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Welcome listeners welcome cabinets, Hattiesburg welcome anyone at student in today to listen to this podcast. This is Greg wild. I am sitting here at my home in Poplarville Mississippi, and I was just thinking about cabinets thinking about kitchen cabinets. Specifically, I was thinking about the types of kitchen cabinets said she could purchase the types of woods that we use to build our cabinets. Should we build a fully custom Cabinet, we build cabinets to fit your needs, we don’t. We don’t have to pick from certain sizes to make them fit into your kitchen. We don’t have to use all these types of fillers and strips, and things like that and blank pieces to try to make it fit into your kitchen. We actually, then we measure your house. Hattiesburg Cabinets We measure everything exactly exactly wall to wall and, then we take those measurements would come back to our shop and we have a computer software program that we used. It’S a cabinet software, it’s a custom kitchen cabinet program that we put those numbers into. We put those measurements into and then it we actually create a 3-D drawing of your room, and then we can pick and choose types of cabinets to put on there and we actually design a custom kitchen. Just for you, it’s your kitchen cabinets. Your custom kitchen won’t be like anybody else’s cabinets Hattiesburg. It won’t be like anybody else’s on the Gulf Coast, your kitchen cabinets, going to be unique to you, because we’re going to design them to be to fit your kitchen to work.

Just the way that you wanted to do. When your home now. It’S important to understand that a lot of cabinet stores that you may go to a lot of cabinet shops. You may go to they’re going to have a limited selection of cabinets, you’re going to have to pick from say 8 or 10 different colors. For most of your prefab cabinets, you might have one door style available in each color. Is that really limits? What type of cabinets you can get? You know they may have a shaker style cabinet door, but it’s only available in white or brown. What, if you want an off-white Shaker style cabinet door? That’S not going to be an option that you have. When you go with a prefab kitchen cabinet love, you purchase Custom Cabinets, you can get any color you want. Hattiesburg Cabinets If you want a purple Shaker cabinet door, we can do that for you at Wilds cabinets and flooring in Poplarville cabinets Hattiesburg. We can do that for you too. That’S not an issue. We can do anything really that you want to do with your cabinets or not limited by color or not limited by size, or not limited by the space that you have. We going to do on your kitchen to be just like you needed to be, and the kitchen that you’ve always dreamed of also a lot of the prefabricated cabinets are imported cabinets they come in from overseas are often shipped over here on a boat from China. Jade sometimes have unacceptable levels are formaldehyde in the plywood, The Finisher actually a lot of times subpar.

The Finish is often scratch very easily and then the Finish is actually have a funny kind of look to him. When you do custom cabinets, all of your kitchen cabinets are going to be hand, sprayed there going to be hand-stained. If you pick a stain color there going to be sprayed with top quality finishes and lacquers and paints they’re going to be finished right here at our shop in Poplarville Mississippi and are going to be sprayed using spray equipment and using top quality finishes for your Custom. Cabinets Hattiesburg, the prefab cabinets are going to limit you on the sizes you going to have to go with specific size, sink bases lot of people. There want to do The Farmhouse Sinks in their houses and they have different designs. Hattiesburg Cabinets There’S a lot of times. There’S different fits in his having a customize, your prefab cabinets anyway, so yeah and it doesn’t quite come out the same and a lot of times, they’re not able to support the weight of heavier granite. Countertops the prefab cabinets off. They often use half inch sides. What you know, it’s not heavy enough to really support, granite countertops, but will use a three-quarter inch on your cabinets will build the boxes out of three quarter inch. Cabinets Hattiesburg will build a heavy sturdy custom Cabinet for your granite countertops to sit on. So you don’t have to worry about it, not support the weight of your granite countertops. Pretty much. Hattiesburg Cabinets Everybody today is trying to use Granite rather than formica, countertops kitchen cabinets design in your new kitchen or doing a kitchen, remodel or picking out flooring for your new kitchen or vanities. For your bathroom vanities, you going to want to use custom cabinets are going to want to use a shop that allows you to pick exactly what you want.

You don’t want to be limited by by what type of color you have you don’t want too flimsy custom Cabinet. You want a nice heavy sturdy custom Cabinet. That’S going to last. For years you going to spend a decent amount of money, but to some it’s going to be a very large the money just to get that kitchen. They’Ve been dreaming of the kitchen cabinets that they’ve seen on TV on Home. A car time will spend time in your home measure your kitchen for cabinets. We will come back to our shop and design the kitchen of your dreams and that won’t cost you a penny. That’S his free free, free, no cost to you a free three estimate and 3D rendering for your cabinets. Hattiesburg, just due to do that, be sure to give us a call, see you next time, thanks. Have a good day.