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Hello, everyone welcome welcome, welcome to Wild cabinets and flooring podcast, or so how excited that you decided to join us for Custom Cabinets Hattiesburg for Custom Cabinets in Poplarville Mississippi. We are the Builder of Custom Cabinets. We build custom cabinets anyway that you want them. We love to build custom. Cabinets would like to make our customers happy with their purchases we like to build and make help people’s dreams come true when they’re designing their new kitchen and we’ve been talking here lately about wood species. We’Ve already talked extensively about the types of finishes that you can get for your Custom Cabinets. We want to talk a little bit more about the types of wood that you can build. Hattiesburg Cabinets Your Custom Cabinets out of the some of the options that you have for building Custom Cabinets or for your closets. If you want to do a custom closet, you have to decide what type of wood you want to build, that out of and there’s many types of wood species out there there’s many type of domestic species exotic species, but there’s some that we tend to use more or Less often than not, when it comes to building Custom Cabinets for homeowners and remodelers in the cabinets, Hattiesburg area or in the Poplarville in south, Mississippi area, there’s different types of wood species that we can use. We’Ve already talked a little bit about a couple of them. Hattiesburg Cabinets I didn’t even for this. I didn’t even tell everyone here you’re listening to, but you are listening to Greg while – and I am the owner and operator the Wilds cabinets and flooring and we’re located in Poplarville, Mississippi Poplarville is located in south, Mississippi or near the Gulf Coast or south of Hattiesburg of Cabinets Hattiesburg South Hattiesburg about 30 miles, maybe about 30 minute drive, but we do work in the Hattiesburg area. We’Ve done a lot of work in the Hattiesburg area over the years and that’s an area that we love to service. We like our Hattiesburg customers or happy that they trust us to do their kitchen in the cabinet work or we’re happy with all the any of the contractors that have decided to give us an opportunity to do their work form. We find it an honor and we don’t. We don’t take it lightly – that you’re willing to spend your money with us to get the kitchen that you want and we try to work very hard and diligently to provide you with the kitchen.

If your dreams are, we try to do that on time and on budget every time we work hard to do that anyway, back to the discussion, we were talking about what we’ve already talked about: the oak wood that comes from oak trees, of course, and how strong It is, and it has a very nice distinctive appearance. We also talked a little bit about Birchwood and how we can construct cabinets out of birch Without Walls, cabinets and Custom Cabinets Hattiesburg, that we do use birch wood for the boxes that we build for your Custom Cabinets, one of the other wood species that you can Use – and we actually do use quite often when customers come in selecting kitchen cabinets for their home, probably most of the time most of the custom cabinets that we’ve built over the years, probably about 80 % – maybe I would guess has been built out of Maplewood Maple Is a very common custom Cabinet material? You see it a lot in home, decorating, magazines and maple cabinets are considered a high class cabinet, it is considered a quality custom Cabinet. Hattiesburg Cabinets Cuz Maplewood is sturdy and durable and it has an unusually fine texture and it is smooth and has a nice uniform grain. Maplewood is generally real, looker creamy white. It does have some reddish streaks on the Maplewood that been deep in when you put stain on it and enhancers that has a mineral streaking in it, and maple does have bird’s-eye dots or, like I said, the mineral streaking in it, and it has a curling grain. Small lines that add depth in appearance to Maple Maple does have green show. But it’s not it’s not as prevalent a grain as what Oak is going to have on it. Maple Maple, Custom, Cabinets and and maple does take a stain for the Hattiesburg cabinets that takes the stain well and we can stain Maple to a lot of different colors weave off and taking Maplewood and tried to make it look like Cherry. If someone wanted Cherry cabinets but we’re on a tight budget couldn’t afford maybe to spend that much on Cherry, Hattiesburg Cabinets we can offer them Maple as an option Maplewood with a stain combined with a toner and the clear coats for like a Furniture finished or able to build That color and make it look like and make it look more like cherry wood than maple wood, and also we are able to make take Maple and look make it look like Walnut. If we need to, we can use the brown walnut stains with toners and dies and things to make maple look more like a walnut stain. That’S an option, but Maple is a strong wood.

It’S this also very good that we use for painting cabinets. A lot of prefabricated cabinet shops will use MDF or pressboard or high density fiberboard when they build cabinets that are going to be painted for custom cabinets for cabinets, Hattiesburg that are going to be painted. They’Ll often used to MDF or the high-density fiberboard, rather than a real wood, but we like to use maple wood because it does take a stand well, we’ll order. Maple will get it in and playing in sand. It really well and they will shoot a good primer on there and then two or three coats of topcoat paint to give it a nice smooth painted finish so, just to recap, we have talked about oak cabinets and oak cabinets or probably have used to be the Standard we used to do Morrow cabinets in anything. We started to do more Maple, probably now, but mainly because we need more painted cabinets. Then we used to. But you do, you can choose from Oak. We talked about Oak and its benefits well-stocked about Bert’s, Custom, Cabinets and Custom Cabinets Hattiesburg, for maybe you can get Maple cabinets and if you want to use maple, another option would be hickory-hickory. Is a very nice wood, we’re doing a set of Hickory cabinets right now? Hickory has a lot of graining in it. It’S a very rustic. Look lot of people use Hickory cabinets when they’re doing cabinets for a custom cabinets for cabins or, Hattiesburg Cabinets if they’re doing more of a Camp. Lo score lot of times, people that, like hunters and things like that, they want that more rustic cabin he looked I’ll go with us. Hickory look kind of gives it a good country Country Charm. Hickory is generally cheaper than what Sherry would be. It has a two-toned appearance and Scott light, streaks and then natural kind of mineral streaking that are kind of a darker or reddish kind of color, and then it, but I can bury a lot even in a single piece of wood. You have a lot of light and dark. Usually Hickory is going to be sealed with a clear finish and when you put that clarify the finish on, it really makes those Groening differences in appearance pop.

It makes it really stand out. We often will use just kind of a medium tone stain on the Hickory Custom Cabinets To Go that. Stains very well, and it really highlights the variation in color that you have with the hickory wood and the the stains. Typically, don’t penetrate too deep does hickory is a nice tight grain? You want to make sure that you’re careful not to wear the finish on Hickory, so we will be extra careful to make sure that we build up a nice clear, coat and he’s a good penetrating sealer to seal the soap down in the Hickory and really seal. The wood and then build you, some good clear coat on top of it. Hickory’S, probably or I think it is actually one of the stronger Woods available to us in the cabinet industry and I always feel good selling a set of Hickory cabinets, because I know it’s going to last a long long time and some people can’t get over the Unevenness in the color of Hickory, but lot of people do like their looks, and you can really create a one-of-a-kind kitchen by using hickory for your cabinets really get that rustic. Hattiesburg Cabinets Look some of the my favorite sets of cabinets that we built over the years that I’ve been most pleased with have been Hickory cabinets. We talked so far about oak cabinets, Custom, Cabinets, Hattiesburg, we’ve talked about Maple Birch. I think we talked about birds cabinets. We did. We talked about Birch Custom Cabinets, we also talked about the maple cabinets and how we use maple. We can stain or paint Maple most of time. If we do do a painted set of cabinets is going to be Maple that we’re going to use for that, and then, of course, there’s Hickory like we discussed last was Hickory cabinets going to be a real strong, would give you a nice rustic look but be Sure to look us up on wild cabinets.com, be sure to find for Custom Cabinets Hattiesburg, make sure to go to our website and fill out a form so that we can get in touch with you just as soon as we can to get. You started on your dream. Kitchen will see you next time thanks for listening. This is Greg over now.