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Good afternoon podcast listeners, we are back once again to talk about cabinets where to talk about cabinets, Hattiesburg custom cabinets were going to talk about different ways. You can improve your home with kitchen cabinets, we’re going to talk all about things that pertain to kitchen remodeling, we’re going to talk about kitchen flooring, kitchen cabinets, countertops, anything that pertains to your kitchen remodel, going to discuss it here today and once again, I’m thankful that You’Re joining us today this is Greg wild. I am the owner and operator of wild cabinets and flooring right here and beautiful Poplarville Mississippi. We are a full-service custom Cabinet Shop where you sell all types of flooring for sale. Hattiesburg Cabinets We build and install custom cabinets built the way you want them. We build them out of maple wood, hickory wood Oakwood, any kind of wood that you could imagine. We can use to build your kitchen cabinets well, so sell all types of flooring we sell carpet. We install carpet, or you sell ceramic tile and vinyl floors and hardwood floors, any type of flooring that you may need for your home. We can sell and install it. So, if you’re wanting to add value to your home, if you’re wanting to resell your home, if you’re wanting to just really Spruce your home up, Express if you want to add value for resale, there’s, no better room to start in the kitchen bathrooms are also very Good for adding value to the home – that’s probably the two areas that you going to get most of your return, their statistics that show you can get anywhere from a 60 to 70 % return on your investments in a kitchen. It’S the numbers probably close to that in the bathroom. I’D have to look the stats for that. Up with the kitchen is definitely the room in your house. Hattiesburg Cabinets That can add the most value for resale many times. People have a house for sale that might need a little bit of work or it might just be outdated in the first thing, people look at is the kitchen, and they come in to buy this this home when your homes on the market and if the kitchen’s Outdated – and you know it’s ugly, then a lot of times it’s going to that buyers going to be less apt to want to spend the money on that house, because kitchen remodels can be expensive and a lot of times. A lot of work has to go into that.

A lot of buyers just don’t want to have to go there. Are they don’t have the money to go there, but you’ll go ahead and get that kitchen fixed up first and get it. Take the some of the money that you might get back in return on that house, you can invested in there and you can put a new kitchen in maybe some new flooring in maybe change out a couple. Vanities and that’ll go a long way to helping ensure that you may get that house sold faster and you’re, probably get a better dollar amount for that house, and he would, if you leave your outdated Kitchen in there, and there are ways you can Spruce your kitchen Up without doing a total gut and remodel every kitchen a lot of times, you can just maybe put some new countertops in call spruce up your kitchen cabinets. You can and maybe clean the cabinets that you have now maybe put another clear coat on the dressing up. A little bit you could also repaint the cabinets me know if you have just some outdated golden oak cabinets in your house, you may want to put, Hattiesburg Cabinets you know, put a coat of primer on there and paint them, and you know if your door styles or a Little out of style or behind the times, you can also maybe just change your doors out. He can save a little money by changing this. The doors out change the doors out, put a Fresh coat of paint on them. Put some countertops on maybe put down some nice vinyl flooring or ceramic tile, and you have almost you have a brand new kitchen. Hattiesburg Cabinets I will totally change the look of your house. Can I see some things that you can do fairly inexpensive Lee on your own or if you need the help of a cabinet shop, you could call someone like us. You can look up cabinets Hattiesburg on Google. Hattiesburg Cabinets You can do a search there and try to find us and we can come in and come give you an estimate on just giving you new doors. If you want – or I can give you a total estimate on cutting your kitchen, pulling all your old cabinets out and putting in brand new kitchen cabinets and also give you a price quote on putting new floors down, so just give us a call, you can reach Us at 601-795-0305, right here in Poplarville, Mississippi we service all of south, Mississippi wood cabinets Hattiesburg. We do the Gulfport area Gulf Coast Area, we service, Picayune area. These are all areas that we provide Custom Cabinets for.

We can also just advise you on what may be the best thing you can do for your kitchen. Maybe don’t need brand new Custom kit custom cabinets, but maybe you just need to Spruce things up with some new cabinet doors, but we can come in and assess and take a look at what you have and tell you what would be the best option for you. You know the kitchen is really the centerpiece of the home. It’S become a place where families gather we cook our meals in the kitchen that your kids like to come hang out in the kitchen. I know when Robin my wife, she cooks in the kitchen. A lot of times I’ll go hang out in there while she’s cooking will kids will come in and hang out and like to sample some of the foods that she’s making it get her hand slapped it’s a good time of gathering in the kitchen, and I have Your kitchen set up in a way that allows room for your family to interact with you, maybe allows for whoever is doing the cooking to look over the living area or the dining area where the rest of the family is gathered in a lot of those things. Hattiesburg Cabinets A lot of times you can design your kitchen to wear to dates that type of thing, and sometimes it’s just a simple as moving a kitchen island or adding a kitchen islands you can. Maybe you may have to move a little while or two, but those are all things that we can advise you on. If we come out to your house, we can come look and give you advice on that. We can do a 3D rendering for you to give you an idea of what your kitchen sink look like when you get done with it. We can also come look at samples in our showroom cabinets Hattiesburg. You can come look at flooring, samples that we have vinyl flooring samples, that’s very popular right now, though, Hattiesburg Cabinets a lot of the floating vinyl floors are very popular right now, we’re installing a lot of that we’re doing a lot of the white kitchen cabinets right now. People really like doing the shaker style, kitchen cabinets versus the more traditional look with the raised panel doors, Shaker style, kitchen cabinets are very popular right now lot of times it will do those in a white color or will do them in an off-white color will install Them with the hidden hinges, so you don’t see the hinges and just put a nice Hardware. Cabinet knobs for cabinet, pull on your drawers and they will do a soft close door hinge so that when you close the door it doesn’t slam it shut softly.

You can also add modern things like the soft-close drawers or you push the door shut and it closes automatically. It closes soft. Those are some options. She can add to your your existing cabinets to make the nice if you want to or just order those on your brand new Custom Cabinets Hattiesburg, but it does seem that brighter colors are kind of in right. Now, lot of people are doing great kitchen cabinets they’re. Doing you know a light gray color they’ll do off-white still do whites. People are kind of wanting the right, color kitchens right now to freshen things. Up to that would like to put you, don’t have a lot of light and bright Airy feel to their kitchens they’re using and then adding splashes of color, maybe on the counter tops they may do granite, countertops or they’ll do formica countertops with either way, though I Had a little bit of color for their kitchen cabinets at way, he can pretty much do any way that you want with custom cabinets. If you want gray cabinets or white cabinets are brown cabinets, we can do any type of cabinets we can get colors match. You can just go to your local paint, store and get colors for your kitchen, and then we can match those in your cabinet. So that’s not an issue at all. We can make it your way. Make your kitchen, your dream, kitchen. You can have your cabinets to look just about any way you want to. You can look on the wet on websites and get ideas online or in magazines and bring those to us and we’ll match those colors and we’ll make your kitchen cabinets. Just like you want them to look so be sure to check us out, be sure to plan your kitchen be sure to get some ideas off the internet. Call us with your ideas, send us you can send as messages with your ideas. Hattiesburg Cabinets I will try to design your kitchen, like I said we do 3D rendering of your kitchen cabinets to give you a best idea of what you may want for your kitchen cabinets Hattiesburg. You can also pick countertops be sure to really get some ideas on the counter tops that you want. You may want Granite, you may not. If you don’t want granite and want to save a little money. Formica countertops are a very good option. You can get a lot of styles and colors, Hattiesburg Cabinets and today’s formica style countertops once again. You’Re here with Greg wild with wild cabinets and flooring in Poplarville. Want you to be sure if you are wanting a new set of kitchen cabinets or some flooring for your house to be sure to try to find this the easiest way to find asses to go to our website, which is Wildcat dot-com. You can do a Google search for cabinets Hattiesburg. You can go to your Google search bar and type in cabinets Hattiesburg, and we should come up on that search page. You should be able to find your daughter website and be able to find where you can purchase kitchen cabinets or flooring for your home by doing a search there and would be happy to come out and give you a free estimate and a 3D rendering of your Kitchen at no charge that would be free, that’s free to you, we come out will take start. A car time will spend time in your home measure your kitchen for cabinets. We will come back to our shop and design the kitchen of your dreams and that won’t cost you a penny. That’S his free free, free, no cost to you a free three estimate and 3D rendering for your cabinets. Hattiesburg, just due to do that, be sure to give us a call, see you next time, thanks