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Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen, I’m so excited that you’ve chosen to you tune in today to the podcast, to listen to me, talk about Custom Cabinets if you’re listening. It’S probably because you have an interest in Custom Cabinets for whatever reason you may have an interest in cabinets Hattiesburg you may be in Hattiesburg and the cabinets you maybe in Picayune I need cabinets for for Picayune cabinets. You may just want 100 % real wood cabinets built – maybe you’ve already looked around at some of the Home, Centers or other areas and tried to locate some cabinets, and maybe you weren’t satisfied with the quality of construction. Maybe you did not like the fact that they had particleboard or MDF wood in them or not real wood in them a lot of times people come to us. For that reason, we’ve also had people come to us, mainly just because they wanted dovetail drawer boxes. They didn’t like the idea that the drawer boxes were not dovetail, who try to use dovetail unless you specify otherwise, because it is Custom Cabinets you can get any type of drawer box. You Want Build if you want I’m solid wood or plywood, or if you don’t want dovetail for some reason, but we do a dovetail standards. We’Re not going to charge you any extra for having to do a dovetail drawer box. We’Re also not going to charge you any extra for using a soft-close hinge, which is another reason. Some people have said that they decided to check with us because they want their soft-close hinges and they did not want to have to pay a premium for their soft-close hinges, and we include those every time as a standard when it comes to your Custom Cabinets. Hattiesburg Cabinets So who’s doing the talking here well, this is Greg wild once again, I’m the owner and operator of Wilds cabinets and flooring, or located right here in Poplarville, Mississippi on the near the beautiful, Mississippi Gulf Coast. We are about 45 minutes to an hour away from the actual Beach, so we are Inland a little ways we are located in the Pine Belt of Mississippi near Hattiesburg and Hattiesburg cabinets were also right off the interstate on Highway 26 right off I-59 exit 29. What are easy to find right here in the country, but very easy to find, where a little showroom here, where you can come in and look at all types of flooring for your home? You can also come in and pick out your cabinet samples and cabinet doors and meet with us and hopefully have an experience that you don’t get anywhere else as far as customer service and friendly people to talk to you, as we do the design and layout of Your cabinets, women doing cabinets for many years, we’ve been in business here for over 30 years right here in Poplarville, and we’ve done business and Hattiesburg cabinets.

We’Ve done business all around the counties surrounding counties Pearl River County. We also have done quite a lot of work in Louisiana right over the Border, they’re, just too short jump for us too heading to Louisiana and do work in Covington and Mandeville more happy to serve those areas with custom, cabinets and flooring. Hattiesburg Cabinets If you need flooring to we’re happy to bring some flooring over that way as well, we want you to also be able to discover the Wilds difference, the difference and working with wilds cabinets and flooring, and today we’re going to talk a little bit about the process Of if you decide to buy some kitchen cabinets from Wild scavenge flooring, what that’ll look like? What’S the process? Look like what do you have to do? You may say way: I want to buy some Custom Cabinets. I need some kitchen cabinets and I don’t know where to start a lot of people having ever had to buy kitchen cabinets before so often times are lost in it. It’S a new experience for them. Most people are going to maybe build one house or maybe by by one to two houses in her lifetime. Hattiesburg Cabinets So it’s not something that people are often familiar with. Is the process of buying Custom Cabinets and kitchen cabinets for their home or for Custom Cabinets Hattiesburg. We want to make things easier for you. The first thing that we do is we offer our website that you can go to to get to know a little bit more about us and that’s it whiles cabinets.com. We can also find our website by searching cabinets Hattiesburg in the Google search bar. You can check there to be able to find out everything find out information about us if you need to to be able to start the process. But what you can do is go on that website and fill out a contact us form and once you fill out that contact us form that information will be sent over to us and we’ll get that information. And someone will call you back very quickly. Respond to that form sell contact you very quickly to get all the information that they need from you as far as what type of project you’re wanting to start on.

If you wanted to do cabinets in a kitchen for Wendy cabinets – and I maybe you want to do cabinets in the bathroom or laundry room, I will start that process by filling out that form and get back to you just as quickly as we can begin. Gathering information from me, I was once you fill that form out and we set up an appointment, find out some things that you need will set up an appointment to either meet here in our shop or custom Cabinet Shop, kitchen, cabinet, shop, gun, cabinets, Hattiesburg or will Come out to your home and meet you in your home to begin to see what projects you’re wanting to do will bring a tape measure with us and a clipboard and all the necessary information that we need to be able to show you some things. You can’t begin to tell us: were you wanting your cabinets and show us your kitchen if it’s the kitchen and we’ll take all the necessary measurements and also sit and go over the details? What you may want to be doing in your cat in your kitchen that you wanted for your Custom Cabinets. Hattiesburg Cabinets I will take that information and will come back to our shop with it and come back to the cabinet. Shop to custom Cabinet Shop will bring those measurements back. Hattiesburg Cabinets Here’S to us and we get on our computer program and begin to put that information in the computer and do a customized layout for your home and then once we do that, we will also be able to pull up a 3D rendering for your kitchen cabinets that You’Ll be able to see before you buy what type of image, or what type of look for your custom cabinets that you’re going to end up with for your home. At that point, you can also go through our checklist and begin to ask you some questions about the areas and things that you may want to do some additional things like pull out, sir, if you want any special type of, if you want a drawer unit here Or there or custom Cabinet pull, maybe a spice rack. Maybe you want to trash, can pull out if you wanting some of those types of things added to your kitchen will find all that information out from you as well as we go over your drawing with you, I’m from that point will be able to give you A free estimate will be able to estimate the price that you’ll be looking at, Hattiesburg Cabinets will be able to put that together and see how that price is able to fit into your budget. For what you’re wanting to do for your new home or your remodel. But for some reason, that price does not fit within your budget for your Custom Cabinets Hattiesburg for your kitchen, if it doesn’t fit in your kitchen budget that you’ve been allowed by your Builder, are for your from your bank.

Then we can begin to refine and work that price and we may have to remove some of the extras or may be able to shrink some of the sizes or Nick. A few minor changes to help get your price exactly where it needs to be. One of the things that satisfies is most is to be able to help someone, even when they have a tight budget to be able to help them be able to get some affordable cabinets to be able to get some cabinets that fit within their budget. Rather than having to spend a whole lot more money or get into excessive amounts of debt, or to also not have to settle for not getting anywhere close to the dream kitchen that you’re wanting for your home, we take pride in being able to help you work Within your budget, we also take pride and offering getting these cabinets to you got a timely fashion, so, if you’re needing or wanting to maybe start the process of getting some Custom Cabinets together, we want you to check with us. We want you to find our website at Wild cabinets.com, be sure to go to our website and fill out a contact us form. Also, Hattiesburg Cabinets don’t forget, you can also find their website by searching cabinets Hattiesburg on your Google search. That’S another way that you can find our website and just go there, and we should come up somewhere on there and just click Wiles cabinets.com and should bring you to a contact. Us form can read about our business and about us, and then you can go to a contact us form and make a contact fill out that information and then we’ll get that information and contact you and start the process to getting you on your way to your Dream kitchen, so that you’ll be able to see what you what you can build and make your dreams a reality. When it comes to your Custom, Cabinets