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Well, good morning, it’s a beautiful morning to be alive here in south, Mississippi and Poplarville. It’S a cold morning. Today, we’ve got frost on the ground. Just got over early or a rare snow hurts that we’ve had here listening to Greg wild Wilds cabinets and flooring. In my shop today about to get started on some kitchen cabinets got a lot of jobs. We got to get cut out, got some installs to get done this week. I figured you take a minute here to talk about cabinets, kitchen, cabinets and cabinets Hattiesburg. We’Re so excited that you decided to tune in to listen to all the talk we have about kitchen cabinets and, if you’re in the market, Hattiesburg Cabinets for any type of Cabinetry, whether it be Custom, Cabinets for your kitchen and your cabinets. Hattiesburg or if your need cabinets and Poplarville would be happy to accommodate you, and we hope that you will check with us and see and allow us to give you a price quote on a free estimate for your project will give you a free 3D rendering for No Charge just got in contact us get in touch with this, the one way or the other and give us your information so that we can start doing that, for you, customers really like to see their 3D rendering, because it gives you an exact look or image Of what your cabinets are going to look like before they’re completed and that before we even start on your project, Hattiesburg Cabinets you’re able to check out and know what your kitchen cabinets going to look like that way. If you have any changes, you want to make or see something that you’re not satisfied with the style or the fit for the functionality of your kitchen. You can tell that before you make your order before you decide, then go ahead with exactly how you want them to be built, but we can build your cabinets for you from the ground up. Will you build a hundred percent Custom Cabinets using all real wood? No particle board 0 MDF, absolutely all 100 % real wood, plywood boxes, three quarter inch, plywood boxes for the shells of the cabinets, and we also use one hundred percent solid, real wood for all of your doors.

All of your face frames and real wood for all of your exposed sides as well. So you don’t have to be concerned at all that you’re going to get anything other than real wood for your cabinets. Hattiesburg. You don’t have to be concerned that you’re going to get swelling overtime from any type of moisture spills on your cabinets or the humidity of your home. You don’t have to be worried that your kitchen cabinets are going to give you trouble or fall apart on you when you buy custom, built cabinets from Custom, Cabinets, real wood, Custom Cabinets to add value to your home. They are going to add significant value to your home and it is a investment you do have to spend a little bit of money in order to improve your kitchen. But if you’re going to spend money anywhere in your house to try and improve the value of it, it’s well cited by many sources that the kitchen would be a place. You would want to start to do that with the kitchen cabinets being the place, you would want to invest money to be able to get a decent return or to be able to help the resale value of your home and right now in our area. Hattiesburg Cabinets It is a it is a seller’s market. So if you’re looking or have been considering to maybe sell your home, there are buyers out there. Looking there’s, I’ve talked to some real estate agents and they said that they need more homes for sale, that need more houses to be able to move on the market. And so, if you’re thinking about listing your house now may be a good time to do it. But before you do it check with us and get we can come in and give you a free consultation. We can come out and look at your existing kitchen and show you areas where you may be able to improve that kitchen or you may be able to increase the likelihood at your house will sell fast.

I want you put it on the market and by doing custom cabinets for your kitchen cabinets Hattiesburg. You will be improving the chances of selling your house at a faster Pace. Then, if you stick with that old out-of-date kitchen so be sure to contact us be sure to contact one of our reputable salespeople, they can help you, through the process of Designing that kitchen will start by gathering your information, Hattiesburg Cabinets find out what type of door styles or Cabinet Styles, you want, you may want to build your cabinets out of Hickory cabinets or you may want to build your cabinets. Custom Cabinets out of oak wood, the Red Oak. You could possibly want just Maple cabinets. Are you may want to go with the painted cabinets? Painted cabinets are pretty much the in thing right now or selling more painted cabinets. Then we are anything at this point and there’s a lot of it has to do with the people. Are one in that Farmhouse? Look there one in that crisp, clean bright, look of the shaker style, shaker style, cabinets with the bright white finishes and Farmhouse Sinks and their kitchen the popular finish right now, we’ve been probably doing whites and off-whites more than any other color right now. At this point, Hattiesburg Cabinets although we have started to see some people going back towards some of the wood finishes like Hickory and Oak, we have been doing more of those type of cabinets here within the past few months to you. So you never know where the trends are going to go, not sure. What’S going to be the next big thing or the next big look at you going to start seeing on Pinterest ER on the Internet or at home and garden magazines are home and garden television. When it comes to Custom Cabinets Hattiesburg for your bathrooms kitchens laundry rooms any room in your house, the trends are going to change if they always do change, probably ever least every 4 or 5 years. You start seeing some different things come in and out, but no matter what type of look is in when you’re dealing with prefab cabinets, it’s hard to be on top of the style changes, because I have to build everything so far in advance to be able to Warehouse and stock and have them available product that often times you’re buying a product. That’S been actually built and design, Hattiesburg Cabinets maybe years and years ago, and they just keep that stuff in inventory and keep producing it.

So it’s hard for you to stay. On top of the trends when it comes to those things, but with custom cabinets, you can be right on directly on top of the trends, because, no matter what no matter, what finisher paint, color or stain or look that you’re seeing or wanting to go with it Might be a new trend or custom Cabinet Shop like Wilds cabinets, can do that for you with no issue at all weekend, you don’t have to wait for the manufacturers to come out with their new color lines and brochures and find out, availability and see. If you can even order them, because, while they offer the samples they haven’t, started producing yet, and it’s a lot of times the case with prefabricated cabinets, but when you buy from a custom Cabinet Shop like Bob’s cabinets and flooring can always get exactly what you want. Hattiesburg Cabinets You can get the custom cabinets and cabinets Hattiesburg that you need or want or dream of right away, because we’ll build it to order that will do any finish or color or anything that you want when it comes to that. That’S not an issue with us, but all you have to do is reach out to us, so we can know you’re out there and know that you’re in the market for a custom cabinets so just be sure to give us a phone call on our phone number. 601-795-0305 or you can also be sure to visit our website, Hattiesburg Cabinets we have a website that is at Wild cabinets.com. They can go there and check out our website check out. Our project Pages read a little bit about what we do and who we are then be sure to fill out a contact us form so that we can get your email address and your other information so that we can get in touch with you and be able To reach back out to you to be able to get the process started to get in your new kitchen, cabinets designed and laid out and then built for you when you’re ready. Also, you can find our website by doing a search for cabinets Hattiesburg. You can type that into your search bar and we should come up that way.