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Good afternoon podcast listeners, this is great wild. Your host today you’re joining us, I’m sitting here in my shop of Wilds cabinets and flooring where located in Poplarville, Mississippi down in beautiful south Mississippi. We are just south of cabinets Hattiesburg. We also south of cabinets Picayune and are north of cabinets picking actually – and today I wanted to talk to you a little bit about what we have to offer here at Wilds, the products that we sell a little bit about us. We’Ve been in business here in Poplarville for about 30 years, my father, Thomas wild, started the business back in, like the early 1990s, we’ve been servicing and serving the Pearl River County in Poplarville area. Hattiesburg Cabinets Ever since we also go into cabinets Hattiesburg area, we go into parts of Louisiana which go to Wiggins. Mississippi is area that we Service as well and pretty much anywhere around this area will provide the custom cabinets and floor covering that you may need for your home or office or commercial building would be happy. If you would look this up and maybe give us a phone call, would be more than happy more than happy to come out and take a look at your project. Hattiesburg Cabinets What’S the name of the I want to go over that talk to you about all the things that we have to offer when we started out here many years ago we started out just building custom furniture. Hattiesburg Cabinets We have kind of gotten away from that, but we used to build manly, custom, furniture and entertainment, centers gun cabinet things like that tables people would want a custom table building my dad would build and that take the raw wood and build the table for more a Lot of times he did antique reproductions, curio cabinets things of that nature. He would match. Pieces look up in you, see old, antique books and things need fine. Pieces and make reproduction. But over the years you start adventure and more and more into offering Custom Cabinets. He had a few customers at work, had asked him to build some historic type: Custom Cabinets for their home, what you did – and they were pleased with those, so it’s kind of open the doors trying to start building more Custom Cabinets. So he started building more Custom, Cabinets Hattiesburg. He started actually building cabinets Friday or in his shop, and then we did have a hurricane.

In 1998, Hurricane George came through and destroy the buildings that we had up here, that he had his Furniture and Things in and then took. It was able to recover from that after about a year or so, of hard work and diligence and was able to build some bigger buildings which allowed him to build a bigger cabinet shop and offered more Custom Cabinets. Then he you know faster and more little better production, and he was in the past and said made gave him opportunity to reach out and start service and some other areas. Then he slowly grew that selling more Custom, Cabinets, Hattiesburg and then in 2005. Hurricane Katrina hit our area and, of course, Katrina devastated much of the Gulf Coast and hear about New Orleans a lot and on the news and on the TV. But the Gulf Coast was really devastated, many many many homes were lost, some lives were lost, the flooding was very, very bad. The storm surge from Hurricane Katrina came through, and Hurricane Katrina actually passed. The eyewall passed right over Pearl River County right over Poplarville. Hattiesburg Cabinets It’S interesting to note that the Community College, here, not long after in the weeks after Katrina, hit the President George W bush at the time they flew in. We got to see US Air Force or Marine one. I think it’s called helicopters fly over and he landed at the Pearl River Community College over here and he was coming down this way to assess the damages, and I use this as a point. I guess for him to travel out to assess those damages, says low. Interesting side note about Poplarville and Antioch Katrina came through and it I was working at the time for a dealer for selling flooring and paint, and once Hurricane Katrina passed through the building and Recovery efforts really took off, and I saw an opportunity to leave that job And head over here to work with my father and his business, so I quit my job. I’Ve been at for 10 years, come over here and begin and build cabinets for the rebuilding effort right here in Poplarville, and we also sell cabinets to some of the areas in Louisiana that were hit as well.

But in that time we also started to see a need for Floor Covering, and since I was familiar with that business from my prior job, we started to sell more flooring, started selling laminate flooring and that went really well for us for a little while and then We start adding other products, so I just slowly added more and more types of flooring. We started selling carpet. We started to sell vinyl flooring, hardwood flooring, ceramic tile, nothing products like that. We started to offer more and more of those type of things as the need grew, and it leads us to where we are today, where we pretty much are full service flooring dealer. We sell all types of flooring, vinyl, flooring and carpet in the whole nine yards, which sell and install around Poplarville and cabinets Hattiesburg area, and it’s become a big part of what we do so the other thing we salads. We we used to deal with solid surface countertops, we still fabricate those, but we got away from that because it was very time consuming and with all the granite shops around they were. Most people started to use Granite rather than solid surface, Hattiesburg Cabinets so we got away from the solid surface and we began dealing more with the formica products which iconic kind of gone out of favor, but with the introduction of some new Styles and what better high definition. Printing Technologies, formica Wilsonart Sable to make a laminate that’s, looks a lot better than the old style stuff. It’S the table to Amy like Granite. They actually have edging on it and profiles that look like a granite edge, Granite profile, cabinets Hattiesburg, and then we started to order. Slabs of those is needed and we can fabricate those we have. Hattiesburg Cabinets A big countertop saw that we can put the slab up there and make your Cuts. We also need to do the cap work on it, cut the sink sinkholes and things like that. So going from just selling a little bit of.

Reproduction furniture too many years later or still in business, we offer a fully custom Cabinet that we build to steer specifications to fit in your house, and we also can for your house or resale countertops, and we still Do a little bit of furniture repair, we don’t do as much Furniture repairs we used to, but we’ll still people bring chairs by occasionally in things like that that might need fixing when we have time we’ll try to do that. But basically, we pretty much have brought our business into the three main categories and that’s our Custom Cabinets Hattiesburg, our countertops and flooring. That’S the three main products that we sell. That’S the three main things that we deal with that sweet. You know we want to come. Install flooring in your house, we can install cabinets in your house with all the trim and crown molding that we can put the counter tops on for you. We can do all of that, for you would be happy to come out and measure for you just have to give us a call or her look on our website and try to make arrangements with us and we’ll try to come and give you a free estimate. Don’T forget, we do free 3D, rendering we take but come measure your house, and then we do a 3D rendering or 3-D drawing of your kitchen or vanities. Her laundry room, whatever room in your house that you may want cabinets Hattiesburg. We I want you to be able to find this. We want you to look for a song online, be sure to go to our website. That said, wild cabinets.com, you can be sure to find us there. You can also search on Google, for so you can go to Google and you can type in while it’s cabinets or you can type in cabinets Hattiesburg. You can find us there at Google, on cabinets, Hattiesburg Cabinets Hattiesburg or wild cabinets, be sure to check and go to our website fill out a contact us form and then we’ll be happy to email. It email you back or give you a call and try to make arrangements to come out and measure your home and see what your knees maybe or happy that you join us today will come back tomorrow and talk a little bit more about Wilds, cabinets and flooring. Next time have a great day,