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Hello once again, podcast listeners, you’re listening to you, the wild cabinets and flooring, podcast or happy very happy that you decided to take time out of your day to listen to what we have.. It’S clear. If you’re listening that, you must be in the market for some cabinets, maybe your shopping for some flooring. Maybe you need flooring for your new home. Maybe you need cabinets Hattiesburg for your new home, maybe there’s some countertops that you’re wanting to buy, Hattiesburg Cabinets but I’m sure that you’re here it’s not just to listen to me. Talk, you probably are interested or in the market to buy some cabinets, and that can be a difficult thing. It can be hard to find. Who do you buy from? Are you going to spend all this time and money and you’re going to buy cabinets and they’re? Not going to look like what you wanted, or are you going to be disappointed in the layout once it’s all said and done? Are you going to have to be on Dawnguard andEdge, because the contractor that you may take your money and run you have to be worried about? Hattiesburg Cabinets Maybe your concern that you’re going to pay some money down and then they’re going to tell you they’re going to have your cabinets in 3 weeks and then here, Hattiesburg Cabinets 2 months later, you sent with no cabinets wondering if you just been taken advantage of or Shams. These are all possibilities and things that fears that enter into the minds of those that are shopping for cabinets that are shopping for flooring, because these are actually real possibilities and they are real fears, but have no fear, I’m here to tell you you don’t have to Be scared of that you don’t have to be afraid, because the Wilds cabinets is here to meet the need. We can provide the services that you need. We can provide you with custom, cabinets and flooring and we can put your mind at ease so that you can know and trust that your money’s not going to be taking your X not going to be wastedyou going to be satisfied in the end. Cuz we’ll do whatever it takes to be sure that you’re happy with the finished product, even if we have to go above and beyond what is originally agreed to be sure that you get the product that you want any in. So we want you to rest assured cabinets Hattiesburg. We want you to. We want you to sleep well, knowing that you’re in good hands or not all state, but we are wild cabinets and flooring. I’M happy that you joined us today. My name is Greg wild. If I don’t think, I told you this already, but I’m Greg wild, I am the owner operator, one of the owners and the op one of the operators of Wilds cabinets and flooring. I own and operate this business with my father. We work in the business together. Hattiesburg Cabinets He founded the business 30 years ago and we continue to serve the community with good service and Custom Cabinets. We work hard to please. Our customers provide a good quality product time.

I’M married father-of-four. I’Ve been married to my wife Robin for 20 years. We were high-school sweethearts, we had four children together that keep us very busy, keep her very busy and we just love coming to work. We love offering the services that we provide to use the buyer to try to make you a happy clients that maybe you’ll tell others about us, and then we can offer our services 2, more 2, more more clients. So what does it look like to buy custom cabinets? Hattiesburg Cabinets That’S what we’re going to talk about today, what it? What is the process work? What do you even need to do that some questions that people would have if its people are building a house? They often have their Blueprints and they see their house going up and their contractor or whoever may tell them that hate you need to be tracking down. Some cabinets need to be fine in your cabinet maker and they may recommend the cabinet maker to you that they used to doing business with, but all the normal fears are there cuz? You don’t do you don’t know these people you’ve, never purchase cabinets before play soft in a big expense, and it’s usually something that you, especially the ladies of the house, tend to put a lot of stock in their kitchen. They’Ve been looking at magazines or you may been looking at Pinterest and you have all these ideas for your home and you want your kitchen to be the kitchen of your dreams. So where do you start or you might start by calling some of the cabinet makers or might be why I was referred to you? You may drop by their shop? It’S probably a lot of them are in their garage, and their backyard can be a little intimidating for some people that are familiar with the process. That can be a little awkward. Hattiesburg Cabinets Sometimes you’ll have to just go to one of the big box stores where you have to deal with a Salesman. That’S probably only been selling cabinets for two weeks and some cases he may have been working in the paint department just before that, and so you begin to see that maybe their knowledge is a little rusty on the area on the subject and not exactly kitchen designers. But we have for a solution to that. We have a full show room here at Wild cabinets. We have we’re right off the highway and Poplarville pre-service cabinets Hattiesburg you just come into our showroom or you can call for appointment will meet you here in our showroom. We try to make it comfortable for people to come in and Shop. You can come in and sit with us and talk about what you want to do with your kitchen for later. If you have time, we can let your blueprints out and we we go over exactly what you may want to try to get some of the ideas. Some of the nuggets of information that you may have about things that you may want in your kitchen.

We try to get those out of you and will write those down and we’ll take your information off your prince. If we need to, if your house isn’t built yet, and we can begin to work on the computer to do a rendering 3D rendering we have cabinet software that we use and then you can look at that, you can begin to remove ideas. You may have wanted, or you can add things will also the offer suggestions, because we have experience designers on staff we’ve seen a lot of kitchens got a lot of kitchens over the years. That are some things that seem good on paper. They sound good. They look good in the picture, but it’s not the best way to function in the kitchen. Sometimes they don’t get in the way that you don’t expect, but we haven’t experienced staff. That knows these things and can offer that advice to you, it’s your cabinet. So you can take that advice or not, but we’re happy to try to guide you if you need that guidance or also happy to just build exactly what you want, if you’re sure of what you want, we never doubt the intelligence of the consumer. If you know what you want or happy to build that, for, you will never argue with you about doing things another way, because it may be easier or cheaper for us or have to cut corners for any reason, we’re totally against doing that. We really believe that the customer should have the kitchen that they want. That’S why you would choose a custom Cabinet and we believe that you should come to us and that you did come to us and we’re not going to try to convince you to do something else: cabinets Hattiesburg so we’ll take that rendering once you approve of it, You may offer some opinion on it, Hattiesburg Cabinets and then we may make some changes, but will give you a price based on that and will give you an estimate. We don’t charge anything for that time. That spent will give you that free estimate and we’ll discuss your budget. If we need to we’ll try to work to stay within your budget and then we’ll work from there, you may decide you want to add some Hardware to it.

You may have room in your budget for fancy or Hardware or you may need to do something. A little more economical but will provide you with the knobs and pulls that you may need and the hinges that you may need I’ll come standard. Of course the hinges do and if you decide you want to add certain type of trim or molding. That can all be done course, Hattiesburg Cabinets where you can include crown molding is, is considered standard on all of our cabinets, so you won’t have to charge. We won’t charge you any extra for that, and we can also include under cabinet trim. If you want to put that on your cabinets, Hattiesburg, we can put under cabinet trim on there as well, and course, and Scribe molding, and things like that will be included, and we can show you that on your 3D rendering on the computer program, The Next Step Would be for us to come out and actually measure your house once you have your house built or framed up. We can at least come in there and measure from wall to wall even before you have sheetrock the next step. We can talk about that in the next program. Cuz we’re about out of time, tell him to give you the information on how you can get in touch with us and we’ll continue that discussion on the next podcast. But you can find us on wild cabinets.com, www. Wilds cabinets.com. You can also do a Google search for cabinets, Hattiesburg, be sure to search in the Google search bar and look for cabinets Hattiesburg and we should come up. Our website should pop up. You can click on that. You can also find us on Facebook under Wilds cabinets and flooring on Facebook, so be sure to go to our website and fill out. The contact us form and what’s your information, that you just have to put your name in your email address and we will set up a Salesman from our shop, will call you or contact you through email pretty quickly after you send that for man, and I need A way to get the start of contacts that we can begin to price, your give you a free estimate for your kitchen cabinets.