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Good afternoon is come glad that everyone could join us today, you’re listening to Greg wild speaking time, the voice of wild cabinets and flooring. I’M so excited to be here with you today: cabinets Hattiesburg, I’m so excited that you’re listening from Hattiesburg so excited that people in Poplarville are interested in buying cabinets and people in cabinets. Hattiesburg would like to cabinets we’re glad that you joined us today today, I’m going to tell you a little bit more about our business. My name is Greg wild. I am the owner, one of the owners of Wilds cabinets and flooring. My father is also a co-owner of Wilds cabinets and flooring, and we’ve been in business for about 30 years. We we work a few people, we have a small staff of experience, cabinet makers and a staff of experienced sales people that can help you design and do the layout of your cabinets. We are very excited, also be a flooring, distributor or a flooring wholesaler in our area for flooring and cabinets, Hattiesburg and countertops Hattiesburg, or happy that we’re able to offer these Services. Hattiesburg Cabinets We have been selling flooring since hurricane Katrina. We used to mainly just do cabinets and countertops, but now we sell flooring ever since hurricane Katrina – that’s been, I guess, about 12 years ago, since hurricane Katrina came through it’s 2017, it’s a beautiful day here in Poplarville were nearing Thanksgiving week. Thanksgiving is this Thursday, so people abandon Meagher to get theirs homes remodeled and fixed up before many family and friends are going to be coming to their houses for for parties and get-togethers, and hopefully days of a day of giving, thanks to God, for the wonderful blessings That he’s blessed us with for the Bounty that is living in America. We have a or very blessed to live in America, Hattiesburg Cabinets land of freedom and a place where you can own and operate a business or you can work hard and strive to succeed. Or you can do a business like we’ve done., Although it’s very difficult at times to being business, is also very rewarding, and this is how we feed our families. This is how we put food on our way on our plates and close on. Our children’s backs is by offering a service that people want and by building cabinets Hattiesburg for people and by doing the best that we can and by being number one.

That was so that people will want to buy from us and so that customers will consider continue to want to patronize our business and we’re excited to be able to do that. We enjoy the process when doing custom cabinets for our customers. We also enjoy selling flooring to our customers, which is what we’ll talk a little bit about today. We started out then 2005 2006 right after Hurricane. Hattiesburg Cabinets By offering laminate floor, laminate flooring was real popular at the time they were still doing a little bit. Instead of using More carpet, they decided to tear out the carpet and put laminate flooring in so laminate was a very big seller. It’S kind of falling out of favor now because it’s been replaced by better and better products, or mainly the WPC or vinyl plank flooring. That installs like the laminate one of the easy things about the laminate flooring was that it could be installed floating and lava. Do-It-Yourselfers would do the installation they can lay it easier than sit by themselves and having a full with glue and down wood or glue and down hardwood the companies that manufacture the laminates had decided and engineered some ways that they can do a lock and click system. On the floor – and that made it very easy to install – and I made it good for all – of the customers and the cabinets Hattiesburg area – and I made it that made it very easy for them to install their flooring. And so it became a very popular product and that’s how we entered the flooring Market rather than just doing cabinets Hattiesburg. We were able to also offer flooring Hattiesburg. So that’s what got us started. We started also sell carpet after that vinyl plank flooring, hardwood flooring and slowly over the years, we’ve just added more more products. As the customers have made demands for us to sell more products, we decided to meet the need and try to offer this products to the people around our area here in Poplarville right now, as of right now, there’s no other flooring stores in Poplarville. That used to be another store, Hattiesburg Cabinets but they went out of business. So I guess about 6 or 8 years ago, maybe maybe 5 or 6 years ago. They shut down and left us. The only flooring dealer in Poplarville and we’re happy to be the only flooring dealer in Poplarville if you want to continue to be the best flooring dealer in Poplarville, but we also like I said we also sell the the WPC I’m just a waterproof flooring. That’S it and it stalls like the laminate – that’s probably 90 % of what we’ve been selling lately. Most people are wanting that floating vinyl or WPC flooring because it’s easy to install, but it’s also waterproof.

So if you do get spills on it or you know, dogs have accidents on Earth easy to clean, it doesn’t mess up the core of the product. So it’s a very easy to clean product. That’S a very nice looking product. It looks a lot like real hardwood with the changes in Technologies are able to print the imagery that goes on the top players of the floating vinyl to make it look like an actual hardwood floor. They also put in Bossman, they call it they emboss it to. Where has the has the Grain and texture, and then the Grain and texture often times should actually line up with the imagery that you have on there. So if it looks like you have, but not there in the image on the top of the floor, Hattiesburg Cabinets should also feel like there’s a knot there on the image on the top of the floor and that’s what gives you a better quality looking for a realistic-looking floor. So tense of look a lot like real wood, but it’s actually just simulated, but most of the time, unless you’re really have a keen iron of the difference is very hard to tell the difference in and they are real wood and then the vinyl flooring and cabinets Hattiesburg, that’s just a few of the flooring products that we sell cuz. We also sell the brick flooring and we sell the brick pavers and we sell carpet and vinyl and and don’t forget that the course, the main thing that we love to do is offer a custom cabinets for a client’s. We build all of our boxes out of 3/4 inch plywood sides and base components, they’re all going to be a hundred percent real wood and I truly custom. We build your cabinets to your exact sizes and also to any color. You can imagine we going to build your cabinets and paint them in any color. Are you may want to stain your cabinets? You may want us to use a Golden Oak stain or a dark oak, wiping stain for your cabinets. Hattiesburg Cabinets Hattiesburg. You may want mahogany cabinets. You may want to stay paint them white or blue. A lot of people are still using gray cabinets. They will. The gray color has still been in people are paying their walls gray and then they’ll do their cabinets, a darker gray, or vice versa, and then we’re still also doing a lot of countertops as well, and you can get your countertops in light, colors or dark colors. In the countertops that we sell actually look a lot like the real granite countertops, so you can get formica.

That looks a lot like granite and the formica edging the edge profiles of the slabs of formica laminate countertops are going to be designed to look like Granite edging. So unless you really look closely it’s hard to tell the difference, but if you’re on a budget, that’s one place that you can save a little money is by going with the formica edging rather than the granite countertops with. If you do want granite countertops, we also can refer you to a few shops that we do business with. That are high-quality that do very good work and we were happy to give their name to you on a referral to where they can also provide you. Some nice granite or quartz countertops for your kitchen for your brand new Custom, Cabinets Hattiesburg and we’re happy to do that. So we want to make sure you’re able to get in touch with us anytime that you want to get in touch with us. We want to make sure that you were easy to find we’re working hard to be sure that anyone that’s in the market for cabinets, Hattiesburg or flooring or for countertops. You want to make sure that you can find us so that we can get come out and give you a free estimate and a 3D rendering so be sure to call our phone number or Wilds cabinets and flooring and we’re at 601-795-0305. You can be sure to call us there Monday, through Friday, where are are, are showroom hours usually from about 9 to 5. But if you call on the weekend, Hattiesburg Cabinets we can also set up appointments to meet with you on a Saturday. If we need to we like to work by appointment when we can, that allows us to be able to offer to spend some good time with you without being interrupted, so be sure to also Google search and search for cabinets Hattiesburg on your Google search. And then our website, wild cabinets.com, should come up and then just click on the URL and be sure to go there and fill out a contact us form so that we can get in touch with you to help. You discover the walls difference.