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Good afternoon, everyone this is Greg wild with wild cabinets and flooring coming to you live and in person on this beautiful Tuesday afternoon, it’s Tuesday after Thanksgiving our bellies are stuff or still sick of eating turkey. But it’s been a beautiful day. We’Ve been busy building Cabinets, custom cabinets for the cabinets, Hattiesburg we’ve been steadily working to keep customers happy to get things built on time to get projects installed. On time, we worked hard to stay on our schedules and make sure that our customers know that they are our number one priority cuz without our customers, we don’t have anything. We live to make the customers happy heart. Businesses here to provide Custom, Cabinets and Custom Cabinets, Hattiesburg and flooring and countertops for the people of Hattiesburg Mississippi and for the people of Poplarville Mississippi. Our whole reason for being in business is: do I earn your trust and earn your respect and earn your dollars and doing side and we’re happy that we’re able to provide that service? The people of these areas, the people of cabinets Hattiesburg, have been good to us over the years that we’ve had loyal customers and both areas all around the South, all around South, Mississippi when it comes to building contractors and home remodelers and homeowners. Better just decided to spruce up their home once again. You’Ve joined Greg here today, almost Tuesday afternoon, to talk about cabinets. We are cabinet shop, we consider ourselves the best cabinet shop. We build the best Custom Cabinets in the south. We build the best Custom Cabinets in south, Mississippi, we’re not ashamed to say that we’re going to offer you the best service and the best value. When you decide you want to purchase kitchen cabinets or bathroom cabinets or vanity cabinets for laundry room, cabinets or any type of custom cabinets that you may decide, you want to order we’re going to provide you with the best service in the best deal on those cabinets That you’re going to be able to find anywhere else, we’ve been in business for over 30 years, we’ve been operating right here in Poplarville, Mississippi for many years or happy to be able to continue the tradition of offering quality Custom Cabinets for your home or your business. We also have added Floor Covering over the past several years or happy to be able to offer floor covering flooring 4 year for the Hattiesburg cabinets, Hattiesburg area or happy to be a law for countertops as well. If you need kitchen countertops be sure that you check with us to order some kitchen cabinets are kitchen countertops cuz. We believe that we do the best. We believe that we’re going to have the best installers are installers are going to do a bang-up job they’re going to make you happy they’re, going to clean up after themselves, they’re going to be on time, they’re not going to leave their trash.

Laying around your house they’re going to show up when they say they’re going to show up they going to let you know what they’re getting done throughout today, they’re going to call you before they get on your job they’re, not just going to show up early in The morning catch, you in your pajamas are still eating breakfast you going to know what time your installers for your Custom Cabinets are coming is going to be no surprise to you, you’re not going to be aggravated, but having a clean up all types of mess after They get finished doing her job either going to leave you going to have a nice clean place, a clean home just like it look before they left it more than what it was before. They finish the job Taverna to hear in the negative Custom, Cabinets and kitchen cabinets Hattiesburg, be sure to look up. Wilds, cabinets and flooring make sure to give us a call, call Wilds cabinets and flooring in Poplarville for any of your kitchen cabinet needs any of your flooring needs. Any of your countertop needs be sure to look this up. Give us a call. We’Ve been talking lately about what species we’ve been talking about, the types of wood that you can use on Custom Cabinets. Hattiesburg Cabinets I know that we’ve been talking a lot about that. I guess it’s important to talk about these types of things, because we build our cabinets out of wood. I guess if we didn’t use, would it wouldn’t be at it being on issue and actually, unfortunately, a lot of cabinet places a lot of the places that you could buy cabinets from don’t use? Would you not going to get wood cabinets from them, you’re going to get particle board or fake wood, cabinets, wood, Hattiesburg Cabinets veneer, cabinets or melamine cabinets fatigue I can. I can I get a real hardwood cabinet for Wilds cabinets and flooring, you’re going to get a real wood cabinet every time, New Order, Custom Cabinets in Custom, Cabinets, Hattiesburg, you’re, going to get real wood hundred percent real wood cabinets. We talked about the differences between Oakwood for your Custom Cabinets. We talked about how big is a good traditional. Would that take sustained very well we’re done a lot of cabinets over the years because of very nice wood to build custom cabinets out of. We also talked about maple wood cabinets on Maple Wood cabinets are a good option., See if you’re going to do a nice stain? If you want to Cherry finish, but don’t want to pay for cherry wood, we can do that on Maplewood cabin. Also, if you decide that you want to paint your cabinets, do we can do custom painted cabinets for you and we can paint those on Maplewood Maplewood take to paint well, we talked about birds would purchase good to build the boxes of the cabinet’s out of consent.

Wild cabinets, we use 3/4 inch rear Woods, real plywood, birch plywood for your sides for the boxes of your cabinets, each and every time no surprises no upgrades, no, no big charges. No charges were not going to try to sell you more than than what you need to what you’re going to pay for the standard cabinets and you’re going to get a high quality cabinet every time. With the standard cabinets you don’t have to be worried about spending. Thousands of dollars more just to get an upgrade of what you want, I’m going to try to help you get your dream kitchen at the budget that you can afford at the dollars that you’ve allowed to spend on your flooring and your cabinets and your Custom Cabinets. Hattiesburg we’re going to help you do that you just have to reach out to us so that we can help you do that so be sure to get on our website at Wild cabinets.com, be sure to check out Wilds cabinets.com to be able to get in touch With us fill out a form and get in touch with us that way, but another type of wood that you can build cabinets out. If we talk about is Pine cabinets, fine, being a cheap readily available would give your cabinets a rustic look another. Would we talked about that you can build cabinets out of is hickory wood. You can use hickory wood for your cabinets for Custom Cabinets. Hattiesburg Cabinets Do you want to a cabin type? Look for your Custom Cabinets. You can use wood, hickory wood, that’s not a problem. Hickory is a good hardwood. Hickory wood is going to hold up good for you. It’S going to last many years to come on your kitchen cabinets you going to feel good. Knowing you have nice hand, custom cabinets made out of hickory wood for the night staying on them. We talked about some other Woods. 2. Hattiesburg Cabinets I know we talked about then we’ll know if we talked about cherry wood, but cherry wood is another option. Cherry Woods very used to be very popular. It’S not as popular right now in our area, mainly because of the experience, but it’s Jerry. What is a considered, a upgraded wood, it is considered a higher higher dollar would cuz it’s a little bit more rares of the woods a little harder to come by to the price of it is more expensive, and I meant they have to do with the time It takes to grow out the cherry wood trees, I’m not sure I’m not an expert on the how they grow the trees, but for your Custom Cabinets.

If you decide you want to do cherry wood Custom Cabinets, we can definitely do that. For you, cherry wood has a nice beautiful finish to it, but takes a stain really well, even some of the more beautiful cabinets that you’ll see her often cherry wood. So if you decided to do you want to do some nice Custom Cabinets out of cherry wood, we can help do that for you and we can install those for you in your home. We can trim those out with crown molding and under cabinet molding and all the details that you would love and respect for your dream. Kitchen, that’s not an issue for us. We do this every day. Hattiesburg Cabinets We can provide you with those things anytime that you need them. All you have to do is look at something all you have to do is get in touch with Greg or Tommy at Wild cabinets and flooring. All you have to do is pick up your phone or get on your Facebook page and type in Wilds, cabinets and flooring, or just go to our website and go to Wild cabinets dot-com you can find the stair. You can also go to the Google search and you can search in cabinets Hattiesburg cabinets in Hattiesburg. Hattiesburg Cabinets You can do the Google search for that. All you have to do is type that in and see our website click on our website and then do the contact us button and you can click on contact us now fill out a form you. What your information give us, your name and email address or phone number – we can call you back and one of our sales people are very qualified sales people are very friendly sales people are going to call you back and get the information that we need to be Able to set up a time to come out and take a measure of your home to help begin the process of getting you the cabinets of your dreams.