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Hey hello, everyone welcome back to the podcast, I’m glad you tuned in today. Your host today is Greg Wild on the owner and operator of wild cabinets and flooring down here in the beautiful Poplarville Mississippi. Normally my wife Robin would be joining us today, but she’s at home with the kids. We got four kids that she stays busy tending to when she’s, not helping me got her hands full, but I want to come back and talk to you a little bit about kitchens. We’Re going to talk about kitchen remodels lot of people want to remodel their kitchens. It’S a very big project and a lot of cases. It’S it’s actually a very complicated process. It can be and with the right knowledge and information, we can try to make this a easier deal for you guys. We can try to take out some of the burden. We can try to take some of the hassle out of remodeling your kitchen there’s any other things we can do once you know and understand Concepts and how to price things and how to pick things out. There’S there’s ways that you can ease that burden and we want to be here to guide you through that process. Yeah, the kitchen is a very important place in the home kitchen used to be a place where food was just cooked, might have a fireplace in there or open heart, stove, Hattiesburg Cabinets Open Hearth, fireplace or old wood stove, but maybe the mother of the house might spend her Time in there just preparing the meals and it might actually be a room that was detached from the home because of because of the heat that was involved, you didn’t want it to just lay here in the South. He didn’t want it heating up the whole house. Just cooking a meal and everybody would have to suffer because of that, but it’s gone from a place that was just me. Hattiesburg Cabinets No food was prepared and it would be served into another room. You might just bring it into the dining room or bring it into another part of the house, but it’s actually become a a meeting place. You know the kitchen is a room where families come together and momma or Daddy might be, might be cooking. You know a lot of times: a father do the cooking now and this day and age, and it’s not just a mothers that do the cooking and then you might have the family come together and cook meals and might hang out in that room lot of times. Hattiesburg Cabinets People have TVs in their kitchens, they want to hang out in there and maybe watch the ball game while they’re preparing food. So it’s just become a centerpiece of the it’s a place where you want to be comfortable, and it’s just a big part of the very modern household today and when you’re remodeling, the kitchen you wanted to be functional, you know you want to have it setup for Efficiency, and course she wanted to be stylus. She wanted to you wanted to last. You want to get want it to be something you don’t have to remodel your kitchen every 5 or 10 years. Now you want to get a layout and style.

That’S going to that’s going to work for your family and and and be something that you will have his part of your home for many years to come, and you want to be happy with it for the years to come. One of the things that we’re going to talk about we’re just going to guide you through this kitchen remodel, and you know whether you’re doing a full kitchen remodel or just replacing a few cabinets in it doesn’t matter. Sometimes you might just want to Spruce things up and get some new doors and new countertops we can. We can handle all that, while it’s cabinets and flooring, we can guide you throughout doing any of those type of things, and you can you can count on us. You can you can find us online remember to find this online search, cabinets Hattiesburg and your Google search. You can always find us that way and would be more than happy to help you personalize your space. Okay, let’s get started number one, we’ll talk about planning your kitchen. That probably be the first step to going to be doing a kitchen remodel. You need to decide what exactly it is you’re wanting to do. Are you going to get new flooring? Hattiesburg Cabinets Are you going to get just new cabinets or you’re going to get new countertops tearing out walls or you’ll, be moving walls cuz? All types of things involved in a cabinet remodel that you need to have those things Peg down here to decide what it is that you’re wanting you need to determine exactly what type of kitchen remodel that you’re wanting to do. You need to have a good idea for the look that you want so number. One thing you need to do is plan. You need to get up. You know design a kitchen that that you’re going to like start start Gathering ideas, maybe get on Pinterest or maybe maybe get on Google and search images for kitchens and start to like build you a little clip board of ideas and things that you want. So when you, you can bring these things to your cabinet maker or to your kitchen. Remodeler you’ll have some basis on what design and all that you want to have. It would be good to have some some information to having some pictures and things really helps and having a general idea of a layout so have a plan for your cabinets. Hattiesburg step to another important thing that you need to do when planning a kitchen remodel would be the set of budget is very important that you said a budget now. You know this involves more than just making up a number in your head cuz. A lot of time cost on kitchen remodels can be a little bit more than what you anticipate, but so important to visit showrooms.

You know, read, read some books or magazines visit trade shows you online searches come visit us here in flooring. You know have to have your wish list together, have some ideas together and what those ideas are going to want to start Gathering prices on some of the ideas that you have and kind of see if they fall in line with the budget that you have, but Definitely you need to have a budget. You need to have a number that you’re trying to stick to and you have to work around with the things you pick out to try to fit within that budget and it’s a good idea to have a couple of options for everything, especially when you’re dealing with The appliances are countertops heaving, cabinets cuz, you have different costs associated with kitchen cabinets, you have different costs associated with flooring, you might have a good better and best. You might not be able to afford the top-of-the-line stuff. You might have to sacrifice a little bit on the look that you want, but generally don’t want to sacrifice on quality and a lot of times. That’S that’s! Actually, a taintable so just stay flexible with your choices and but do you know, Hattiesburg Cabinets try to stick within that budget, but just have a number that you can go to build a budget before you start doing any purchasing and then you know just do your homework. Do a lot of research, you know, make sure what you’re getting is Gulf top quality? You know that for the value for the dollar that you want to spend, you know cabinets come in different, you know you can get cheap, cheaper paint grade cabinets or you can get. You know stain grade things like cherry and all you can get good looks out of either one and you need to decide which one of those is going to fit within your budget, but still give you your dream kitchen. You could always make sacrifices and other areas, like maybe less drawer units, if you’re trying to stick in a budget but still get the Cherry cabinets as an example. So just don’t wait until you get to the end and then have sticker shock and then not be able to forward the remodel but just put set you a good budget in place and put limits on some of the spending in order to stay in the budget. And it’s always a tan of what wild cabinets here and cabinets Hattiesburg. We work very hard to help people stay within their budget. We have a on time and on budget guarantee. So will we know your budget? Hattiesburg Cabinets We can help. You get your dream kitchen, without sacrificing the things that you have dreamt about getting for that kitchen.

We can help you to stick within that budget and still come out with the cabinets are kitchen remodel that you’ve been dreaming of, and one final point about your budget for your home, remodel or kitchen remodel is to always have a little bit of room in there. For the unexpected there’s always things typically, that will come up that can throw your budget out a little bit to leave a little bit of room for extra costs involved with maybe the plumbing or electrical things that you’re don’t necessarily see things that may be going on Behind the wall or under the floor that you going to pull up, there’s a lot of a lot of chance when doing remodels for surprises. So it’s good to have that factored in your budget just leave at least a small percentage for things that could be unexpected to help keep you within your budget, so cabinets Hattiesburg. We have been discussing kitchen remodeling and I’ve been trying to give you a just. A few tips to be able to start planning your kitchen remodel and we’ve covered a couple things here, but we’re about out of time. Hattiesburg Cabinets So I’m going to take just a minute and give you some information about us and how you may contact us once again. My name is Greg, i’m with wilds cabinets and flooring in Poplarville, Hattiesburg Cabinets Mississippi we serve south Mississippi we service the Hattiesburg area. Cabinets Hattiesburg is one way you can find us because you get out your computer or your smart, get on Google type in Wilds, cabinets and flooring. You can also type in cabinets Hattiesburg and we will come up and you should see our page. You can go to our page, you can. You can fill out a form to get a free 3D rendering of your kitchen remodel for your cabinets and we can come out and give you a nest, free estimate and a free 3D rendering all you have to do is fill out that form or call us On our phone number at 601-795-0305, thank you so much for joining us today. I hope you’ll join us next time. It will continue talking about kitchen, remodeling and kitchen cabinets. We will work through our list and we’ll have a good time to discuss it. All the aspects of doing a complete kitchen remodel and how you can get the best value for your dollar thanks again,