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Welcome again, everyone welcome those who have listened to the show in the past and I’d like to also welcome at the new listeners, those of you that may just now be listening for the first time, and you may wonder what am I doing. Who am I listening to? What am I doing? Listen at this guy ramble on and talk about. What is he talking about cabinets he’s talking about kitchen cabinets? He seems to like to talk about. Would a lot he’s this guy obsessed with wood? Does he just want to talk about cabinets Hattiesburg all the time? Is that what he wants to do? He wants to talk about plywood and boxes and finishes and painting who who likes the stuff? Who wants to talk about this type of thingwho cares? Who cares? Who cares about you and who cares about plywood and who cares about Painted, finishes or stain finishes? Well, I know for a fact that the only people that care about this type of thing is me and you, if you’re listening, you probably care about it, because you may be in the market for a new Custom Cabinets you maybe building a home. Hattiesburg Cabinets You may be remodeling a house, maybe you’re, living in living in the same house for 20 years, and you decided that old, outdated kitchen has to go. Maybe your husband and your wife has convinced you that she no longer likes the old 70s, 1970s style, kitchen cabinets and blue countertops. That’S in her kitchen, Hattiesburg Cabinets maybe she’s tired of that. Maybe she’s ready for something a little more sophisticated or modern. Look so she’s got you digging around trying to find information about Custom Cabinets. Well, I’m here to tell you you’ve, come to the right place, to get information about Custom, Cabinets or cabinets in general or even flooring or countertops and cabinets Hattiesburg is you’ve come to the right place because we are the experts. Custom Cabinets. We have built Custom Cabinets for than been in business for 30, some odd years in south Mississippi. We have built many many many sets of cabinets. In that time. We’Ve learned a lot of trial-and-error. We’Ve learned how to provide our cabinets and our customers with custom cabinets. Hattiesburg, that is the complete product that is going to hold up well, for you, we’ve learned how to build a cabinet that is going to stand the test of time. That’S going to also have finishes on them that are going to hold up well finishes that you’ll be able to clean cabinets that you can wipe down and wipe the stains off of them.

We learned how to use good finishes and Quality quality finishes and Quality Hardware heavy-duty Hardware, on all of your doors. Soft-Close hardware for doors dovetail drawer boxes with design a cabinet. That’S going to put the bill. That’S going to meet your expectations for your dream kitchen. Now, there’s any of those things that you decide, you don’t want from doing to me decide you want something we can accommodate, because we build a custom, cabinets and Custom Cabinets Hattiesburg, because we build all these in our shop in our custom Cabinet Shop in Poplarville. Mississippi. We’Re able to build and do these cabinets. However, you want, if you have start and specifications that you have in mind, it’s no problem for us. We can do that for you. We can build those kitchen cabinets with no issue at all.. Just have to have your information, we have to know what you want and what you can tell us what you want for your kitchen or your van or your car, for your bathrooms, Hattiesburg Cabinets and we can build those in any color that you want as well and he Style that you want as well, so that’s why you find yourself you’re listening to this guy talk about Custom Cabinets, but if you need Custom Cabinets, then you’re, probably listening to the right person is my name is Greg. Hattiesburg Cabinets I’Ve been in the cabinet business for quite a many years. My father’s been in the cabinet business for quite as many years as well, and we feel like we offer a top quality product for reasonable price. We feel like we can give you the kitchen cabinets that you’ve been dreaming of, even if you’re on a tight budget. We want you to look this up. I want you to talk to. You is because we’re always willing to try to find a product. That’S going to work well, for you find a product cabinet, that’s going to fit within the budget that you’ve been given, Maybe by your home builder. Sometimes home builders will give you allowances that you have to fit in there. They’Ll give you a certain dollar amount that you have to spend when it comes to building your home. They’Ll, give you a dollar amount for your Custom Cabinets a lot of times we want to. We want you to come check with us. I want to be sure you come by and visit with us and we’ll come right out. Look at your home and check out your cabinets, Hattiesburg and check out and see if we can make some Custom Cabinets to fit within your budget.

And I’m telling you more than likely we can more times at night we’re able to do that. It’S not a very big issue for us, because we do this day in and day out for happy to accommodate we’re happy to be able to build custom cabinets for your kitchen and bath or your laundry rooms. If you need kitchen cabinets or laundry room cabinets, it’s not a problem. We’Re happy to accommodate that give you the best custom cabinets with the best installation cruise and the best finishes on your custom cabinets that you’re going to find in the area. If you check you can go to other cabinet shops, are you can go to prefab cabinet stores? You can go to the big box Home Centers and look at their cabinets and you’ll you’ll be able to tell the difference. Hattiesburg Cabinets You’Ll see that a lot of times, they’re selling an inferior product for a very high price, but we want you to be able to get a very quality product for a decent price shouldn’t have to break the bank, didn’t cost a year. Paycheck put a new kitchen in your home and we want you to understand that custom cabinets are often a lot more affordable than what you may imagine a lot of times. Custom Cabinets have the Thursday idea that custom cabinets are very, very expensive and a lot of that comes from seeing custom cabinet shops on home shows because they they try to tell the story that all custom cabinets are going to run you ,000 or ,000 to upgrade A kitchen – that’s not that’s, just not the case. Your average kitchen, your average custom kitchen that we do in south Mississippi is going to be around 12 to ,000. That’S a far cry from the 4030 ,000 kitchens that you’re going to see on TV and a lot of times you can get a very beautiful kitchen for that you’re, not necessarily skimping on quality. When you go that route, when you go custom, Hattiesburg Cabinets you’re, definitely getting the best that you can possibly get because it’s tailored to fit your needs as tailored to fit your Custom Cabinets Hattiesburg. It’S built specifically for your space. It’S built to fit in the rooms that you have selected for these Kitchen Cabinets To Go in. You may have a 8-foot wall or 3 foot wall or 9-foot wall. It doesn’t matter. If you go to some places, you have to order prefab cabinets that are going to be only certain sizes are going to use lots of filler strips hold. Want you to know that you’re going to be able to get the exact sizes of custom cabinets that you want you going to be all get a completely custom hundred percent custom, real wood, all real wood Custom Cab bill for you just for your house.

Just for your space and you’re going to be able to do that, it was no issue at all and you going to be able to do that within your budget and we’re going to build them on time or going to deliver these cabinets on time. You going to have your Custom Cabinets delivered into your home when we say we’re going to deliver them into your home and we’re going to deliver these custom cabinets with professional, deliver delivery people and this going to be professional installers and it going to be putting your Cabinets in it’s not going to be some people, you have to be afraid to let into your house know we wouldn’t send anybody to work in your house that I wouldn’t allowed to work in my own house. I would expect that you feel comfortable around these installers they’re, going to be very professional installers for your Custom, Cabinets and they’re, going to clean up after themselves, they’re going to make sure their work areas are clean. I got to make sure that they don’t leave you with a big old mess, Hattiesburg Cabinets they’re going to use their vacuum cleaners and brooms to clean up after themselves every time that they do work in your home. So you may wonder you may be in the market for Custom Cabinets. You may wonder how you yourself can get some custom cabinets built. Well you’re, not all you have to do is call the phone number call 601-795-0305. All you have to do is call that phone number and talk to one of our salespeople and they will get. You started down the road to getting your Custom Cabinets and they all start with getting some information from you and then we’ll probably want to come out and do some measure measurements for you to take a look at this, and we can also have some cabinets design. A layout for you, Hattiesburg Cabinets that’s not a problem for our staff, there very, very experienced and doing the kitchen, design and layout. I want to make sure that you can find this will go to our website at Wild cabinets.com this wild cabinets.com or you can do the Google search for cabinets. Hattiesburg searching your Google search bar for cabinets Hattiesburg and are named wild cabinet should come up, go on there and fill out a contact us form, and it will get get right back with you just as soon as we can. Thanks for listening. Who will talk to you next time over and out?