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Well, hello, everyone good evening, good afternoon, good morning, whatever time of the day, it is you’re listening to us here. My name is Greg: wild with wilds cabinets and flooring. We R a cabinet and flooring dealer located in Poplarville, Mississippi and Custom Cabinets Hattiesburg. We build custom cabinets, we also do flooring, we install all types of flooring, we sell carpet, we sell vinyl flooring or sell ceramic tile, we sell hardwood flooring and we also build entertainment centers and we also install custom, countertops or formica countertops. We do all of this with the highest quality service and the best prices possible, and we do our best to try to wow our customers and offer you the best experience than you can imagine when it comes to having Custom Cabinets and flooring installed into your new Home or you may be remodeling a home either way if you’re in the market for a custom, cabinets or cabinets in general be sure to check out while it’s cabinets and flooring think Custom Cabinets Hattiesburg, Hattiesburg Cabinets we want you to be able to find kitchen cabinets. Hattiesburg Cabinets The way you want them, we don’t want you to have to pick from pre design, kit, kitchens or stock kitchens or stock cabinets. We want you to have a say, so we want you to be able to dream big and then let us help you execute that dream to make your kitchen a reality. So lately we’ve been talking about cabinet finishes. We’Ve been talking about all the different options that you have available to you. When you’re picking out Custom Cabinets Hattiesburg, we talked about how you can do painted cabinets. We talked about how you can also do stained cabinets or clear-coated cabinets and also have the option of adding glaze finish this to your kitchen cabinets. So the possibilities with custom cabinets are really endless. There’S really not too much you can’t do and that Wilds cabinets and flooring we’re always willing to look at new ideas and options to stay on top of Trends. We just recently did a job. We did a pine set of pine cabinet. Normally, Pine cabinets would be considered a little too soft to use for cabinets. Cuz Pinewood is soft, but this particular customer which one of her custom cabinets built out of pine wood and she was wanting them to be waxed. She wanted a wax finish put on her Custom Cabinets, so we didn’t do a stain finish or painted finished yet, but we did a wax finish. We actually bought some colored wax that is used for doing would, like a chalk, paint type waxed when purchase this wax and did some samples for the customer was the first time that we’ve ever fooled with a wax finish before, but at Wild cabinets. We believe in the offering a truly custom finishers Custom Cabinets.

This particular customer was interested in a wax finish, so we figured we won.. We told her. We would be willing to do what what needed to be done in order to give her the best Custom Cabinets. Hattiesburg that she was willing to purchase from us, so we were happy that she was willing to do business with us. So why not go out of her way to provide her with the products that she was wanting, so I went and purchased some wax for her Custom Cabinets. We picked up some colored paste wax and made a sample, and after a little bit of trial and error, and working back and forth trying to match, she was actually trying to match a wood Bean or trying to match some reclaimed Old Pine. That would have been heart Pine that was installed on a barn probably 100 years ago, and this this piece of pine have been pulled down from this morning. They were going to use it to create a bean inside their new house that they were building. Hattiesburg Cabinets This was a new brand new construction, a brand new house and a kitchen that they were needing cabinets in and she wanted to match the pine cabinets to match. Hattiesburg Cabinets This old would be nice, she had in her house, so at Wild cabinets and flooring. We been into customer service like we are. We are willing to do that and take the time to match that finished for well. After a little bit of trial and error, we were able to match a wax finish to the to the bean that she was trying to imagine and she really like the color. So we proceeded to build the cabinets and we applied the wax to him. We had to apply 3 coats of wax and then you have to let it dry in between coats for the custom cabinets, but it makes it pretty decent finish and then that the last coat you bought. That wax finish to give it a little bit of a show, sir. We also did an island for her that was half painted wood and 1/2 wax finish that one side of the eye custom Cabinet Island was a painted finish once again. It was done on Pine. It was a rustic look, fine Custom Cabinets, look rustic finish, so we actually built it out of like a to look like an old barn wood type panel on the backside of this kitchen island, and then we applied the paint to it. It was a dark blue, color paint that we applied to this island and it the other side of the island, was done in the wax fine. The wax finish Pine for these Custom Cabinets.

These cabinets had some drawer deep drawer units in them. That’S some deep pot drawers and things that you can put her pots in next door, stove and then the kitchen island also had the plates for the sink they farmhouse sink and a place for the dishwasher was left. We left to the appropriate clearance is for the custom cabinets dishwasher and in the sink was also located in the island that was painted with the blue color, and then the other side of the island was stained or wax finish with the wax type finish for the Custom cabinets and then we’ve also did the counter tops on this job. The customer was able to pick out of formica color, it’s a formica countertop that we order in slabs and then we cut and trim and do the cut work on them and that they look a lot like granny and she picked a formica laminate and the color. She picked was called River Gold, and this River Gold, formica actually looks like real Grant, is designed to look like a granite piece of countertop for a custom cabinets Hattiesburg and was what we did as we order that in a edge profile they said profile has his Designed to look like granite or real Stone, so well, baxyl countertop that she purchase did not cost nearly as much as Granite. Hattiesburg Cabinets When you first see it, it looks a lot like granite and another benefit of her going with this particular countertop for her Custom Cabinets. Is that she didn’t have to spend quite as much money on it as she would have if she would have gone with a custom Cabinet Custom Countertops I mean, or she went with a granite, a real granite countertop. It would probably cost her about ,000. Hattiesburg Cabinets Instead of about a thousand for doing so, it’s actually 25 % of the cost of going with a real granite countertop. Hattiesburg Cabinets So she was happy. We were able to order these these pieces of slabs of formica for her Custom Cabinets, and then we cut them and cut the sinkhole in all them, and we also had to put the edge band working in caps and things on the piece of formica to make This bar top for her kitchen, and then we put them, put them on her Custom Cabinets and it looks like she has real granite countertops. Well, once you really just ask formica countertops with the formica countertops that she has clean, easily they’re, not nearly as expensive as the granite and what they do clean, easily and they’re very sanitary and, like I said, if she grows tired or wants to change colors in A few years for her Custom Cabinets Hattiesburg, then she won’t have to feel guilty throwing out.

She won’t have a hard time disposing of granite of the countertops you’ll, be able to just use she’ll, be able to replace her formica countertops for a fraction of the cost and she would have if she would have spent it on granite countertops. So that’s just a little bit more of what we can do it. While it’s cabinets and flooring, we can offer you Custom Cabinets, custom, vanities, Custom, Cabinets, Hattiesburg, Custom, Cabinets for your laundry room and also all types of flooring and, of course, countertops. We do the formica countertops Wilsonart countertops prefabricated countertops. That is all it’s just an option that you have in case. You decide that you don’t want to use Granite. If you do want to use granite countertops for your kitchen, cabinets or Custom Cabinets, we can refer you to a very good sources of granite that we know very reputable companies. We can refer you to if you decide that you do want to use granite, countertops or quartz countertops or in other types of stone, for your Custom Cabinets for your kitchen cabinets or for your vanities in your bathrooms and laundry room, cabinets and things like that. So we want to be sure that everyone out there that is building a home for building a home or remodeling a home if you’re doing flips, if you’re doing any type of work on housing that you may need some Custom Cabinets or you may need some floor Covering you may need some carpet. Hattiesburg Cabinets Maybe just need a room of carpet. You need hurry. Maybe you need some vinyl flooring. We want to be sure if you’re able to get in touch with us at Wild cabinets and Custom Cabinets, Hattiesburg went to be sure you can find this so be sure to go to our website. Our website is wild cabinets.com. You can find out all the information about. Is there a whiles cabinets.com? You can also Google search. I said wild cabinets or you can start to set custom cabinets Hattiesburg on Google search, Custom, Cabinets, Hattiesburg search. There find it fill out a form and will be sure to get in touch with you as soon as possible to get you started on your dream: kitchen.