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Welcome once again, ladies and gentlemen, to The Wilds cabinets and flooring podcast, where you, where we discuss everything to do with cabinets and flooring, Kitchen Cabinets, custom, kitchen, cabinets, cabinets Hattiesburg. We also can talk about all the types of Floor Covering that we sell here in our store. Our showroom is located in Poplarville, Mississippi of Hattiesburg Hattiesburg cabinets south of Hattiesburg about. Let me about a half hour on I-59 or north of Picayune. Mississippi were also located near the Mississippi Gulf Coast, not far from Gulfport and Biloxi. New Orleans is about an hour away. We do service there’s areas, including Slidell and Covington Mandeville area we’ve been in business here for 30 years. We’Ve been fortunate to do business in Poplarville Mississippi for many years were happy to be able to serve this area with custom cabinets in kitchen cabinets and floor covering for all this time, and we do have a custom Cabinet Shop for we construct everything. Everything is handmade from the bottom up, Hattiesburg Cabinets you’re not going to find any particle board, and these cabinets are not going to find any MDF in these cabinets. Everything is going to be solid wood or plywood, and you’re going to get an exceptionally built will build custom Cabinet for your money for the dollars that you decide to spend on your Custom Cabinets for your kitchen cabinets Hattiesburg in your home. Well, so don’t tell our drawer boxes are going to all be dovetailed and built out of wood. That’S finished to a nice finish and a way that is going to provide many years were blasting service for your kitchen kitchen and for the area of your home that you going to spend most of your time cooking and spending time with your family in your kitchen.

With your Custom Cabinets in your kitchen, cabinets in your home for your Custom Cabinets Hattiesburg and which provide lasting value products that are going to wear well for you and hold up for many years to come. That you’ll be more than satisfied and pleased to be able to enjoy spending time with your family and these areas, if your home for your Custom Cabinets in your kitchen cabinets needs from Hattiesburg, Mississippi and also Poplarville Mississippi and all these areas, we love what we do. We’Re excited to be able to offer kitchen cabinets and custom custom built cabinets for your home or for your office or for your business. We have done cabinets for businesses, we’ve done Custom Cabinets for places like schools and colleges often use our services for cabinets countertops. Hattiesburg Cabinets We have done many countertops for for the colleges and hospitals. We’Ve done work for so we’re not limited to just doing the kitchen cabinets in your home. You may have a business or an office that you need Custom Cabinets for that would be more than happy to accommodate you with that and give you the best value you can get for your kitchen cabinets for your home or office or School whatever that you may Need more storage or you may want to improve the value of your office or home baby, your remodeling, a home, maybe you’re, needing cabinets Hattiesburg for a home. That’S your remodeling, maybe you’re, flipping doing home flip. A lot of people are buying properties to fix up when the market gets better they’ll hold on the property and then, when the market picks up their resale, that that property for more value. And they do that in order to be able to turn a profit. And if you want to be able to turn a profit which of this house a lot of times, it’s good to have Custom Cabinets or remodel kitchen and they’re, definitely flooring is also another option. Don’T forget that we do sell all types of flooring. We got some new stuff in now. Just got a new display full of flooring. That is ceramic tile. That looks like wood that people are still using been around for quite some time, but they really improved on the looks and images of these products to be able to give you a lifetime floor with this tile. That looks like wood, so you can get there. Rustic appeal for your kitchen or other part to your home, but also get to the durability of the ceramic tile or porcelain tile.

Do we love to be able to help people make these decisions for their home to be able to decide on the proper products? The things that Custom Cabinets, the wood colors and styles and things that you may want to add to your home, to make your kitchen beautiful to make your home beautiful to make your house sell for more than what it would. Hattiesburg Cabinets If you didn’t do these things and that’s what we’re here for Wheel of providing Hattiesburg cabinets with this opportunity, with the ability to be able to make these decisions and help the help you along to make these decisions to make you experience the best that it can Be if you need ceramic tile for your home, if you need vinyl flooring for your home, no forget that we also sell hardwood we’re going to have the best prices around when it comes to these products, because we offer wholesale pricing on these items Cash and Carry You come in and order it will get the material in for you and you’re out the door with the best value that you can get don’t be fooled. Thinking that you’ll save money by going to the big box and Home Centers hands down, beat their prices. Most of the time, it’s not hard for us to beat their prices because General, their markup is higher than what are just going to be. We can sell these products to you with low margin by my selling volume to you on this product. We get good pricing from our Distributors to help keep us competitive with the Home Centers in some of these other stores. That claim to have the lowest prices on these products. So remember if you need Custom Cabinets or any type of kitchen cabinet for your home, and you want them exceptionally built – you want to build inner quality Manor you want installers is going to treat your home like their own home. That’S going to come into your home and be clean and courteous and take their time and care to ensure that the job is done correctly and you want to be sure you call us at Wilds, Hattiesburg Cabinets cabinets and flooring. You don’t want to deal with people that you can’t trust in your home that you have to be worried that they may steal from you that can’t be trusted names that you don’t know and trust people that don’t have a reputation for doing quality work. We want you to be sure that you feel safe and comfortable with the people that we send out. So we pick only the best installers lot of times.

We come in personally oversee the installations that we can assure you every time that you’re going to be satisfied with the work. That’S done. We want to make sure that you’re always happy and content with the product that you get for your cabinets, Hattiesburg so be sure to check with wilds cabinets and flooring tradition of quality for over 30 years in the custom Cabinet business we do offer flooring, custom, Cabinetry And countertops – and you can yourself discover the Wilds difference, but we do provide 100 % real wood Custom Cabinets. We offer box construction of three quarter inch. Plywood sides, that’s ideal for today’s heavy stone and granite countertops. We also offer 3D computer-generated design that you can use to do your layout for your cabinets to see exactly what you’re going to get before you place the order for your cabinets. We also always include dovetail drawer boxes are going to be standard on your cabinets, rather than with a costly upgrade that you were fine with most places that sell cabinets or even Custom Cabinets Hattiesburg and don’t forget that also door hinges. Soft-Close door hinges are going to be standard and all our cabinets or as most places are not standard and they’re all only available with a costly upgrade as well, because they tend to use cheat engine to keep costs down. Hattiesburg Cabinets So we also truly build custom cabinets to fit your exact size and any color you want. So you don’t have to be limited by the look of your cabinets. You don’t have to be limited by the color of your cabinets for the design, her layout of your cabinets. You can truly get your dream kitchen and your custom cabinets built the exact dimensions and specifications when you buy from walls, cabinets and flooring. As long as you have to do to contact us as call her phone number call her shop number and talk to one of our designers at 7, 958 area code 601-795-0305 also be sure to visit and our web page at Wilds, cabinets.com, Wilds, cabinets.com or just do A simple Google search for cabinets, Hattiesburg or wild cabinets, and you should see our web page, come up and be sure to go. There fill out a form to get your free estimate and free in-house measure. An estimate will meet with. You will also come back to the shop and do a 3D rendering for you, since you can see your dream kitchen before it becomes a reality and discover the Wilds difference. That will see you next time.