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Good morning, it’s a beautiful day in south Mississippi, I’m here in Poplarville, Mississippi. Cabinets Hattiesburg,  I am coming to you on a beautiful Thursday morning. The sun is shining the rain. Finally, dried up – we’ve had quite a bit of rain here. Lately, down in Poplarville, we’ve been very busy trying to get some cabinets installed, Custom Cabinets put in for kitchens and bathrooms all through South Mississippi, I’m Greg wild, I’m with wild cabinets and flooring. We’Re located in Poplarville, Mississippi or south of Hattiesburg and Cabinets Hattiesburg are about 30 miles south of Hattiesburg north of Gulf Coast Area, Mississippi. I’M really not too far from New Orleans and Slidell Covington Mandeville areas. Picayune is probably our nearest large town hoppvals, a small town about 4,000 people who are happy to serve this area. We’Ve been here for 30 years, we’ve been serving the Poplarville area in Pearl River County with kitchen cabinets and Hattiesburg Cabinets for laundry rooms bathrooms you name it. If you need kitchen cabinets, we can provide you with the best possible Custom Cabinets hattiesburg. We also offer a small prefab laminate cabinets for those that are on a very tight budget. We don’t want to leave you out. We want to be sure that you also can experience the Wilds cabinets service difference. The exceptional service that you’ll receive from us is, unlike any other, the friendly folks and service, will make you pleased that you decided to purchase your Custom Cabinets from Wild cabinets and flooring in Poplarville, so excited that you decided to join us today. We’re going to discuss some cabinet options for laundry rooms, we often do cabinets in laundry rooms, most new houses they’re going to want cabinets in their laundry rooms as well as their bathrooms.

The laundry room has seem to have grown in recent. Here used to the laundry room would be a small area just big enough to quit. The washer in your dryer in you might have a shelf above your washer and dryer, for a place to put your detergent and things like that. But now we’re seeing larger and larger laundry rooms and people are actually using these as a space for more extra storage. So it’s not uncommon to put a pantry type cabinet or utility cabinet in the laundry room to store long-term storage foods like canned goods and dried foods like rice beans, things like that and one cabinet, and also then have another cabinet in another area that made will Have your more utility type things in it, cleaners things like that. Of course you don’t want to store cleaners in anything hazardous or chemical anywhere near your food, smooth stuff, so be sure you have those contain nicely and a cab custom Cabinets Hattiesburg that we can build for you, Pantry cabinets can be built in any size. Utility cabinets could also be built in any size, and it’s very most of the time will tell him about 24 inches deep, like a standard kitchen, cabinets or kitchen pantry death, and he get around 36 in wide 24 inches wide close cabinet. So you can fit a lot of things in there if you going to be put in canned foods, her food storage in those there’s a lot of room in a 24 inch deep cabinet to put plenty of Cans, really amazed at how much space you gain with A pantry cabinet or utility cabinet – and these can all be custom, built to your specifications that can be filled with multiple doors if you want a two-door pantry as far as one door top and one door bottom, I love some people want three axle base now, on A top door middle door section in a lower door section and those may have to 234 just one door on each one of those sections depending on how wide the pantry cabinet is Bill or the utility cabinets built. Another thing that we’ve been building in laundry rooms as it’s not uncommon to take a base cabinet like a standard base cabinet, put some countertop on there, and people will use that as a folding area had a lot of times. What do these at least 6 ft wide and underneath the countertop you’ll have a drawer unit or just doors going across with shelving inside of it? I want to say to that the pantry cabinet in the utility cabinets also it’s good to have adjustable shelves in there. So usually provide ample amount of shelves that come with the cabinet, and then we build it. We can always order a number of extra shelves if you’re stacking small items like cans, that’s a good thing, I’m going custom, you just call us up at Wilds cabinets Hattiesburg. He just call us and tell us: you need a few more shelves and will cut those out for you and get those to you pretty quick. That’S not a problem at all when you go with custom cabinets, but the other thing that can be done for back to the folding area would be. You can have this doors underneath there and that’s also good place the store detergents and things like that, or also people store their some Linens that the baby used when frequently and they want to have access to right there in a laundry room and I’ll still wear Those Linens in that underneath that folding area so makes it real nice area.

So when whoever does the laundry in your home unloads the clothes to the dryer into the basket, that can then bring that basket right over to that folding table of golden area play sit up there and take all the closer Rags towels whatever it is out and Fold those right there on that folding table makes it very convenient, so you not having to dump all your clothes out on your kitchen table or your couch or anything can do it all right there in the laundry room in your hand, that folding area another thing That we’ve seen done with their custom Cabinets Hattiesburg, is to put baskets underneath the phone in area and do like a cubby hole type system rather than just the doors on it.

You can have cubby like a cubby that those baskets slide in when you can take your laundry baskets and store them out of the way nicely underneath that cabinet. If you have clothes, that you have Boston drive and you don’t have time to get to folding them that day might be busy with work or maybe busy with other things, you’ll take those clothes and slide them in that bay area. That’s designated for the clothes for the laundry basket. Laundry hamper to go in one of the things that we’ve also done while we’re talking about laundry rooms as we have built, hamper hamper into linen closets in the bathroom. So if you have a master bathroom vanities, her half of your closet, where you store pamper linen hamper and when you open the doors, it’s got just room enough in the bottom, for the laundry basket to sit in and then above that door. There’s a flip-down hinge system for its looks like a drawer front on the cabinet that hinges down and then the clothes are tossed into that area. So when whoever’s get in the shower or whatever they’re doing they take their dirty clothes, I can throw them into that. Hamper in into that laundry hamper area close that door behind this, all out of sight keeps your bathroom looking nice and clean and straight you don’t see, dirty clothes piled up anywhere. Then, when it’s time to do the laundry you open that door take the hamper basket out, bring it to your laundry room, can wash the clothes and then you can also put the store clothes underneath that the folding area very organized way of systematic way of doing Your laundry cabinets just some things to keep in mind, keep in mind as you do your design when it comes to do when your Custom Cabinets. If you need help doing that, we’re always here with plenty of ideas, and we seen a lot of different ways. People have done things that happened to be a pretty neat thing to do with the laundry room, and we always have ideas ready for you to be able to offer and help you design your perfect laundry room or kitchen for your kitchen cabinets be sure to contact Us from Google search, Cabinets hattiesburg, Hattiesburg and you’ll find us fill out a form to contact us for and will get back with you just as soon as we can we’ll get back with you very quickly, so that we can begin the process of helping you To order and organize your kitchen so that you can get the kitchen of your dreams, thank you.