Hattiesburg be sure to check us out, you might think we’re far away. But we’re not we’re really close. We’Re really easy to get to, or else who are very capable of servicing and supplying the Hattiesburg area with cabinets with no problem at all. Hattiesburg Cabinets It’S it’s easy because we know our business. We know kitchen cabinets, we know and understand what it takes to provide you with custom cabinets for your home. We’Re not intimidated by strange layouts are strange issues in your home. We find it easy for us to do or try to stay very consistent and we try to stay on top of things and make sure nothing gets left behind. We make sure that we’re going to build you, a quality cabinet and exceptionally built custom Cabinet at reasonable prices by my dad. Cuz price is often the factor when it comes to kitchen cabinets. Lot of people are very intimidated or scared by the fact they might have to spend tens and tens of thousands of dollars for their custom cabinets and their kitchen cabinets. But that’s not the case a lot of times. We are very happy and eager to help. People stay within their budget. We don’t shy away from people wanting to save a little money, Wonder stand that dollars can often be tight, but you still want to get your dream kitchen when you don’t want to end up with junk, and you don’t want to end up with it cabinets that You’Re going to regret, having paid so much money for down the road, and we also stand behind our work. So if you have trouble with their hands or trouble with any aspect of your cabinets down the road, we could we do service or work. We do guarantee our work and we stand behind it until we’re not just going to put your cabinets in and then disappear, you’ll never be able to see or hear from us again cuz. We are reputable business.

We’Ve been doing business in this area for 30 years. Hattiesburg Cabinets Over 30 years in the Poplarville and Picayune area in Pearl River, County and Hattiesburg cabinets area, so you can count on us to be there, for you do a good job to help you decide what you want. If you need assistance deciding what type of cabinets or kitchen cabinets or countertops, you may want or need, and we definitely can help you with the layout of your kitchen, the layout of your room. You may be doing a laundry room where you maybe just remodeling a bathroom, either way or we’re more than able to help you and get just what you need for your kitchen, bathroom laundry room, great room, dining room, any room in your house. You may want cabinets for your garage, but customization is the key. Customization is what we specialize in. So if you need custom cabinets built, if you don’t want to deal with Home Depot and Lowe’s and those type of areas, those type of businesses Hattiesburg Cabinets and you need to check with wilds cabinets and flooring out of Poplarville Mississippi., I am Greg wild and I’m the one Doing all the talking today and I’ve been doing cabinets for many years since I was young, and my father also has been doing cabinets for many many years to come by and we have a lot of experience to be able to put things together and put our Heads together and design for you the best possible Custom Cabinets Hattiesburg for your kitchen and bathroom or whatever room you decide. You may want Custom, Cabinets and affordable Custom, Cabinets and cabinets that are going to be installed properly and Top Notch quality. Installers that you may want working in your house that are going to treat your house like their own and leave it clean, maybe even cleaner than when they first came in that’s our goal. That’S our priority is to make sure that you’re happy with your purchase to make sure that you’re completely satisfied and overly satisfied with your purchase decision. When you, Hattiesburg Cabinets when you buy custom cabinets in kitchen cabinets for your home and remember, you can pick any type of custom Cabinet that you want. You not limited to pick from certain styles that you may have to you. Don’T have to pick from 5 or 10 samples you’re able to buy as many cabinets and Kitchen Cabinets custom cabinets Hattiesburg that you want any style that you want or not limited on the looks of these cabinets, whatever type of design or style.

You want we’re mostly able to accommodate with a custom-built dogwood cabin as long as it’s a wooden cabinet will build it long as it’s an all-wood hundred percent real wood custom Cabinet. We will build it, for you will provide you with the services. You need to be completely satisfied with your purchase of your all new kitchen, so kitchen cabinets and Custom Cabinets totally 100 % custom kitchen cabinets is what we specialize in as what we want to be able to help you fine you’ll come in and you can come In and look at our showroom and see our display of products – and you can see what type of cabinets that we have to sell that we have to offer and if you have a color in mind that you’d, we don’t have in our showroom this no problem. We can make that for you, we can have it matched in the finishes that we use from the paint store. Some people like to pick out the Sherwin-Williams paint, colors or they’ll, take out Benjamin Moore paint, colors and they’ll take you know they may have an interior decorator that I’ll pick the colors form. That’S not a problem. It’S very easy for us to be able to match those colors. We have totally competent specialty color matches that we have available to us. I do a very fine job of making a very, very nice color match when it comes to match in the finishes Custom Cabinets for your kitchen or bathroom, whatever room of your house, that you’re needing these kitchen cabinets in the custom cabinets that you may be remodeling. Your house, or you may decide that you want to buy or make a new house build. A new house, Hattiesburg Cabinets maybe have a contractor. That’S building a new construction house get your contractor in touch with us. We like to work with contractors. Are you may even be a contractor, maybe you’re, looking for a cabinet shop to build, provide your cabinets for you? I would like to be that shop. We specialize in working with contractors or homeowners alike. We can handle the workload that you have. We can make sure that we have your cabinets delivered to you on time and on budget, when we know on time is very important for contractors for Custom Cabinets Hattiesburg. We know that having them done built on time is very important for you, because you have deadlines and you don’t want to be held up waiting for your money, because you’re waiting on the cabinet shop to get done with the cabinets that you can finish. Other aspects of the home, so we can always be available to you as well. Hattiesburg Cabinets We make ourselves very available as far as reaching out to us for always answer our phone calls and we’re always easy to get in touch with. You can get us on the phone or just run by the shop. If you have questions, we want you to never be in doubt or never have to wonder what might be going on with your with your cabinets, so that you’re not left waiting for your kitchen cabinets or your Custom Cabinets.

I want you to always know that you can get your work done and delivered to you on time and on budget each time and every time that you order cabinets from Wilds cabinets and flooring in Poplarville, Mississippi for the cabinets, Hattiesburg area as well. So all you have to do is reach out to his house. You have to do is get on our website while to cabinets.com. You can get on our website that way, or you can do a Google search for cabinets. Poplarville is another way that you can get in touch with us. Just do that Google search for cabinets Poplarville and you can get in touch with us there and fill out a contact us form, or you can also remember that you can fill out a contact. Us form in, and we will get back with you just as soon as we can once we have that information will get, it will get it out to you just as quick as possible, Hattiesburg Cabinets so get back to you soon as possible so that we can get your Information, so we can begin starting the installation of your new kitchen cabinets and Custom Cabinets to make you completely satisfied.