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Play Welcome podcast listeners how you doing today my name is Greg: wild, the owner and operator of Wilds cabinets and flooring right here in the beautiful Poplarville Mississippi, I’m sitting here looking outside it’s a beautiful day, I’m watching the traffic pass by out here on Highway 26. It’S a Monday evening we just getting over our Thanksgiving holidays, but Thanksgiving has done it’s daylight. Savings time is over. So it’s about 4:30 right now and it’s getting dark. It looks like it’s about 7 outside already, but the weather is cool on Sunset and it’s really starting to feel like winter time down here in the south of in south Mississippi and where you are, with wild cabinets, wild cabinets and flooring of cabinets Hattiesburg and were Like I say, we were excited that you have joined us today to talk about cabinets and talk about kitchen, cabinets, Hattiesburg and kitchen cabinets Poplarville. We love to talk about kitchen cabinets. We like to talk about flooring as well. We’Ll talk about anything you want to talk about what we’ve been talking about, finishes and finish options for your kitchen cabinets, different ways that you can have your cabinets painted see when you go with custom cabinets, you’re, not limited when you go with custom cabinets, Hattiesburg you’re, Not limited on what designs you can choose from you’re, not limited to have to pick from two or three different kitchen cabinets. You can pick any kind of design you want for your kitchen cabinets, There’s No Limit! You can do whatever you want to do, whatever your you can dream of whatever type of Custom Cabinets you want for your home. We can make that happen, but we are the professionals. Hattiesburg Cabinets This is what we do. We do kitchen cabinets everyday. We build kitchen cabinets all the time we build custom, cabinets and custom vanities and custom bookcases and bookshelves. We got to order just the other day for some custom bookshelves for lady we’re going to build those custom bookshelves to fit in her room and her space. Next, to a fireplace to fit just how she wants him to fit, she doesn’t have to settle for less than what she wants.

She sure is a picture of what she wants and we’re going to make it happen, and we’re very excited to be able to do that. We’Re happy to be able to be able to make people’s dreams are reality when it comes to the cabinets for their home and cabinets. Hattiesburg we’ve been talking about Painted, finishes and options for your Custom Cabinets options for your kitchen cabinets we’ve been talking about how you can have your kitchen cabinets painted if you want, when we talked a little bit about the upside and downside to that, because Paul painted Finishes are a great option for your cabinets, because you can get just about any color that you want. That also have some limitations being that they can chip a little bit and Nick a little bit, and I can generally be a little bit more difficult to touch up or, if there’s not a professional involved. We want you to feel confident still if you want painted cabinets or what we’re professionals will be happy to get the best possible finish, will use high-quality finishes and will be able to make a quality finish for your painted cabinets Hattiesburg. Hattiesburg Cabinets The second option that you have available to you: it is stained cabinets. We discussed the other day how you can stain your cabinets. You can get those cabinets stained, any color that you want pretty much. I mean you are a little bit limited to color selection. Not quite as broad spectrum as you can with paint, but you can still get stains and stain leaves a lot of natural wood variation for your Custom, Cabinets and stained cabinets. Really. Look pretty and natural, and sometimes even like a hickory cabinet, can add a real rustic appeal to your home or business or whatever room of your house that you’re wanting kitchen cabinets or Custom Cabinets in another option that we haven’t discussed yet would be just what you Would call a varnished, finished or clear coat finish and I’ll be taking the wood grain the wood itself and not implying anything to it at all or paint to it at all. It would simply seal the wood coat the wood with lacquer, finish or varnish finish commonly root. People would refer to it as just polyurethaning the cabinets or clear coating, your Custom Cabinets. We use top-of-the-line products here at Wilds, cabinets and flooring for your Custom Cabinets Harrisburg. We will take clear finishes: will use pre, catalyzed, lacquer and a lot of cases. Hattiesburg Cabinets These will be non yellowing finish is that we just we apply through spray gun and will clear coat for wood. What you know if you do use a hickory Woods, we put that clear finish on there and it makes all the wood grain really stand out and look really good, but it’ll seal that would without adding any stain to it. No really let the finish of the the wood grain itself shine through a really look, really look good and I’ll be protected, will put three to four coats.

Most of the times we put for coats of finish on there of clear coat on top of your wood and we’ll make those look like many Sheen that you want to for your Custom Cabinets. If you want to go fishing with almost no shine to it at all, that’s been really popular lately. Are you can get a satin finish for your clear coat for your Custom, Cabinets, Hattiesburg, candy, satin, finish or semi-gloss finish folks are still want to do a high gloss finish for their custom cabinets, so, whatever type of clear coat finish that you want for your custom Cabinets were able to provide that at Wild cabinets and flooring cuz we give the best finishes. We take the time to read this and completely insane and all the wood to a nice, smooth sanded feel towards ready to accept that clear coat and they will cook those doors and and all of your components for your cabinets, with a good 34 coats of clear coat. Really build up a nice protective layer for your wood, the last year’s to come. So when it comes to clear finishes for your cabinets, you can do clear finishes. We can do like or finishes you can do it. Hattiesburg Cabinets Water base finishes some. We have done acrylic polyurethane finishes on cabinets before we’ve done, acrylic polyurethane stays clear type polyurethane finishes for your Custom Cabinets. If you want to do a wood cabinet that has a clear finish on it, rather than the stain finish or painted finished walls, cabinets and flooring. We can do that, for you we’re going to do the best job. Hattiesburg Cabinets We can we’re going to cook those cabinets for you with this many coats that we can get on there to give you a good, clear finish, something that’s going to hold up for your kitchen cabinets and your Custom Cabinets Hattiesburg for a long time to come. We want you to have many years of good use out of your Custom Cabinets, another option that you can do rather than just a varnish finish or a clear coat finish or stain finish or painted finish. You can also do a glaze finish. Hattiesburg Cabinets Glaze places are wiped on to the to the cabinets and they add depth to this to the stained cabinet or they add depth to the painted cabinet. Glazes are a pigmented finish: they they do have color to them, but they are transparent or semi-transparent. So the color. It’S somewhat see through, but when they replied, they rub into the areas in the cabinet doors, the recesses in the cabinet doors of your kitchen cabinets to work. It shows the details, so glazed can go on a painted cabinet, a painted custom Cabinet and it’s going to show the details in the cabinets going to make it stand out and add depth to the Finish. There usually hand applied with a brush or rag and then wiped off by hand, and then it leaves to glaze in the recesses in the corners and shows the imperfections of the wood, or it also can show distressed areas in the woods. The glazes is considered a premium finish cuz. It is required a lot of hand. Work is required.

A lot of manual labor is required to wipe those glasses on, but it really gives you a unique and one-of-a-kind option for your Custom Cabinets. Cuz he’s going to it’s. Not good, it’s not a mass-produced thing. It’S detailer, Artisan or craftsmanship Craftsman detail that takes a little bit of technique to make it look good and then wants to glaze the plot: a good Cabinet Shop, a good quality Cabinets going to also top coat that glaze and lock that in so we don’t have To worry about the glaze rubbing off a lot of your cheaper cabinet offerings are going to put the glaze on after the clear finish is applied. The problem with that is you have to worry about that wiping off down the line. When you clean your cabinets, you really don’t want this happening with your brand new Custom Cabinets Hattiesburg. He don’t want the glaze wife, and also it’s good to lock that finish in lock it in with a good, clear coat to remember how Wild cabinets in form going to use a top-quality clear coat for your cabinets for your kitchen. Cabinets are going to put those on there and make sure that you have a good, clear coated product, even if it’s over a glaze or if you do a painted finish working to make sure you have a high quality painted finished for your Custom Cabinets for your Kitchen cabinets in your home or in your office or in your bathrooms, or laundry room, we do those cabinets for any of those areas in your house. Hattiesburg Cabinets We want you to be able to contact us. We want you to be able to find us, because we think everyone that builds a house or is doing a remodel should have an opportunity to find wild cabinets and flooring of Poplarville and Miles cabinets and flooring of Hattiesburg cabinets. We want you to be able to find us and locate us so that we can also reach out to you and be able to give you a free estimate in the free 3D rendering for your new home or for your remodel home, that you’re doing. If you’re doing the remodeling, the kitchen so be sure to go to our website and it Wilds cabinets.com, that’s why it’s cabinets.com or you can do a search on your Google search, search for wild cabinets or search for cabinets Hattiesburg and our website should come up and Go to our contact us page can be sure to fill out the information so that we can get in touch with you to get. You started on your dream kitchen that you’ve been dreaming of