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Hello, hello, everyone, I’m glad that you’re joining us today. This is Greg wild with white cabinets and flooring in Poplarville Mississippi. Today, we’re going to talk about talk about Poplarville, Mississippi in Picayune, Mississippi in the areas that we serve we’re going to talk about what we do when we come out to measure for your new kitchen, we’re going to lead you and tell you a little bit about The process and when you’re buying new kitchen cabinets or when you’re, building a home and you need kitchen cabinets and vanities and cabinets for your laundry room. We’Re going to discuss things about if your remodeling a home and you may possibly need kitchen cabinets for your kitchen. Hattiesburg Cabinets Remodel you may need just a new vanity, maybe you’re doing a bathroom remodel. Maybe you might need a new vanity, maybe you’re, making changes to your laundry room can. You maybe need some laundry room cabinets. We also do cabinets for entertainment, centers and we do kitchen cabinets or cabinets Hattiesburg. We do cabinets For Your Entertainment. Centers lot of times will do cabinets next to fireplaces, Hattiesburg Cabinets or people may want to add cabinets in her dining room to keep dishes and things in or to display things. We also can build your fireplace mantel, there’s all types of work that we can do and we’re just going to tell you a little bit about that and the areas that we serve when. Do you work in cabinets Hattiesburg. We also do work and we do cabinets for Poplarville Mississippi we serve Picayune, Hattiesburg Cabinets which is just south of us here in Mississippi cabinets. Hattiesburg is a little bit north of us about 30 minutes, but we often drive up there to take measures and to install cabinets. We serve the Purvis area, we just did an install in Purvis. We did a nice set of kitchen cabinets in Purvis, Mississippi. We also have done work and all along the Gulf Coast. We go down to the Gulf Coast to Wave land. We also go to Biloxi and Gulfport Gosha we’ve worked in those areas is also areas in Louisiana that we do work in because being right here in Poplarville, or only about 45 minutes away from the Louisiana state. Line we often do you work over there in Slidell. We do work in Covington and Mandeville cabinets with the work over there. So there’s a lot of areas of big, broad area that we were.

We were a lot of areas of south, Mississippi and Hattiesburg cabinets. So the first thing that you need to do if you want new custom kitchen cabinets for your for your kitchen or your or if you want custom vanity, cabinets or laundry room cabinets bathroom cabinets are flooring. The first thing that you need to do is contact Wilds, cabinets and flooring. The way you can contact us as to reach us by our phone number, which is 601-795-0305, you can call that number and talk to one of our sales persons. You can also get on the internet and go to our website, which is why I was cabinets.com, be sure to go to Google and search for cabinets Hattiesburg and find us that way. Because what you do is your contact us or fill out the form and then we’ll get an email and will call you back this quickly as possible. And we will get the information that we need from you to be able to set up a time to come. Measure your home or find out what type of cabinets you may be wanting and we’ll set up an appointment and we’ll set up a date and a Time whether it be in the morning or afternoon. Sometime during the week, we will set up a date and time and we will come out and meet you at your house. I will come into your house and we’ll take a tape, measure and we’ll measure your rooms, and you can then show us where you want. Your kitchen cabinets to be and will help you with your design will.. We have a team of designers and professionals that will sit down and we can help you design your kitchen cabinet layout to be the most efficient or just matched. Maybe some ideas that you seen on TV or on in magazines are on the internet, and but we can help do a design, Hattiesburg Cabinets for you will do all that when we come out to your house, we can get those ideas and what will do is will come Back to the shop, I will take our cabinet software that we use and we’ll take the measurements that we took at your house and we’ll put that information into the computer and will actually design a three dimensional layout of your house. And then we’ll build your kitchen cabinets on the program and will design that kitchen based on your needs and how you want it, the functionality and actually put that doll in the computer program and we’ll build a 3D rendering of your kitchen or whatever room that you’re. Putting the cabinets in and then we’ll print that out or you can come and sit with us in our showroom, and you can view the three dimensional drawings and if you see something you want to change, we can then change it instantly right there. If you want to maybe move your sink cabinet over a little bit or you don’t like where the oven is there, you want a different style of hood vent. We can do all of that right there in real time, while you’re sitting there at the computer.

We can make those adjustments we love to take that time with our customers with our clients would like to take the time to spend that time with you to design your layout to. Let you tell us your needs for your kitchen cabinets and we don’t mind taking that time. That’S what we’re here for that’s what we like to do we like to spend as much time as it takes to get you exactly what you’re wanting and when you can then visualize it on that three-dimensional rendering you can get a real visualization for what your kitchen May look like and then it’s easy to make those changes and adjustments. You want to do all that before your kitchen cabinets get built. You definitely don’t want to see how to change it after everything is done and the installation to being done. You want to go ahead and have that figured out ahead of time and that’s what using the updated software and Technology. That’S what it allows us to be able to do. Love you to be able to really take that design and work out all the Kinks and spot problems and issues before they even could happen. We found that our customers really love this. To this. I really love to be able to see the drawings before they get a rather than just taking a pencil sketch or yes catching it out on the slab at their house. Hattiesburg Cabinets They would like to be able to get that three-dimensional view. Our customers really love that about us that we’re able to offer that and we’re happy to be able to offer that we enjoy doing these drawings. It’S a process. You enjoy, making your kitchen your dream, kitchen, a reality and cabinets Hattiesburg. Now, once we have your your drawing and your layout decided and now the time you need to make sure we go ahead and get a color selected, you know you going to want to decide. Hattiesburg Cabinets If you want stained, cabinets are painted cabinets and if you thought of times you can just pick a stain or something off of one of our samples here in our showroom for your kitchen or you can he may decide you want to pick a paint color. We have some paint color fandex here in the showroom and some door samples that are already painted to some popular colors. But then you can also just go to the paint store and pick up some samples or, if you’re, working with an interior decorator, they may have some color ideas and you can just let us know what those colors are: bringing some little paint swatch or a sample Lot of times people want their cabinets, the same color as their trim that they’re painting their house in.

Can you can just bring us a little bit of that paint or just a paint sample or tell us the name and we’ll have that matched to an exact match for your cabinets will be the right color that you want the other thing you’re going to get To do we measure in new drawings, you can come in and select the door style that you want and we can change that on the software to, as you make a decision. If you want to see where the flat panel shaker style door looks like or a raised panel door for more traditional look but you’ll come in and you’ll pick your door style and you can pick from many many different door. Styles, for your kitchen or bathroom and you’ll pick those and we can change the program, so you can see exactly what those doors will look like on your cabinets. You also get to select your knobs and pulls that you made before your cabinets and the trim work. He can decide if you want crown molding on your cabinets or if you want under cabinet molding on your cabinets, Hattiesburg or if you just want just a basic, more modern look with no trim. We can do that as well. Hattiesburg Cabinets So once again, I’m thankful that you joined us today and we discussed a little bit about the process of designing your new Custom Cabinets for your kitchen, and I want to make sure everyone knows how they can contact us. You can give us a call at at the shop here at Wiles cabinets and flooring at 601-795-0305 be sure to check out our website yet wild cabinets.com. That’S why I was cabinets.com, go to our website and fill out a form and we’ll will contact you right away and come out and give you your free estimate and 3D rendering you can also do a Google search for us. You can search wild cabinets. You can also do a search for cabinets Hattiesburg and will come up if you type in cabinets. Hattiesburg on your Google search bar website should come up near the top of the page, and you can contact us at way and will call you back as soon as we can have a good evening and we’ll catch you next time right here on the podcast for Wild cabinets and flooring out of Poplarville Mississippi this is your host Greg wild talk to you next time.